Rock-Throwing Culture-Enrichers Get the Best of Police in Foggia

The following video report discusses an attack on police by migrants outside an asylum center in the southern Italian province of Foggia. Two officers were injured, but were spared even worse by the fortunate arrival of additional police squadrons. One shudders to think what might have happened if reinforcements hadn’t shown up in time…

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below are two articles about the incident in Foggia. From ANSA:

50 Migrants Attack 2 Police

At Foggia camp

(ANSA) — Foggia, October 8 — Some 50 migrants attacked and injured two police outside a migrant camp in Foggia on Monday, police union SAP said.

SAP said the migrants punched and kicked the officers at the asylum seeker processing centre at Borgo Mezzanone after the police stopped a 26-year-old Gambian who was then arrested for trying to run them over.

SAP asked for “greater safeguards for police operating on the street, such as tasers for example”.

The officers suffered wounds that doctors said would heal in 15 and 30 days respectively.

Also from ANSA:

Gambian Who Attacked Police Risks Expulsion

First effect of Salvini decree

(ANSA) — Rome, October 9 — A Gambian migrant who attacked police at a migrant centre in Foggia risks expulsion under the new Salvini migrant and security decree, the interior ministry said Tuesday.

Omar Jallow, an asylum seeker who obtained humanitarian protection after an appeal to the magistrature, was to have had his status re-examined by the Foggia territorial commission.

But under Interior Minister Matteo Salvini’s new decree he risks being stripped of the status and being deported, the interior ministry said.

Video transcript:

00:00   Surrounded and attacked with kicks, fists, stones and other objects,
00:04   the victims were officers of the highway police on anti-illegal hiring patrol duty
00:08   in the countryside of Foggia. Everything started near the runway of the former airport
00:12   of Borgo Mezzanone, which is next to the center for asylum seekers,
00:16   a sort of mega-camp where about 2-3,000 foreigners from various countries live.
00:20   [Unintelligible] a car with a Gambian citizen inside didn’t stop
00:25   at a patrol stop, and tried to run over an officer.
00:29   This led to a chase, first by car, then by foot through the countryside.
00:33   When the police tried to stop the man, they found themselves surrounded by about 50 foreigners
00:37   who repeatedly struck the officers.
00:41   The other patrols arrived in time to disperse the attackers.
00:44   The Gambian was identified and arrested. The two rescued officers
00:48   were taken to the hospital where they will remain for 15-30 days.
00:51   The indignation of the SAP, the Autonomous Police Union
00:55   — It’s unthinkable that police officers on duty
00:59   who are doing their job to provide security to the citizens
01:02   are surrounded, attacked, kicked and beaten with fists
01:08   and offensive objects just because they were doing their job.
01:14   “Once more the province of Foggia, Borgo Mezzanone has stood out with unpleasant acts
01:17   that concern uncontrolled immigration,” writes the provincial secretary of the Lega Nord,
01:23   who expressed solidarity with the officers. “With the certainty,” continues the statement
01:27   “that with the Salvini decree, all violent foreigners will be expelled from Italy.”

9 thoughts on “Rock-Throwing Culture-Enrichers Get the Best of Police in Foggia

  1. I wonder if the police in Italy made a ‘disproportionate response’ as happens to the Israeli police when they face this exact situation almost daily.

    Europe is happy sowing the wind, but bleat pathetically when THEY reap the whirlwind!

    • Yes, none of this is going to end well.

      The malignant culture that’s been intentionally imported will not win, of that I’m certain, but oh such horrors will have to be endured on the road to re-set.

      As long as those really responsible are afterwards brought to a very public justice then at least a degree of closure can be achieved.

      Oddly enough, I think Hillary Clinton had it exactly right in her predictions of the outcomes of all this. Something about nooses I believe…..

      • I just have one question on that.

        The native population has been passive so far. They began with an overwhelming majority and sat by passively as masses of totally different foreigners were dumped on them, raising the crime rates dramatically and soaking up public service funds.

        So, what makes us think at some point, at a much greater disadvantage, they will throw off their passivity and suddenly rise up against not only masses of military-aged, African and Middle Eastern males, but their own government?

  2. Somebody tell me why this parasites still in Europe??, get them out of our beautiful Christian continent, they belong to the jungle , not in civilized world…

    • Our police sure do. They have donut-itis.

      All police ought to be required to pass a yearly physical but I’ll bet the unions refuse to do so.

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