Beaned by a Culture-Enricher in Hedehusene

Rasmus Paludan is a Danish lawyer and anti-sharia activist whose videos have been featured here a number of times in the past.

In the video below we can see Mr. Paludan talking to people in the town of Hedehusene, west of Copenhagen. A culture-enricher then confronts the lawyer, and when the former is prevented from launching a physical attack, he throws a lighter at Mr. Paludan’s head.

Many thanks to Rasmus P. for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   … and that is what happened and that video we put on Facebook, where it still is, by the way
00:04   which you can see on Stram Kurs’ page on Facebook, but on YouTube apparently it was too much,
00:09   so they said I had now violated their rules for the third time. So we would have to be deleted.
00:14   So then I wrote them and asked them some questions as a media person from The Voice of Freedom
00:21   among other things if they did not think they were destroying
00:24   the democratic procedure in Denmark by banning a large party,
00:27   not a big party, but on YouTube a reasonably big party compared with other parties, and they
00:30   didn’t answer me, but there were two news articles on in B.T. and one in Ekstra Bladet [tabloids]
00:34   and then what happened, after 1½ days the [YouTube] channel was open once again.
00:37   Don’t you think it’s a waste of police work that they must stand here with you?!
00:41   No, because there are some violent people who are unable to conform to Danish conditions.
00:45   You’re bothering people! —No, indeed I am not. Definitely, I am not bothering people.
00:48   I’m just saying that criminal outcasts from society must be gone from
00:52   the country, because such garbage we do not want! —Do you know who
00:56   the “only an garbage” is in whole of Denmark? It’s you, Rasmus! —It’s not called “only an garbage”
01:00   You are “an garbage”! You are “an garbage”! —One cannot be “an garbage”!
01:04   Why have you not learned to speak Danish? [raising voice] Why have you not learned
01:07   to speak Danish in Denmark? —Don’t do that! I will f***ing beat you up you little dog, man!
01:13   I will f***ing f*** you! Do you think they can protect you? —Yes, they can,
01:17   because you are nothing, you are a scoundrel, and you must go away. Return home, already!
01:20   Return home!
01:25   He threw something at my head. —It was a lighter, and it’s right here! This is what was thrown.
01:33   He threw a lighter at my head it hit me right in the forehead.
01:40   I would like to press charges for battery.
01:46   What we have seen now is that here in Denmark there is somebody
01:50   who doesn’t understand the use of words in a democratic debate.
01:55   And that’s why he stepped into me, pushed me, and then threw a lighter into my face.
02:06   We were proven right once again. —It didn’t take long, I’d say.
02:30   You’re red in the face!
02:34   Can you see it? —Yes, it can be seen.
02:38   Have a look here. I’m told you can see where I was hit by the lighter.
02:41   I’d say it hurts a lot, so I would be surprised if it can’t be seen.

11 thoughts on “Beaned by a Culture-Enricher in Hedehusene

  1. I do not wish a totalitarian police state on anyone. I really do not.
    But, events seem to be leading to that conclusion due to social realities. By that I mean the uncontrolled importation of those that have no intention of curbing their tribal mentality when moving to the west.
    That fat pig that chucked a lighter at Rasmus should have immediately been brought to the ground and shuffled off in handcuffs.
    The fact that he wasn’t is alarming…
    I keep thinking of Dr. Sennels studies. He posited that there are two kinds of restraints on a person; external and internal. The Judeo/Christian culture places internal restraints on a person’s actions, while the Islamic culture places external constraints.
    There is no longer any way to deal with this. And the indigenous population will suffer diminished freedom for it; those that place internal constraints on their behavior due to Judeo/Christian culture will soon find themselves swamped by those that do not.
    The West has brought this upon themselves. I am in full agreement with that. But every day that this goes on makes it so much harder to solve the problem of clashing cultures in a peaceful way.
    I actually no longer think it is possible without bloodshed.

    • Thanks for mentioning Sennels work. He is the best of the explainers of psycho/cultural differences:

      February 27th 2008. On a cold and windy Wednesday (for cyclists like myself), I took a deep breath, grabbed the microphone and did something that changed my life. In front of the Copenhagen Mayor’s Integration and Social Services Office there were gathered several journalists, a faithful Muslim musician from the famous MTV-band ‘Outlandish,’ dozens of Imams and Muslim spokesmen and a couple of hundred social workers with Muslim and Danish backgrounds. I began to say what everybody already knew, but, what nobody either wanted or dared to say: that those who are referred to as foreign criminals, religious extremists, or terrorists in the making and who are the cause of lawless parallel societies (what the conference “Diversity and Safety in the City” was about) are all Muslim. I argued that we should stop talking about “criminal foreigners” and start using the more precise term, “criminal Muslims.” As a psychologist, having had more than a hundred Muslim clients, I told them that politicians and professional social workers need to understand the cultural and religious backgrounds of criminal foreigners. That is, if we want to come up with, at least, somewhat effective and targeted plans on how to reduce the social unrest, anti-democratic religious movements, the violent and anti-social forces among foreigners.

      I was met with strong criticism from all sides and no support at all!

      Just as most soldiers in the front lines die in the first attack, many of those who attacked political correctness have experienced negative professional or social consequences. I was no exception. The Mayor of Social Services was clear. I should either refrain from using stigmatizing expressions or find myself another job. Actually I was trying to stop the so-called stigmatization of all the non-Muslim immigrants by focusing on the one group that creates all the problems. But you can’t fight City Hall. Our biggest national newspapers and radio news programs got hold of the story and the mayor was strongly criticized by the media experts on free speech and by the Danish blog-sphere. For about a month there was not a day when my name was not in one or more newspapers and the fighters for free speech took another round. I was no longer an anonymous psychologist. My name was known by everybody who read newspapers in Denmark and especially Islam-critical blogs on the internet put me in the spotlight….

    • “The Judeo/Christian culture places internal restraints on a person’s actions, while the Islamic culture places external constraints.”

      Judeo/Christian restraints are designed to make a better character: straight, honest, truthful, knowing one’s rights and obligations, serving others ( the weak, the sick, . . . etc.), not to be greedy or marauding, predatory. mercy, justice and grace reign supreme.

      In islam two restraints: 1. among themselves to support each other and stay strong, avoid internal conflicts in order not to weaken themselves.

      The second restraint is on non-muslims : they are like constant eternal thorn in their side: cannot make any move without pain. They constantly challenge them, oppress them, shut them up, torture them, spit on them, beat them, massacre them ( Pakistan, Egypt, Indonesia, all of the west). Hitting the Danish with a lighter and the cowardly police do nothing is the first step to conquer Denmark.

      Letting muslims express their methods of conquering and colonizing is not freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is to talk and write about all the crimes committed by muslims through newspapers and TV stations. But that is suppressed because those outlets would be bombed and burnt.

      Freedom of speech was intended to straighten corrupt officials so common everywhere. It was not intended for invaders and colonizers to whine about their entitlements and increase their welfare.

      Muslims are poised to wage wars and take over our countries. They want to start wars as we saw in the video. They know they can get countries by waging wars. Repeat the platitude “religion of peace”. They will tell you to your face that “no we are not peaceful.” You infidels wish that because you are stupid.

  2. My grandfather Ole Lausen was born and raised in Denmark like his ancestors as far back as the archives would show me 380 years but I was refused to immigrate from South Africa to Denmark on the grounds that they dont give residence to family members born outside Denmark . Thus I would have to apply as a refugee. I was saddened by that , unlike in Germany , Netherlands , Britain etc one can claim the right of return once proof of ancestry is given though some allow no more than 2 or 3 generations back.
    Refugee ? no thanks .
    Europe , including Denmark will struggle to stop the expansion of the foreigners within their borders due to low Danish birth rates and slowly but surely , on the long term , they will be overwhelmed . But there is still time to enjoy themselves before they become a minority like in South Africa , totally neglected and cast out and murdered .
    Thank the Left and the once Left now Right wing Danes . You woke up too late.

    • Michael Lawson, it’s worse than that! I was born and raised in Denmark, my family tree goes back as far as we can trace it, unbroken in Denmark and Norway for hundreds of years. In 1987 I moved to the UK to marry a Brit, then we migrated to Australia in 1994 where we still live. Until recently Denmark did not allow its citizens to have dual citizenship, but I made an enquiry to the Danish Consul in Perth. This is how the conversation went: “I would like to become an Australian citizen but before I do I just want to double check: I know I’d have to give up my Danish citizenship, but surely if I ever changed my mind and wanted it back, it would just be a formality, right?” … “Er, no. You would have to get at the back of the queue with the refugees and boat people.” (Click)

      So I didn’t. Denmark passed a law a couple of years ago to allow dual citizenship, and although I am happy for myself and other native Danes (I’ve now applied to be an Aussie – hedging my bets for the future).

  3. “I’m just saying that criminal outcasts from society must be gone from the country, because such garbage we do not want!”

    The criminal outcast piece of garbage obviously took that comment personally.

  4. I do not understand the mindset of the citizens of the various countries of Europe. By voting for leaders promising to continue the good life, they are also giving those same politicians license to allow too much immigration. But the immigrants will not assimilate or be as productive and peoples native to Europe. The good life will end without question and rather quickly because immigrants will not as productive and pay much taxes for many generations.

    As a citizen of the U.S., I believe it is time for us to leave the security of Europe to the Europeans. They have the good life and benefits that are, in several ways (free healthcare and education, longer vacations, etc.) better than in the U.S. simply because they do not have to spend as much of their own money on their own defense. I believe President Trump has asked for more support from European nations or some payments for us the continue to defend them. This has been met with complete rejection from Europe, and Pres. Macron of France is pushing to have a European Army. That would be excellent from our point of view by reducing costs to us. Such an army would be used not to defeat external forces but to force individual European nations to comply with European Union laws.

    Beware! My guess is the European army would be far too weak to prevent aggression from external sources, and they would then expect the U.S. to come save them.

    • Rob,
      it seems to be a misconception among US citizens that healthcare and education are free. Education is paid by the tax payer, so he / she has to work for it.
      Healthcare contribution is shared 50/50 by employers and employees. This sums up to approximately 700$ p.m in total, and again, it has to be produced by the workforce.
      The employers ” share” has of course to be raised by workers and consumers- via price of product.
      So, this is no free meal ticket.In the northern european countries mostly 40-50% of income are thus deducted by taxes and insurances( health,unemployment,retirement plans.As for paid vacation I agree with you.They are generous.

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