Tommy Robinson Has Won

No, he hasn’t won his court case — that won’t come up again for weeks, or maybe months; they’ll drag it out for as long as they can.

But Tommy has won. This is not a little victory, but a major one: his actions have forced the local authorities in Bradford to explicitly and publicly acknowledge that Pakistanis make up a massively disproportionate share of the suspects in “grooming” cases — that is, the organized sexual enslavement of underage white girls by non-white Muslim gangs.

And those same authorities acknowledge Tommy’s role in what they are discussing: “If we don’t ask these questions, Tommy Robinson will.”

In the pie graph above you can see the Pakistani share of the cases, which looks like a Pac-Man icon with its mouth open wide. Can you imagine what it would look like if the figures had been normed to reflect the size of each group as a percentage of the population? The big mouth would snap shut on the little sliver of the “White British” share.

Yes, Tommy Robinson has won: The Powers That Be in Britain have been compelled to admit that what he has been vilified for saying for the last nine years is in fact TRUE.

Here’s the article from The Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

“If we don’t ask these questions, Tommy Robinson will”

Ethnic Breakdown of Grooming Suspects ‘Should be Addressed’

A COUNCILLOR has asked what is being done to address the fact that a “shocking” amount of suspects in grooming cases in Bradford were of Pakistani origin.

Councillor David Ward (Lib Dem/Independent, Bolton and Undercliffe) was referring to recently released figures that show that around 63 per cent of child sexual exploitation suspects identified in the past year were classed as Asian/Pakistani.

He was told that the high proportion was due to a specific ongoing police investigation into historic grooming offences in the district, which had identified a large number of Asian suspects.

The question was asked during a meeting of Bradford Council’s Children’s Services Scrutiny Committee last night, when members were discussing an annual report into CSE in the district.

The report reveals that from April 2017 to the end of March this year, there have been 317 CSE flagged offences recorded on Police systems.

People of Pakistani descent made up around 63 per cent of the suspects identified in that period, with white British suspects making up around 20 per cent.

During the meeting, which was attended by members of the police, Bradford Council officers and children’s charity Barnardos, Cllr Ward said: “These charts show a disproportionate number of perpetrators that are Asian, and it is something we need to address.

“If we don’t ask these questions, Tommy Robinson will next time he is down in Bradford.

“There is nothing in this report that really refers to this statistic. It is a shocking statistic — 63 per cent of perpetrators. This has an enormous impact on community cohesion, but we have to ask these questions, if we don’t others will.”

Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, is a far-right activist and former leader of the English Defence League.

Police responded to Cllr Ward by referring to Operation Dalesway, an ongoing operation to tackle historic grooming offences. The report says the operation has led to the arrest of 109 suspected perpetrators since 2014, with dozens more arrests expected in the coming months.

Detective Inspector Steve Greenbank from West Yorkshire Police said: “When you look at that chart it includes people identified by Operation Dalesway. There is a large amount of Asian suspects in relation to these historic incidents.

“If you look at figures from more recent offending, it is a bit more evenly spread, around 50 per cent white British and 50 per cent Asian/Pakistani.”

The committee heard that the number of people referred to the district’s Safeguarding hub had gone up by 14.5 per cent in the past few months.

Michael Jameson, head of Children’s Services on Bradford Council, said the rise was due to increasing awareness of child safeguarding issues, and the warning signs of grooming.

A safeguarding hub meets daily to discuss children at risk, and it is made up of the police, Council staff and charity groups.

DI Greenbank said: “Sometimes we get disclosures from victims who have now become adults, and realise what happened to them when they were younger wasn’t right.”

The meeting was attended by Angela Sinfield, a Keighley mother who has been campaigning against grooming for years.

She told members: “I know there is fantastic work being done, but what I think is needed alongside this work is to go in to schools and to talk to young people about criminal gangs and how to avoid them. A lot of these gangs are involved in grooming, and they put such fear in their communities a lot of people are afraid to come forward.”

Police also said work was being done to raise awareness of grooming in “emerging” communities, such as the Roma community. In August alone 10 Roma children in Bradford were classed as being “high risk” of grooming.

Hat tip: Ivan Winters.

42 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson Has Won

  1. And where are the “Asians” ( from China, Korea and Japan)?
    Where are they? Marked by the yellow racist segment?

    • They’re usually called “east asians” in the UK, Elena. I suspect there are very few in Bradford.

      • I’ll never understand the new British enthusiasm for euphemisms. The word “Paki” even has the four-letter brevity so admired by those employing Angle-Saxon realities.

        Paki, Paki, Paki.

        • About 10 years ago I was talking to a guy who had worked in England for a while importing vintage American pony cars. He was totally unaware of Jihad and told me to call Pakistani’s Paki was racist. Heck, it’s not a slur, it’s shorthand. And this was before it had become so wildly popular to just call folks rascist in order to avoid intelligent debate.

          • Oh, I think those who yell “RAACIST” are in it for the game. Virtue-signalling, innit?

            The reason I emphasized ‘Paki’ is because I still recall with pleasure the know-nothings who were calling for Parliament to rule us off the turf. It took them a while to realize we weren’t Brits or even denizens of the EU.

            Still don’t know if they ever figured out We be jes’ a coupla simple-minded Southern white trash. Eat our peas with a knife and all…I have cured the B of spittin’ his chaw on the floor, and he makes me take my corncob pipe outten the house, to the chair yonder, under the big butternut tree…

            What is a “vintage American pony car”? Anything like a Pinto, maybe?

          • Dymphna,
            A Pinto? Umm, no. Ford Mustangs. The fellow I’m speaking of was expert with Mustangs and I had hired him to do a complete paint job, down to bare metal, on my 68 Mercury Cougar. He ended up flaking and costing me about $10k but because his life kind of fell apart, not for any reason I would assign to ethnicity. At the end of the day he still has an amazing amount of knowledge about the cars, but he** $10k IS $10k.

            Pony cars: Mustang, Cougar, Baracuda, Camaro, Challenger. Less popular: AMC Javelin. Look to the Trans Am racing series of the mid to late 60’s for a good definition of what a pony car was.

            BTW, love your Snuffy Smith impression. I’ve been Joe Bifflespick this week and I wish it would stop raining.

            And you know the weird thing, this guy I’m talking about was Mexican. That’s not the weird thing; he was basically not sensitive to references to Mexicans, absent slurs which I don’t do, but he was super sensitive to any negative description of Muslims. Still, not slurs, but the mere association of Muslims with 9/11 or Jihad, or any of the many things they are know to have done in the name of Jihad (Mass murder of infidels who refuse to submit).

            He would actually ask my opinion about things to hear a conservative POV. We never argued, only discussed. But he was hardwired liberal.

            If he would have finished my car it would have saved me tons on cash.

  2. Tommy Robinson has also got the British armed forces in a spin – see the latest example of the British establishment shooting itself in the foot.

    • The British Establishment must be a centipede: it shoots itself in a foot all the time and keeps on going.

      Or maybe -less interesting but far prettier – it’s a starfish and simply generates yet another foot?

      • Centipede?! I can’t help it, that reminds me of a joke:

        A fellow was feeling a bit low and he had heard that having a pet would lift his spirits. So he went to the pet store.
        At the store he found that dogs and cats were expensive pets to keep but the salesman told him that a centipede would be a fantastic pet.
        The fellow was skeptical, but the salesman insisted, telling the fellow that a centipede would be a fantastic companion. It would bond with him and go with him anywhere.
        So the fellow bought the centipede and took it home in a little box. When he got home he put the box on his coffee table and began to wonder what kind of pet a centipede might be. He went to the box, and with the pet salesman’s advice in his head, had asked aloud, “Hey you want to go and get a beer?”.
        There was no reply.
        The fellow grew impatient. He began pacing and then began grumbling. He was muttering, “How could I be so stupid to buy a centipede for a pet? I got ripped off. Dammit!”
        He went to the table to pick up the box with the centipede so he could take it back to the pet store and he exclaimed, “That’s it, you’re going back to the store”
        And that’s when he heard a little voice from inside the box saying, “Chill out, I’m just putting on my shoes”

    • It’s not a religion but a political ideology from the 7th-8th century. To give it sustenance and keep control of the people the cultural leadership became imams, shieks, etc. and it has only continued to roll on down the path they intend to rule with an iron fist and a ready prick to kill, to steal, to destroy so that they can be the great caliph and have the grand caliphate.

    • If we add the ‘Indian’ and ‘Bangladeshi’ slices as well as the ‘Black African’ and (assuming it to be Middle Eastern) ‘Other Asian’, I think we can make some assumptions. I wonder just how much also they have lumped in all paedos and groomers and not just the grooming and prostitution gangs.

      • So-called Indians and Bangladeshis who are causing problems are Muslims. Few Hindu Indians do that. At Partition, India was supposed to be Hindu and Pakistan was to be Muslim. We know how that worked out.

    • Well here’s something for you. What we know from census data is about 25% of the Bradford population is Muslim (Christian 45% , with 20% no religion.) Of that, about 20% of the population are ethnic Pakistani.
      So we can link in the report that 63% of child sex exploitation suspects are Pakistani, yet they only make up 20% of the total population. We could say then their involvement in child sex crime is 300% greater than you would expect, if all other factors are equal. A statistical red flag that demands a explanation. But the liberal elites just don’t want to hear about it. That’s why Tommy is such a irritation.

  3. This pie chart does not show the percentages as a portion of of the total national male population and in fact does not show the slice (or percentage) for white British ethnic rapists. As such it does not produce useful comparisons.

  4. Poor Tommy inadvertently caused a young British soldier to be reprimanded and possibly dismissed for military service this week. Why the punitive action? Because the lad took a selfie and posted it on social media – posing with Tommy Robinson. Lads in the background could be heard chanting the Tommy song. A Muslim Imam advisor for British forces instigated the inquiry. Merely being friendly and posing with “far right” activists can get you fired or dismissed in 2018.

    A young Canadian soldier in training was dismissed for associating with the Proud Boys recently.

    Censorship and silencing the opposition are happy at alarming rates in Western nations today! Big Brother is watching everyone.

    President John F. Kennedy made this keen observation and quote:

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

  5. Our swamp here in the UK is wide and deep and guess right to the top.
    Mrs May is a traitor she knows it but she doesn’t care. That must be because she thinks she’s protected. Like the criminals in the US CIA, FBI, NSA etc and the crooked Hillary family.

    So the questions for me are who [does] Mrs May think is protecting her and where is our Donald Trump?

  6. With all the [effluvial] stirring Tommy has been doing lately I fear the lad is going to have an accident. I pray not….

    • Interesting website, that. They make their loathing of Tommy Robinson very plain. I was going to visit other subjects on their sidebar but that one alone made their bias open up like a squashed banana.

  7. What we DON’T hear about is the great number of these girls who are prostituted by the grooming gangs. Muslim men line up to pay and abuse these young girls which is COMPLETELY OK in their ‘religion’. I firmly believe (and I am not alone) that a sizable minority or even majority of men in the Paki community in UK are paying for sex with underage Infidel girls.

    • “And [also prohibited to you are all] married women except those your right hands possess” – Koran 4:24
      Your slaves (what your right hands possess) are, indeed, completely OK.
      They can be captured (entrapped) by deception and drugging.

  8. Bloody British media ! Still can’t tell the truth plainly and simply, without resorting to self-justifications for past misdeeds. I see they still insist on labelling Tommy ‘far right’.

    Tell me just what is ‘far right’ about Tommy Robinson? It’s nothing more than a slur … other than that it tells us how far left the media is.

  9. Voltaire said: “to learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” That is as true today as it was back then.

  10. As I documented in Easy Meat, by the mid 1990s Bradford was receiving huge amounts of state funding for “child prostitutes”. Reading around the project, it was clear the staff were letting slip that the girls were English, while the pimps and customers were Muslims.

    A decade later, when Channel 4 devoted a segment of a documentary to this ongoing problem, the self-styled “anti-fascists” aligned themselves with Police and Islamo-Nazis to shut down any debate. The council and police proclaimed there was no problem with grooming gangs there. A year later the police unit dealing with it was actually shut down.

    A further decade after the state funded this “child prostitution” project, and the problem in that area had still not been addressed. Mothers have been demanding an Inquiry into the scale of the abuse, whilst the police, the local government and the MPs refused to allow this to take place.

    We are now 45 years into this cover-up and nothing has changed. When I first published Easy Meat in 2014, my prediction was that a decade after its publication the facts would remain the same. The only thing that would have changed would be that the gangs would have more girls under their control and over a wider geographical area, and the elite would still be denying that there was a problem. Sad to say that nearly 5 years since the book was first released, the predictions are proving accurate.

    We also predicted that there would be vigilante executions by angry members of the public. This too has come to pass. Strangely the media and politicians don’t like to dwell on these attacks, prefering to talk instead about some amorphous threat from “the far right”.

    • Not enough vigilante executions to have much of an effect apparently. If the authorities are hiding such acts then they are doing a very good job of it.

    • I left the UK because a man with a beard tried to abduct my wife and the police did not want to know.

      • The police never want to know. Does anyone think they actually want to protect native citizens? They want to wear fancy uniforms, play with guns they don’t shoot well and have cool German Shepherds, break laws themselves with impunity.

        Seriously, the problem the US and other countries have with law enforcement is that we cull them from the same ranks of society from which we dredge up our criminals. An exception can be made for former military, but I have literally listened as someone at a BBQ mused out loud about deciding between becoming a sheriff’s deputy or dealing drugs. Truth be told, a number of deputies DO deal drugs.

        Anybody ever heard of Chicago? In that town, the PD is one of the gangs. The CPD IS organized crime. I never hope to depend on or interact with the cops.

        The reaction is always, “I’m sorry you feel that way”.

        That is just PC for, “I’m sorry you have this knowledge and information.”

        In the best scenario, when trouble is seconds away the cops are minutes away. Lately there was a headline about a 4 DAY response time to 911 calls.

    • Here’s the U.S. link for your book:

      Easy Meat

      A review from a reader:

      Easy Meat. The title says it all. Young and naïve British adolescent girls were left unprotected and unwarned, out for the wolves to feast on. Despite several government and other organizations run by a slew of well-informed workers, and despite the frustrations and pleas for help from concerned parents and entire communities, the police and other authorities turned their backs on the victims, choosing instead to protect the perpetrators. Why? It’s a little something called political correctness.

      Political correctness is a terminal disease. If it offends some people to arrest criminals responsible for ruining the lives of tens of thousands or even 100,000 girls as well as the lives of their families, something is drastically wrong.

      This book provides indisputable facts, so jaw-dropping, you have to read it to fully comprehend the extent of what went on for decades. It should be read as a handbook for what NOT to do.

      Imagine if the Italian Mafia were allowed to carry on without prosecution out of fear of offending the greater Italian community. Suffering a stereotype is not quite the same as being groomed to become a sex slave. Where are the priorities? A crime is a crime no matter who the perpetrator is, and each crime must be investigated, each criminal put behind bars. Period. Since when did the “feelings” of a community matter more than the victims of horrific crimes? Political correctness is one of the worst things ever to have happened to Western society. Its resulting weakness makes our entire society vulnerable and open for attack from those who couldn’t care less about the “feelings” of others.

      Great book!

      I’ve often thought of that comparison to the Italian mafia.

    • Peter,

      Thanks for sharing the fruits of your years of research with us, as well as your deep concern for justice for the English girls, who have no interests speaking in their favor.

      I don’t buy the “political correctness” justification in the least. That is, that the police and government officials don’t want to offend the Muslim “community”, and so they engage in gross dereliction of duty. At least their heart is in the right place.

      I believe it comes down to socialism and power, there being not too much distinction between the two. Socialism is actually the complete disempowerment of the individual. Bernie Sanders likes to portray socialism as a defense against the tyranny of oligarchs, but in fact, socialism either owns or controls all sources of revenue, so under socialism there is no opportunity at all for a dissident point of view to be spread. The real face of socialism is Hillary Clinton, a corrupt, unprincipled power-monger who wants to systematically remove any possible financing of opposition to her. Clinton’s proclivities fit very nicely with the Sharia ban on criticism.

      As there are very few sources of independent financing in England, the political establishment has a very tight relationship with the best-organized identity group: Muslims. So, of course the police and social services are not going to be interested in the groomed girls or their families: how many votes can they muster? Is there some dissident billionaire in England that might be persuaded to fund unpopular causes? Not if he wants to keep his money and stay in business.

      The British have been heading down this road since they voted the conservative Winston Churchill out, and the socialists in right after World War II. People who follow the swan song of socialism that they will be taken care of wind up in disaster sooner or later, usually sooner.

      • Hillary’s is the face of Hucksterism:

        The 13-city tour, billed as “An Evening with the Clintons,” begins two weeks after the midterm elections.

        And billed is right. Ticket prices range from $120.50 to $370.50.

        They are not selling a book on this tour, just having a good time and bringing in the bucks. Isn’t that grand?

        Since the cities include Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Boston, New York and Washington, D.C., it doesn’t exactly seem to be a political tour on behalf of Democratic candidates, either. Nor is it clear that such a mission would be a plus.*

        How the mighty have fallen, though one still has to pay to see them falling. As we used to say in high school, “don’t go away mad, just go”…clever sophists that we were.

        • The mystery to me: Hillary couldn’t fill up an auditorium when she was running for President and the admission was free.

          Who would pay big money to hear her whining and screeching? The paid talks are obviously a means of funneling friendly money for the personal use of the Clintons, but the chances of the Clintons attaining political power in the future is very small, so why would people pay money to her, let along subject themselves to her voice for an hour or two?

      • I agree Ronald. Hayek, von Mises and James Burnham were all pointing out by 1962 that Conservatism is slow-motion socialism. The Left are intent on transforming society as part of their project of assuming more power for the individuals who run espouse Leftism. Unless one has a project that is intent on the destruction of Leftism, trying to slow them down is not going to stop their transformative project and they will continue to assume power.

        Political Correctness is a movable feast. It is the Catechism of the Cult of Leftism. But unlike the Catechism of religions, it changes on a frequent basis. This mutability is key: the whole idea is that people should be unsure of what they can say and even what they can think (even fellow Leftists – that’s why Leftists turn on each other with such vehemence over minor infractions of the Catechism). I’m always encountering people who scold me “..but you can’t say that” in an attempt to close down some discussion. My response is “yes I can, I just did”.

        Political Correctness can be traced back to the Bolshevik Party. It literally is there to force people to toe the party line. That the party has “a line” (a view) on almost everything shows how much Leftism is thought-control. Even now it is clear that Leftists are like automata: when presented with any new social problem, their verbalised responses are as if they are being read off cue cards. I left much of this discussion out of Easy Meat as it seemed to be too academic. Knowing what one “must” say means they can avoid thinking logically about any problem, which means they can ignore any problem and “must” shut down any discussion that veers off the party line.

        Western democracies are deeply flawed. There are so many informal structures (such as the idea that the media are “the Fourth Estate”) which can be taken over and used for oligarchical ends. Remember all the discussion of “pressure groups” in the past? Since Leftism took control from the 1960s onwards this concept is barely ever discussed any more.

        The single most powerful pressure group in our democracies is Islam. Every single Islamic organisation is working towards the same ends. And one of their strictures is that they must never criticise each other, especially to the Kuffar. Muslims operating in councils, police forces, newspapers, businesses, inter-faith dialogue, etc. are all acting as agents of this incredibly wealthy, incredibly violent, incredibly well-organised pressure group. In the five decades these rape gangs have operated in the UK, the number of Muslims who have spoken out against them can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Those few Muslims received death threats from fellow Muslims for breaking ranks.

        As we show in “Mohammed’s Koran”, the top Islamic experts in the West were openly admitting that, as the number of Muslims increased in the West, these academics were going to have to start sugar-coating the truth about Islam for fear of upsetting the agents of this pressure group. That sugar-coating has been going on for decades, and has reached the point now where if one goes into large bookshops in Paris or London of the hundreds of books on Islam, one cannot find a single book that is anything but propaganda for Islam. People who have asked major bookshops if they would order a copy of “Mohammed’s Koran” were told “No, we will not order it for you”.

        I believe it is too late for the UK to solve any of these problems through democracy. For example, a study by Chatham House asked Europeans if they wanted more immigration from Muslim countries. The UK was one of the most feeble countries in their response to this question. However, even as one of the most feeble responses, 47% said they wanted no more Muslims. That response was still the single largest response group to this question in relation to Britain, but of the 1400 law-makers in the UK Parliament there is not one individual who represents the view espoused by 47% of Brits. There is no other political issue where the majority of people want action taken only to find they do not have even one proponent of this action out of the 1400 in Parliament. The elite in the UK have sided 100% with Islam and against the Demos of a supposed democracy.

        This is why the state has kicked the grooming gang problem into the long-grass, with an Inquiry that is not to report for 10 years, and where the chair of the Inquiry has already stated that it will not look at ethnic issues. This is why the state is intent on silencing Tommy Robinson, by any means necessary. Tommy better represents the views of the British people than do all the alleged Parliamentary representatives put together. The only reason Brexit is appearing to be implemented is because the elite know that Britain is facing a crisis which will expose that the country is not and never was a democracy.

        • Peter I totally agree with. Islam’s grip on our country is very firm. Notice that almost no muslims vote for UKIP and yet UKIP has never touched the islamic problem.

          I agree BREXIT is only going ahead albeit slowly because the ruling elites know that they have been found out, but the the explosions will happen AFTER 29th March 2019. We have seen very powerful forces attempt and continue attempting to reverse the 2016 Referendum result.

          Remember Enoch Powell’s 1968 quote concerning white Britons’ thought about the proposed 1968 Race Relations Act:- “They now learn that a one-way privilege is to be established by act of parliament; a law which cannot, and is not intended to, operate to protect them or redress their grievances is to be enacted to give the stranger, the disgruntled and the agent-provocateur the power to pillory them for their private actions.”

          Until these laws are repealed there is nothing we can do.

  11. Enoch Powell’s quote about the 1968 Race Relations Bill. His quote reflects the views of the indigenous Britons:-

    “They now learn that a one-way privilege is to be established by act of parliament; a law which cannot, and is not intended to, operate to protect them or redress their grievances is to be enacted to give the stranger, the disgruntled and the agent-provocateur the power to pillory them for their private actions.”

    Very powerful words expressed so smoothly, succinctly as true today as they were in 1968.

    Enoch Powell’s speech made sure Tommy won. Enoch laid the seeds for our fighback against cultural Marxist tyranny.

  12. If the authorities had addressed these problems years ago, there never would have been a Tommy Robinson. If they had listened to him he may have gone away and Stephen Yaxley-Lennon could have been an insurance salesman and soccer coach or whatever he would have become. They didn’t and he couldn’t.

    • I think if you read Peter McLoughlin’s contributions to this thread, you’ll see that far from simply trundling ahead blindly, the authorities have been in active and knowing collaboration with the Islamist invaders for decades, if not longer.

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