I don’t actually have any commentary on this one. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation:

Freiburg: Eritrean arrested — Sexual assaults on women and animals

Freiburg — The investigators of the Criminal Police were able to arrest a 28-year-old man from Eritrea last Friday, October 26 2018, who is sought for several offenses in question.

The meticulous forensics of investigators in the case of a sexual assault on May 11 2018 revealed that DNA evidence collected from a 30-year-old victim matched already-existing DNA evidence. These could be secured in the context of violations of the Animal Welfare Act of 2017. The then-unknown culprit was charged with sexually targeting sheep and goats on a farm in Freiburg.

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    • What’s he got against Camels, Llamas and Alpacas?

      Are they on his to do list?

      Seriously though, what a sick individual!

  1. This is utterly utterly SICK! Disgraceful, these arabs muslim vermine must all be rounded up, deported to where they belong. Middle east. We must take back Europe, and
    Get these savages out of out of our countries. Mass deportations. Cut off all welfare fir these rats cockroaches.

  2. … and depraved detritus like that is supposed to be the future breeding stock for the multiculti-Islamo-Europe-in-the-making?
    It defies belief!!

  3. Wish I could say he’s gonna enjoy the other side of the rope plenty in prison, but not so sure that’s gonna happen, since we’re talking about Germany here…

  4. Taking into account all of the abominable behaviour of these invaders, if they are doing these things here in our countries; and they appear to believe they are normal; it’s hard to imagine what they are doing in their own muslim dominated countries, especially towards Christians.

  5. Story from a Michelin Restaurant in Norway where I worked: The maitre d’ was of Turkish origin. He hated deeply his fellow Turks from – especially those from rural areas – where he came from. But he was smart, had ambitions – and worked his way up in the restaurant business from dishwasher boy and up to be even become a pretty good sommelier.

    He hated deep and passionate his fellow Turks: they are animals he said. He was truly outspoken on why he saw it that way. Only animals have sex with animals. From his rural area he explained that in the order of sex/mating – it went as the following: the boys first masturbate, after that it’s chickens, cats, goats and you name the animal – they have done it. After that it is homosexual activity en masse – from young age. To get a wife – you need money, land or goats (which probably have been used for some retarded pleasure) etc. So lot of men never ever get a wife. But as the maitre d’ and sommelier told me – those ignorant stupid men/boys are happy with the animals they can get their hands on. He even said that in his rural area young boys and even men would openly brag about that animal x or y – [redacted].

    Further: this man learned Norwegian flawlessly – impressing by itself – so not to in any way be connected with Turks which he on a general basis hated from the deep of his heart.

    Anecdotal story, […] but I do believe him. Further – during my many travels/living in Africa I have been told even worse stories about how men/boys amuse them self – but I let it be – this is a decent place. But no doubt in my heart that huge numbers of the invading hordes have grown up with a set of “values” which are sick and perverted. Animalistic in nature.

    • I believe the story as well. The muslim peoples of the Caucasus are so notorious for such activities, that one of the derogatory names for them in the Russian language is “sheep-[copulator]”.

  6. No racism, please. This is “a man thing” – happens in every culture.

    I hope the animals didn’t catch any nasty diseases. Come to think of it, the transmission of deadly diseases is surely a huge factor when our women are being raped.

  7. The Eritrean may have been a Christian (nominally at least), but Mark Steyn has a very funny piece on the subject of bestiality and the Religion of Peace, if any is interested:

    The Shagged Sheep, by Mark Steyn, 30 Nov 2008

    This is a long piece but it does have underage sex and bestiality in it. So enjoy!


    • Eritrea is 50% Christian, 48% Muslim and its second language is Arabic. It is also a Dictatorship whilst calling itself a Republic.

      With islam always comes every human abomination imaginable and others that it comes up with on hoof from time to time.

      It is carcinoma of the mind eating away at the human species.

  8. bestiality

    savagely cruel or depraved behaviour.

    sexual intercourse between a person and an animal.

    One and the same thing when its comes to Muslims.

  9. One it this Merkel engineers and doctors she invited, maybe He is Vet doctor, checking all this animals from the back !!, how disturbing, I hope that liar Merkel go out sooner from the office, for 2.5 years more she can do lots of more and more damage, …

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