Terror Train to Munich

Upon the night train to Munich
Rumbling down the track…
Then you’d better pray that he doesn’t look away
Or you’ll never, never, never come back

— from “Night Train to Munich”, by Al Stewart

There were a couple of items in last night’s news feed about an attempted terror attack on a high-speed train in Bavaria, in which a steel cable was stretched across the tracks. The report from Voice of Europe referred to an article in Nord Bayern. MissPiggy found the article and translated this excerpt:

“Abstract threats”

However, the investigators made yet another explosive find: On the ground they came across a threatening message that was written in Arabic, as well as an Arabic graffiti on a bridge pillar. “The message was translated and assessed,” says Waldinger. It seems to be related to the attack on the ICE. Although the text does not contain specific threats or plans for attack, Waldinger speaks of “abstract threats”. There is no further information on the content of the message.

A longer report from PI News is below these two videos, which were also translated by MissPiggy. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #1:

Video #2:

Here’s the report from Politically Incorrect:

“Tightrope Act”: Arabs planned a deadly attack on ICE in Bavaria

Damaged Inter City Express (ICE) — Merkel’s so-called “fleeing persons in need of protection” planned a deadly attack on hundreds of people on the railway line between Nuremberg and Munich. The attempted attack that occurred two weeks before the Bavarian election was just now made public. Coincidence?

By Max Thoma

At the beginning of October, hundreds of passengers aboard an ICE only escaped through luck a fatal catastrophe between Allersberg and Neumarkt / Oberpfalz. While driving, their express broke through a treacherously designed barrier — the Bavarian security authorities are now examining evidence of an Islamic terrorist background: The Prosecutor General of Bavaria has taken over the investigation, together with the Munich Central Office for Combating Extremism and Terrorism.

The State Office for Criminal Investigations (LKA) investigates failed terrorist attack

“There was an incident on 7 October,” confirmed a spokesman for the Bavarian State Office for Criminal Investigation. On the route from Nuremberg, traveling in the direction of Munich, the train driver noticed a suspicious noise, and then noticed damage to the ICE at the terminal station in Munich, he explained. Investigators later found a threatening letter and “graffiti” in Arabic, which were verified as authentic.

Video transcript #1:

00:00   Today it was announced that an attempted terror attack on the ICE train route from Nürnburg
00:05   to Munich took place three weeks ago. The culprits have not yet been identified, who placed a steel
00:09   cable over the tracks and attached wooden blocks to the tracks. The train broke the cable
00:13   without causing great damage. Now the State Office for Criminal Investigations (LKA) is
00:17   investigating. — The InterCity Express train was going full speed on the 7th of October
00:21   on its way from Nürnburg to Munich. Just after the city of Allersberg
00:25   is when the train operator heard a suspicious noise, around 11:15pm.
00:29   The train operator continued to travel to Munich, and there a short-circuit was detected.
00:38   Through the reporting system, the Federal Police were able to check the site and found
00:42   the remains of a steel cable, which was obviously stretched across the train’s route that night.
00:49   With the remains of the steel cable, near the route in Allersberg the police also found
00:56   pieces of iron, wood and a threatening message in Arabic. The graffiti written in Arabic is one of
01:02   many all along the train route. It is now being investigated in connection with the attempted terror
01:06   attack. The police are looking for witnesses. —We have
01:09   a police tip hotline, or it can be reported at
01:12   any other police station if someone has seen someone doing something suspicious or anything
01:16   suspicious in connection with on the night of the 7th of October or even during the day.
01:22   Attempted terror attack or sabotage? Current investigation are looking into every motive.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   And here’s another question, what exactly happened October 7th on the Intercity train route
00:06   between Nürnberg and Munich? Up until now, all we know is that unidentified individuals
00:11   installed a steel cable across the train tracks near Allersberg in Middle Franconia. The InterCity
00:16   Express was damaged on the front glass panel. Was it just a stupid and very dangerous
00:20   prank? Or was it a terror attack? This past weekend a written claim of responsibility was
00:24   found at the crime scene. Sandra Skibbe, Florian Wolske, and Peter Johannsen with the
00:28   current developments. The police are still looking for evidence at the crime scene.
00:34   It was here in Allersberg in Middle Franconia that the InterCity Express was meant to derail.
00:38   Unidentified individuals fixed a steel cable across the train tracks and wedged wooden blocks in
00:43   the rails. The InterCity Express travels at speeds
00:46   up to 155miles per hour through this area. If the plan
00:49   had been successful it would have been a major catastrophe. The written claim of
00:54   responsibility was written in Arabic and found three weeks after the incident.
00:59   Many trains travel this route at very high speeds,
01:03   creating a backdraft that isn’t gentle with paper.
01:06   Materials near the tracks can be spread for miles, and it took time to find the evidence.
01:11   The question for investigators is motive. Multiple theories are being examined.
01:16   1) Was it a terror attack? Planned by radical Islamists. 2) A mentally disturbed person seeking
01:24   attention? OR 3) Right-wing radicals who would pin the blame for the crime on refugees?
01:28   Supposedly, in the written claim of responsibility,
01:31   threats of future terror attacks were mentioned.
01:34   The forensic investigation is not yet complete and the evidence must still be evaluated.
01:38   Obviously, we hope that the objects we have found and secured will provide evidence.
01:44   Of course, eyewitness testimony is very important, especially if anyone noticed anything
01:48   suspicious. For instance, seeing someone buying a steel cable near where the incident happened.
01:52   This kind of steel cable is very heavy and isn’t easy to transport.
01:56   No one was injured in Allersberg, but investigators are taking this case very seriously.

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