Getting an Eyeful…

…Of medicine for macular degeneration — that’s what I’ve been doing today. I had my bi-monthly appointment with the retinologist this afternoon, and received another injection in my left eye.

Today’s injection, unlike the previous two, brought with it the Dancing Air Bubble, which always makes recuperation take a little longer. It’s kind of like “follow the dancing ball”, only you can’t follow it — when your eye moves, the ball goes with it.

That’s why posting has been light today. There will, however, be a news feed before bedtime.

Apropos of nothing: while I was out today, I saw a bumper sticker (pink background, black foreground) with two stylized cats and this text: “The Pussy Whisperer”.

5 thoughts on “Getting an Eyeful…

  1. Have you ever tried alternative medicine specifically traditional chinese medicine? I’ve known several people who had vision problems that were seemingly reversed by a combination of acupuncture and chinese herb treatment. Obviously not everything, but some treatable conditions can mimic macular degeneration.

    • In the case of wet macular degeneration, there is no need for alternative medicine, since the standard treatment is so effective. Yes, the injection is VERY unpleasant, but only for a little while, and the effect is so beneficial — in my case, great improvement in just a couple of weeks, and then eventual remission, with stability for a long time.

      Ten years or so ago my condition was basically not treatable. The development of the injection therapy started about 2008, I think. So I am a very fortunate man, and grateful for the results.

  2. I’m sorry you have to go through this. I cannot imagine what this must be like. Glad you’re retaining your sense of humor and noticing the bumper sticker in your line of dancing air bubble vision.

    As to your Baaaaa! post – how about a bumper sticker for the Eritrean with the text “The Sheep and Goat Whisperer”, or “The Whatever Is In Your Barn Whisperer”.

  3. My Mom had those injections for MD. I wish you a speedy recovery and hope you are not in pain.

    • Thank you. The pain only lasts about 12 hours or so, then it’s back to normal. And I’m in remission again, with no symptoms.

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