PEGIDA Demo in Utrecht Called Off When Culture-Enrichers Riot

The Dutch chapter of PEGIDA recently organized a demonstration in front of the Ulu Mosque in Utrecht. As usual, the counter-demonstrators from the Muslim community considerably outnumbered the “Islamophobes”, and were willing to escalate to violence. The mayor of Utrecht got cold feet, and forced PEGIDA to cancel the demo before events got out of hand.

The two videos below show portions of the evening’s action in front of the Ulu Mosque. The second was recorded from the Muslim side of the counter-demonstration.

Many thanks to C for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #1:

Video #2:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   The anti-Islam movement Pegida insists on showing anti-Islam imagery
00:06   on the square in front of the Ulu mosque in Utrecht.
00:09   Pegida says this on Facebook after the rally escalated yesterday.
00:14   Around 15 Pegida protesters stood on the square in front of the mosque
00:17   in Lombok [neighborhood], around 8 PM the peace was disturbed.
00:20   They were pelted with eggs, fruit and cans of beer.
00:24   We’re just going to request a permit for another protest. Look, I’m always told
00:28   we’re under the rule of law, but I beg to differ.
00:31   Especially after what I’ve seen today, and what happened to me before in court,
00:34   here in the Netherlands. We’ll simply go on! I want to make my point, even if I have to request
00:39   10 permits! Or [mayor] van Zanen has to say:
00:42   “No. We have a no-go zone, we have a problem with Muslims in this area.”
00:46   Just say so. Then we’ll all know. —Police intervened yesterday evening,
00:50   and also mayor van Zanen. He cancelled the protest.
00:53   The city council says Pegida started their video even though police had asked them to wait.
00:59   The head of the Ulu Mosque addressed the crowd and tried to calm them down.
01:03   Let us please not do anything today!
01:07   Yes, I told them: guys, let’s not give them what they want, because there’s ten of them here.
01:13   and all they want to do is provoke, and make sure youths do wrong things
01:21   when they get emotional, which I understand. So they can say, “You see, we wanted to protest there…
01:27   and we weren’t allowed, because youth were out of control. They threw things
01:31   at our heads”. And I don’t want them to get what they’re after.
01:35   Nobody was arrested yesterday. Pegida wants to organize
01:38   another protest, but has not requested a permit yet.

Video transcript #2:

00:01   Don’t throw stuff! Hey! Don’t throw stuff! Guys, don’t throw stuff!
00:09   Good day ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a new video.
00:12   Today is the day Pegida was supposed to organize a protest.
00:15   I’ll take you along, so… watch this.
00:28   [Swearing]
00:39   Say something then. —What should I say?
00:43   [Cheers, whistling]
00:52   They’re throwing eggs [?]. —This is going the wrong way [?]
01:15   Yes. They come [?] from behind. —Police, you don’t see them [?] they can come from all sides.
01:25   Hey, throw straight [?]!
01:32   [cheers, cars honking]
01:45   Look, look, there’s a van [?]
01:52   …look out!…
02:01   Yes! [Crowd cheers]
02:06   Salaam aleikum. Guys, Allah [Arabic] Muslims… Allah [more Arabic]
02:20   [yet more Arabic]
02:24   Allahu Akhbar! If we… If we… They want to reveal the so-called true face of Islam.
02:33   They haven’t “revealed” a thing… Because Islam is peace. Islam is khayran [? goodness].
02:40   [Cheers]
02:45   Mohammad rasul-Allah! Ya habib Allah! Mohammad rasul-Allah!
02:52   [More chanting]
02:58   Mohammad rasul Allah. Mohammad habib Allah. Mohammad rasul Allah.
03:04   Mohammad habib Allah. Mohammad rasul Allah.
03:08   Mohammad habib Allah. Mohammad rasul Allah.
03:13   Mohammad habib Allah. Mohammad rasul Allah.
03:19   Let them hear you’re here, that’s what it’s all about.
03:22   Guys, come over here. [?] you have to come over here!
03:28   [Something about Muslims, Islam], come to this side.
03:43   Allahu Akhbar!
03:47   Allahu Akhbar!
03:51   Allahu Akhbar. Allahu Akhbar, Allahu Akhbar.
04:03   [Fireworks explosion]
04:11   Guys! I have seen how you…
04:14   Guys! I have some news for you!
04:17   The mayor has, for reasons of security, cancelled the whole Pegida anti-Islam show!
04:25   [Cheers]
04:37   Hey, don’t throw stuff! Guys, don’t throw stuff!
04:50   Let’s go, man!
04:53   What?
04:56   [Moroccan flag shown]
04:59   [Turkish flag shown]
05:03   [Fireworks explosion] [?] Calm down. Don’t let yourselves be provoked. Don’t allow it.
05:10   Thank you brothers, sisters. [Arabic]
05:16   We’re the ones who are going too far. Unfortunately [?]
05:52   “Pegida plans to repeat protest in front of Utrecht mosque that was called off”

13 thoughts on “PEGIDA Demo in Utrecht Called Off When Culture-Enrichers Riot

  1. When the Mu[slim]s finally demand that all non-Mu[slim]s either convert or be killed, how are the “authorities” going to deal with that one?

  2. It’s breaking my heart. They’re stealing my country. If they aren’t stopped they’ll steal our world. I fear for my grandchildren.
    Also FIRST! ht: aoshq

  3. Slow to chide, swift to bless.

    Nationalism is on the rise in Europe and this demonstration by Muslims in Utrecht will have added to that rise. The power of the establishment is on the wane as its ‘defining idea’ no longer holds water; the direction of events favours us and whatever the liberal/left does from now on will be self-defeating.

  4. We know now (in case we didn’t already) who controls THAT particular space.

    Adiós, Netherlands, it was nice knowing you. Please close the door on your way out.


    Oh, and don’t forget we’re the religion of peace, and if you disagree, we’ll kill you.

  5. The Germans have a proverb: When courage is lost all is lost.

    The Mayor knows that the future belongs to Islam. He has lost courage. Almost the entirety of Official Europe has lost courage. What this means is very grim. I don’t know how Europe (or America) will survive unless enough unofficial Europeans and Americans find the courage to square off and fight Islam. Considering that the “victory” of Islam will mean eternal darkness, what choice do we have? And yet it is a very hard thing to find courage and then hold on to it as the worst descends. This is our challenge.

    • Keep in mind your worst enemy will not be Muslim armies, which on the whole do rather poorly when pitted against Westerners. Muslim origins emphasize tribalism and division, rather than coordination.

      The worst enemy will be Western armies, such as the nascent EU military, NATO, and even UN troops, which are likely to intervene at any whiff of victory in a civil war against Muslim invaders.

  6. The videos show thousands of military-age, Muslim males ready to erupt into deadly violence at a moment’s notice or the whisper of a rumor.

    Pitted against them are a few imams shouting that they will give a poor appearance if they resort to violence.

    Are we reassured? Do we accept that Islam is a religion of peace because a few elderly imams realize the time for violence has not yet arrived, so their better strategy is to stay peaceful…for now. But, it may be the rioters are correct, and the spirit of resistance in the West, particularly in Holland, has already been broken.

  7. How anti-gratifying it is to see that the public space in downtown Utrecht is dominated by hordes of young Muslim males chanting “Allahu Akhbar”, throwing abuse and the odd can of beer at 15 Dutch Pegida people, with the Dutch police standing by.

    It must be terrifying, and bewildering, to be a Dutch person over 50 living today.

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