How Many Gang-Rapes Must There Be Before Germany Changes Its Immigration Policy?

The two videos below concern the recent gang-rape in the German city of Freiburg, where a young woman was (apparently) roofied and then gang-raped by culture-enrichers outside a nightclub.

The first video features a challenge issued by the mayor of another city to the mayor of Freiburg, demanding the latter’s support for a change in immigration policy. What makes it interesting is that the mayor issuing the challenge is actually a member of the Greens party.

The second video concerns a demonstration by the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) about what happened in Freiburg. Local authorities were forced to admit that the leading suspect in the rape had already been sought on an outstanding arrest warrant.

But more important than actually stopping further rapes is making sure that such crimes are not exploited “for political purposes”.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #1:

Video #2:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   Following the rape of an 18-year-old in Freiburg, Boris Palmer, the mayor of
00:05   Tübinger, has now made a statement in which he challenges his fellow mayor,
00:09   Martin Horn in Freiburg, to support making a radical change in immigration policy.
00:15   In a Facebook post, the Green Party politician writes: “There should be a cutoff
00:20   for residency rights, and in the meantime, criminal refugees should be removed
00:24   from cities. Those refugees prone to violence and who refuse to integrate should be
00:28   housed outside the cities in regions without public transportation possibilities such
00:32   as bus or train connections,” according to Palmer. “It is my view that this extensive
00:37   withdrawal of freedom of movement would drastically reduce the serious crimes
00:41   committed by violence-prone refugees.” By “violence-prone” he means the seven Syrians
00:48   under suspicion, along with a German, for rape who are now in custody. On the night of
00:56   October 14th they are accused of raping an 18-year-old woman in front of a discotheque
01:02   in Freiburg. According to the current investigation, one of the men bought the
01:05   18-year-old a drink. The police suspect that the drink had been spiked with a liquid.
01:11   It is still unclear whether the liquid was “knock-out drops” or another type of drug.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   “DEPORTATION! DEPORTATION!” — Freiburg, 6:30 P.M. Anger hangs in the air.
00:06   The AfD organised a demonstration attended by over 500 people. They are using the alleged
00:11   group rape as an occasion to demand the closure of the borders, contrary to the Federal government.
00:18   Those coming to us, allowed to enter the country without a passport, that is an absolute NO-GO.
00:23   Not just these rapes, but what is happening in general. —We are totally capable of deporting
00:27   these people or placing them in preventive detention or something. —In a counter-protest
00:33   against the AfD, there are 1,500 demonstrators. Some of whom repeatedly try
00:41   to block the AfD from marching. —I will certainly not stand up for any racists or fascists.
00:48   [Sign: I won’t let my anger, grief, shock be exploited!] Something shocking has happened,
00:52   really awful and I don’t want it to be politicised. —We just don’t want the bad incident to be
01:00   politicised by the AfD, and that’s why we’re here. —The demonstration is a reaction to
01:04   an alleged group rape that happened here two weeks ago.
01:09   A female student filed charges with the police. She was in this club and there she met a man.
01:15   After sharing a drink together, they left the discotheque together. The young woman was
01:22   raped by this man in a nearby thicket. This was followed by additional rapes.
01:30   A brutal group rape, which lasted for hours in these bushes. Eight suspects are in
01:35   custody. Seven Syrian refugees and one German. The police are still investigating
01:40   whether there may be further suspects.
01:44   This case is also mobilising the people of Freiburg, because the suspects were all known
01:50   criminals. Today the interior ministry in Stuttgart had to admit that
01:54   an open arrest warrant had been issued against one of the suspects, but had not been pursued
01:59   due to “tactical reasons”. The mood in Freiburg this evening was irreconcilable.
02:03   The organiser of the AfD demonstration, a member of parliament, even accuses the counter
02:08   protestors of being jointly responsible for the alleged group rape. —You have blood on your hands
02:13   and you helped rape her.
02:18   Freiburg is churning, but one thing is clear this evening numerically:
02:22   Those in the majority don’t want the crime used for political purposes.

24 thoughts on “How Many Gang-Rapes Must There Be Before Germany Changes Its Immigration Policy?

  1. What German and European women in general need to realize is that these muslim migrants hunt in packs. Any German girl getting friendly with a Syrian man, need to understand he has several mates outside waiting to join in the fun.

    • If I remember correctly, it was called tournantes in France a couple of years ago.

      Little Francoise goes to the secret meeting spot to meet Mohammed, her friend to have a little rolling around, but is totally surprised when his five Brothers, 10 Cousins first degree, twenty Cousins second degree are there to show her that she is a … for being a) a kuffar, b) premarital sex and c) not wearing the burqua.

    • The parents themselves are totally shirking their duty. Many or most of them advocate tolerance and acceptance. In fact, women should be instructed to totally avoid immigrants or those of Middle Eastern extraction or Muslims altogether. No socializing, no drinks together.

      I realize there is a significant number of ex-Muslims who are actually civilized who will be unjustly hurt by this. My feeling is that an ex-Muslim male looking for a mate will either find another ex-Muslim, or better yet, woo a Muslim woman away from her Islam chains and free her.

      • Because one tenet of Islam’s judicial rules is that one can lie for the good of Islam, it’s impossible to make discerning judgments about a given individual. Thus, your solution to avoid “hurting” them is spot-on and makes very good marital sense: cultural ties are foremost in any successful marriage.

  2. Is this a trick question? Of course much much more… The Germans always fight to the last bullet, so to speak…

  3. ‘The crime shouldn’t be used for political purposes’ is a statement used by lefties all over the West. But what’s their argument? Why shouldn’t crimes like this one be used for political purposes? And what’s wrong with it if they are?

    This is just one more lefty trick to influence by suggestion; the implication is that it’s somehow unprincipled but there’s never any explanation of precisely why it is so.

    But as always with the left this isn’t a principle. Some crimes can be used for political purposes: Specifically those that can be used to promote the lefties’ narrative.

    • Wow. That was brilliant. Their mantra does imply their own moral high ground and assumes the immorality of the alternative. While at the same time, they NEVER hesitate to politicize any tragedy for their own purposes. Very helpful comment.

    • Good point.

      I don’t know if you watch the Tucker Carlson show on Fox News, but he continually points out the proclivity of the left to demonize their opponents and label them as monsters, rather than engage their arguments. I believe he expanded this thesis in his book, “Ship of Fools” although I have not read it.

  4. Well, I live in such a region where Boris Palmer wants to house criminal refugees, so I thank him very much for his proposal. They – meaning all of them, not just the ones with a criminal record – must be deported at once. Otherwise Germany will collapse, sooner or later.

    • I know. I mean, what’s the point of corralling these people in the countryside? That’s going to make them less criminally prone? How nice for the country folk.

      • or did Palmer mean the countryside around Jakutsk/Siberia? I am ready to support such establishments with a donation.

  5. “refugees prone to violence … who refuse to integrate” – is an oxymoron. You can’t possibly classify as a refugee (someone asking for protection) while
    1. physically attacking and/or
    2. ideologically opposing
    the one you allegedly ask to protect and sustain you.

    Any crime, no matter how small, should immediately revoke refugee status and mean immediate deportation on the same day directly back to the country the fraudster ‘fled’. This is the only effective deterrent on migrant crime.

    • Good logic, Jean.
      You can’t be asking in a humble way—you are a supplicant—for succor while you are, at the same time, aggressing against the same person or entity.

      Makes no sense.

    • The real problem is not that of formulating a sensible policy of dealing with the migrant hoards. The problem is that Germany, like many of the large or mature states, has wrapped itself up in coils of bindings so complex it’s almost literally impossible to make a change. It’s a literal legal Gordian knot: there are so many exceptions and avenues for appeal, it’s almost impossible to take any concrete action to deport aliens, criminal or otherwise.

      Trump in the US is running into exactly this problem. The most sensible, common-sense actions to protect the US are systematically blocked by low-level federal judges. The US Supreme Court might hear some such cases, even on an expedited basis, but has never, to my knowledge, acknowledged the right of the executive branch to simply ignore some abusive lower-court rulings.

      Obama pioneered the use of the dictatorial powers of the executive by simply making executive orders to ignore clear federal law. The lower-level courts are giving injunctions which treat these illegal orders as themselves established law.

      I’m afraid an effective policy for any such country might involve jettisoning the established complex of legal structures and instituting a government by decree. That’s exactly analogous to taking a deadly poison to beat a cancer: get it wrong, and it kills you immediately but in the end, it might be your only hope.

  6. Why won’t people publicly question why it is that VAST numbers of men from Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, Pakistan, etc. are so criminally prone? Why aren’t people interested in interrogating this glaring issue?

    Of course, why such people would have been invited into civilization is another issue. But I suppose that to ask that question you have to assume that not all cultures are equally civilized.

    • Because most are ex-jailbirds! Almost all those caught or committing crimes are in fact the Middle-East’s and Africa’s thugs and low-lives.

      In Islam the penalties are severe for crime in fact. For the oiks that have traveled to Europe it must be like Aladdin’s Cave for them. The Nigerians and Somalians used Merkel’s idiot “invitation” to rid their countries of their scum!

      These are not “soldiers” for some intended Islamic takeover but criminals. We must be absolutely insane to tolerate this BS! Only yesterday the “Do Gooder” emotional vampires were demanding UK let in 20,000 “children” in. What age do they stop being children one should ask perhaps? 65 years?

      The last tranche they let into UK were found in many cases to be mature men some even registered as “children” with physical age and appearance of 40 years plus! These parasites have been found in primary school classes! Nobody gives a care anymore for fear of being called names!

      The Left are disgusting, as is there fake virtue signalling! Most are psychopaths who “get off” on such vampirism. They will be the death of us all!

      If anybody is “offended” by my accusations? Please be my guest as the supposed “offended” ones! You vampires make me ill. I hope you are all damned to Hell where you belong! I would refuse you Holy Communion too and there are enough of these supposed “Christian” hypocrites” involved with virtue “signaling” too! I see them in Church every weekend with their pompous piety on public display. Ugh!

  7. strange enough, the name of the ” german” perp is never given.All the others have a certain coefficient* TM. Who is taking bets that his name is not Benedikt or Michael?

  8. And this article only discusses 1 rape. I read your music festivals are cancelled for this very reason. When are you German men going to put a stop to this assault on your women

    • Good question! Smart Europeans with financial means are relocating to Hungary, Poland, Slovania and the Czech Republic (V4 countries) which have the least amount of economic migrants & asylum seekers. Crime will have to increase to French & Swedish levels before Germans fully wake up from their multi-cultural slumber!

      • Question about the Europeans relocating to the V4 countries to escape immigrant crime. Have these transplanting Europeans really jettisoned the “virtuous” and globalist attitudes which kept the West European governments in power? Are the immigrating Europeans simply heading for safer grounds, without really reevaluating their original attitudes?

        If I were any of the V4 countries, I would be very, very careful about letting these people in. Are they going to merge with the values and interests of the present population, or will they represent a softening of nationalist attitudes?

  9. Europeans have a genius for setting themselves up for recurring bloodbaths. Chapter after chapter of European history verifies this. And the idiotic “migrant policy” is only the most recent prelude to the next one. It’s just Europe being Europe.

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