The Resurrection of Poland Began in 1918

Dr. Turley’s editorial today is about Poland’s celebration of its (initial) freedom after World War I. Through the very black time that would follow in World War II Polish patriots held on for a dawn they knew would come eventually. Now the attempts by the EU to paint patriots as “Nazis” (just as is done here by Hillary followers and Antifa) is being eclipsed by Poland’s reality.

Congratulations to Poland!

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  1. Straight from the Independence march in Poland
    Fresh impressions :
    Around 300 000 people marching…
    0 injured
    0 killed
    0 maged
    0 robbed
    0 destroyed cars
    0 other goods
    0 public properties damage or destroyed
    0 women molested,
    0 women raped,
    0 children molested,
    0 children raped,
    0 gays assaulted.
    0 accidents of violence
    0 medical interventions
    0 absence of the trash(both the litter type and the African-Muslim type)
    This is absolutely”shameful”.
    But …1 Big EU & German flag burnt..
    That’s how suppose to look “Hate filled march”
    Learn from Us this type of Hate people from the West !
    According to MSM and Macron and was also display of , Fascism,Nazism and Xenophobia..

    • President Trump should have been there, but it is up to a strong leader to go face to face with his enemies. Congrats to all. I know there was NO GARBAGE becuase you all have respect. Thank you. My Aunt Alice who married a Polish War hero would have been so proud. I am so proud.

    • Now that should be published around the world. We know it will not be unless we do it. Just by reading it, we also know there was NO GARBAGE left. That in itself is newsworthy. So proud of Poland and other countries who did not give in to the EU.

  2. And for the 100 years of independence, a moving tribute from Lithuanian railways, bridges in Budapest decorated in Polish flag, Eiffel Tower, Christ in Rio, Burj Dubai and many other buildings lit up in Polish flag also in New York, LA, Chile, Osaka, Tel Aviv, Kuwait and many other places. And here in Poland lots of parades and events all over the country, culminating in the Independence march, apparently the biggest procession in Poland since the fall of Communism. Truly a day to remember.

  3. That’s how it looks like Freedom and Pace Loving,German people, anti-fascism March in Germany :-))

  4. I could object to several of Dr Turley’s points (eg his characterisation of homosexuals as “abnormal”, as if they’d made a deliberate choice), but let me retail an anecdote.

    Last Saturday, my beloved and I went to a birthday party for her oldest friend (56 years or more), who’s from the Caribbean, as were all the guests except we two. I got into conversation with a very lively lady of around fifty, who used to be a “corporate wife”, ie lived where her husband’s job took them; of the several countries where they lived, she thought Brazil the most racist.

    More relevantly, as well as being involved in charity work, she recently got funds from her local authority in west London to hold an outdoor party to bring local communities together; the two groups who didn’t attend were the Somalis (no surprise) and the Eastern Europeans, which she attributed to racism. Yes, I know, but I’ve come across similar attitudes before (including from Russians, and my Serbian ex-wife). Which is not to deny the Poles their patriotism and cultural identity.

    • I could object to several of Dr Turley’s points (eg his characterisation of homosexuals as “abnormal”, as if they’d made a deliberate choice)…

      What one is attracted to isn’t a choice; I know some gays who’d rather not suffer the strictures of their attraction and their own resulting severe loneliness.

      But the behavior that follows on an attraction DOES count. Otherwise, we’d accept the abnormal predilections of pedophiles just because they have no “choice”.

      • Very well said..
        After all , core of being homosexual come to the point how sexual act is perform..Making Ideology from this choice is sick.
        Life is not only about sexual act..

      • Predilections, yes (many paedophles were themselves abused); acting on them, no, as children cannot consent.

  5. …”and the Eastern Europeans, which she attributed to racism. ”
    O my,o my…
    I/m not party goers at all..Perhaps to my racist attitude. You scare hell out of me ,how i can be seen by my Polish country man..
    Did ever cross your friend mind, those Polish with undoubtfully racist attitude ,after 12 hours shift job a 7 days a week ,were to tired to attend outdoor party ?
    Never the less my ,Polish fellows working in UK are are not to popular there..
    Perhaps because they dare to speak Polish in public places..
    . Arkadiusz Jóźwik, a 40-year-old Polish factory worker in Harlow, died after being punched to the ground for speaking Polish in the street. Bartosz Milewski, a 21-year-old student was stabbed in the neck with a broken bottle because his perpetrators heard him speaking Polish with his friend in Donnington, near Telford (Independent, September 20, 2016). Do you want some more Ok ,check link below..
    So according to you and your friends we Poles are the worst scourges of the Humanity..
    This is constant narrative presented in MSM 24 hours around the World and Dr.Turley talking exactly about this..

    • That’s not what I said, Goral; only that racism seems more common in Eastern than Western Europe. Poles seem to fit in well in the UK; any resentment probably stems from their undercutting the wages of natives in such areas as plumbing and the like.

      • […] Mark H,

        There is no racism in Poland. There is plenty in Europe from Muslims who think all white girls are whores.

        Just ask Tommy Robinson.

        • There is “racism” everywhere. It’s part of human DNA and perhaps goes further down the chain.

          Poland is no worse than other places but it’s no better, either. Check your country’s history.

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