A Cornucopia of German Cultural Enrichment

It’s happening again — every time I look away for a few minutes, MissPiggy and Vlad Tepes put together another video about cultural enrichment in Germany.

Below are six videos that have accumulated over the last few days. The first five show various incidents in which Germany’s new doctors, engineers, and scientists display their aptitudes and proclivities. The sixth video features brief interviews with ordinary Germans about what they think of all the diversity.

1. Enrichment on a Bike

2. Roaming Migrant Youth Gangs

3. Enrichment on the Train

4. Terror at the Kiosk

A kiosk is a small retail shop, often selling mainly tobacco. In the USA it would probably be referred to as a convenience store.

5. A Merkel Guest Attacks the Police, Then Screams for Help

6. Man-in-the-Street Interviews About Cultural Enrichment

Video transcript #1:

00:00   I’ll f*** your daddy! Further. Always. I f***
00:04   Germany always. I will always continue with kafir.
00:09   Yeah, just keep going south! —Yeah, I’ll continue today.
00:13   Eh! I told you last time just go ride your bike boy! —I’m an African black man.
00:17   I’m not afraid of white man. —Eh! You think we’re afraid of you or what?
00:20   Let’s wait and see! —We are not going to be threatened by you!
00:23   Let’s wait and see! I’ll slap you. Then you can forget it.
00:26   Wanna make your paws dirty or what? —Yes, you’re a man, right? —P*** OFF BOY!
00:32   When are you going to be a man? Go ahead touch me! —Are you starting again? —Touch me!
00:35   Is this about respect or what!? —A*****e. A*****es.
00:38   You better watch out old man! —When are you going to be a man?
00:43   Ask the right people! —Come on, touch me! —P*** OFF! —What did you say? —Don’t touch me BOY!
00:49   Are you better or what? —Hey, come on, just keep going!
00:56   Hey! P*** OFF, BOY!
01:05   Wait a second, they’re coming. —They’re coming, just p*** off!
01:10   When are you going to be a man? —Stop speaking stupid and JUST KEEP GOING! —I won’t forget that.
01:15   You are supposed to be on your way! —A*****e. —Ah, just leave him.
01:19   A*****e! —He just comes and started harassing us.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   Five days after the brutal attacks by a youth gang in Pestalozzipark,
00:06   now the victims are speaking up. Although still deeply shocked by the event,
00:11   they want their version of events to be told. And their version is quite different
00:20   From the official police reports. At least where it concerns the number of victims.
00:24   The police are only reporting about 3 victims for the moment.
00:28   There were a total of 4 victims. The first victim called for help to my son
00:32   and the second victim. The fourth and final victim was just looking to see
00:39   what was happening. He was actually attack by the gang while the police
00:47   were in the park. —The victims, who wish to remain anonymous out of fear
00:52   described the time period in which the roaming gang rampaged through the park
00:56   and how brutal their attacks were. —Around 11:15pm is when my son
01:00   was attacked, and the last attack occurred at 1:20am. At that time, we were
01:04   just returning home from the hospital and we saw an ambulance driving away.
01:12   The girlfriend of my best friend, who is 7 months pregnant, called me to say he was
01:16   being attacked. I went right over and there was a giant group of youths.
01:27   I tried talking to them and asked what is going on, then they pull out a knife and
01:33   everyone ran. Someone whacked me with a wooden baton on the head.
01:38   Everything went dark and when I regained consciousness I was in an ambulance.
01:42   According to the “attack” victims, the police were overwhelmed by the
01:46   accumulating cases. —They were completely overwhelmed, I heard over the
01:51   police radio the dispatcher say, “That’s enough, I need some time to regroup here.”
01:55   The police weren’t informed, had no idea what was going on or where to go,
02:01   they didn’t know that there were multiple attacks and I just had the feeling they
02:05   were totally overwhelmed. They saw the police take 3 young men into custody.
02:14   In the past, this park was a safe place and even during the night it felt safe.
02:18   But that is a thing of the past now. During the day, it is still peaceful, but
02:22   at night it is like all hell breaks loose. Youth gangs are drunk, taking drugs,
02:26   messing around with knives — you can’t walk through here during the night.
02:32   It is every single weekend, from Friday until Sunday night, one continuous party.
02:36   The main stage is where the sport equipment is and it really very many,
02:40   unfortunately I must say, mostly foreigners with a couple of Germans.
02:47   After an attempt to invoke support and to name the culprits, the victims feel
02:52   abandoned and worse yet — abused. —On Facebook I made an appeal, but also
02:57   thanked the doctor’s assistants and so on. We’ve been insulted, slandered
03:05   It was written that we are to blame, or more like my son’s own fault, suggesting
03:09   he started it. Well, you know, it was just… like the sense of justice by Germans is
03:16   well, I don’t know. I’m just speechless. In the meantime, the victims are on their
03:22   way to recovery. The 18-year-old victim left the hospital on Tuesday.
03:28   The tentative diagnose of spinal column injury was fortunately not confirmed.
03:32   Along with the physical injuries, the victims also deal with psychological trauma.
03:40   It still have some pain and I am afraid to go outside at night, but otherwise
03:44   I’m OK, I think, just as long as I don’t move too much.
03:48   After five days, the appointment for questioning by the Police finally arrived,
03:54   in which new evidence will be submitted, but the victims don’t have
03:59   much hope that the culprits will be brought to justice.
04:03   I don’t really expect much. We’ve also contacted a lawyer, simply because it is not
04:07   the first attack we’ve experienced. This time I won’t just sit back and accept the
04:14   ineffective victim-offender mediation. It has just gone too far this time.
04:20   With knives and wooden batons. I just can’t accept that.
04:24   One of the victims still has a request to the police. —Step up the police patrols
04:28   through the park after dark, from 10pm on weekends, not during the day.
04:34   I saw them there yesterday at 6pm — that doesn’t help.

Video transcript #3:

00:07   For that I’ll buy a cheeseburger in Gotha.
00:15   Hey, hey, hey, hey hey! —F*** you! F*** You! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!
00:19   Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh! —Let go! What!? Are you spastic?
00:28   Oh man, awesome! —You guys stay out of this.
00:43   Hey, hey, hey, hey! —I don’t have any money. —Should I get the police or what?
00:50   I’m getting out at the next stop, anyway.
00:55   No ticket, we’ll see you at the train station!
00:59   Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! —I don’t want, I don’t want. —Behave properly! [Foreign language]
01:07   Behave properly! —[pointing at other kids] Drugs, drugs. —Behave properly now!
01:17   What is this now? —Behavior! —Hey, hey, hey, hey!
01:23   You don’t beat up the passenger, buddy! OK? Hands off!
01:28   Apologies… —If it doesn’t suit you that you must buy a ticket, then you can get out.
01:34   [pointing again] Drugs, drugs. —Both of them. —Drugs, drugs. No picture, no!
01:47   No! —Nothing to do with it. —No picture.
01:51   When you come here you adapt to us. —Yeah, but picture.
01:55   Huh? Police? NO. No, problem. [Foreign language]
02:02   In Germany it is starting to look a little different. —Yeah, exactly! You should be cowering.
02:11   Do you want to get attacked, boy?
02:19   Ey, ey, ey, ey, ey!

Video transcript #4:

00:00   Asylum seeker in Traiskirchen threatens Tobacco shop owner!
00:06   What!? When are you finished? Like normal? OK.
00:12   OK. I’ll call in a sec. I’ll show you. When you’re done with work. We’ll see.
00:19   What will we see? —Huh? —What are we going to see then? —OK.
00:23   We’ll met. Gimme your number. —What are we going to do then? —Gimme your number.
00:27   What are we going to do then? —I’ll show you what I’ll do. —No, tell me. —I’ll tell you.
00:31   Go ahead, tell me. —Go, go. —Tell me what you want to do. —Come, come to my room.
00:37   Come, come. —What are we going to do then? —Come, come. I’ll show you what
00:41   I’ll do. —No, just tell me. —Come, I’ll show you. —No show, tell me.
00:45   Give him five euros back and it’s done. —He got everything back. —Don’t lie,
00:52   fruit ball, don’t lie. —He got everything back. —Yeah, so why don’t you open up
00:56   and go there. —And what happens when you are there? —Come in my room.
01:00   What’s going to happen then? Come on man! Come! What! What! What! I show you!
01:04   Just simply tell me —Come! —You don’t need to show me, you can just tell me.
01:10   Press the button! Press the button! —Yep. —And call the police please.
01:18   Or use my telephone, whatever.
01:33   What are you looking at? Fruitball! Pedophile! Pedophile!
01:39   I need my mother. I need the Quran. I’m not a gay prostitute. I’m not a sh***y prostitute.
01:45   I’m muslim. If we beat you, then you are destroyed. So come, come on!
01:51   Do you have a penis? Then come, come? You are forty years old. Dead.
02:02   Are you laughing at him, man? Go ahead laugh, laugh! [in the background
02:06   woman calling police] —Hurry, he’s going to break the door.

Video transcript #5:

00:18   Stay down!
00:31   They’re attacking the police. Let that sink in!
00:35   Put ’em on a plane and throw ’em out over the desert!
00:40   These dirty creatures. —Stop it. —Sure.
00:45   They are attacking you — this can’t be for real!
00:49   HELP! —Oh, sure! Help! Yes, Help! Yeah sure, here’s your help!
00:56   I don’t think so! —HELP!
01:03   HELP!
01:07   These dirty creatures. Put ’em on a plane and throw ’em out over the desert!

Video transcript #6:

00:00   Asylum Abuse — help through legal reform?
00:04   I think so, that willingly… not everyone can come to Germany. That’s not going
00:10   to work. They should stay home, work there to bring order, and not come here to
00:18   demonstrate while filling their pockets here and there, and on top
00:22   of that become criminals. Well then… it is creating a lot of aggravation in our streets,
00:27   our population, the population doesn’t feel as safe anymore… in many areas.
00:34   and something needs to change — it can’t go on like this. There is a slope, from north
00:40   Germany to southern Germany moving toward Seehofer —These nice people
00:46   don’t want to talk about that. —Doesn’t matter. — No, no, no, no,
00:50   no, but, but he does have a point. There should be a little bit more discipline
00:55   from our side. Whether it is on the street, driving etc., etc. —I think
01:01   with the discussion that is burning at the moment, we need to be more careful
01:05   with our language, our choice of words. That’s really important. That’s where
01:10   something needs to change quickly. We are totally brutal, right down to the words we
01:14   use and they way we deal with another. It’s just not right. We are
01:21   accustomed to something different and wish to find our way back to that.
01:26   —And that was the closing statement. Thank you very much.

10 thoughts on “A Cornucopia of German Cultural Enrichment

  1. Now Germany is passing the new law , all this illegal savages can stay in this country, as long they working, good luck with that , how more naive can government more can be !!, protect Your daughters and wife’s beacuse Merkel is the biggest scum in German history, following, SPD, CDU, Greens, and on and on , I tought Syria war is over ?? And they have to go back to rebuild own country??, lies , lies , lies ,

  2. In the 1980’s, a Soviet expert on Islam and the Middle East, Farid Seiful-Mulyakov, predicted that in arming the “mujahadin”, the US would awaken the Muslim world. He predicted all that has come to pass, including migration to Europe. He also predicted that unless Europe confronted Islam, it eventually would be subsumed.

    Seiful-Mulyakov came from a Muslim family, but was an atheist.

    He also wrote that Muslims are often tribal and, as a result, would attempt to impose their will by force in societies to which they emigrated. Of course, he was referring to uneducated immigrants, but the point was, they use their society’s norms He did suggest ways to deal with this. One can note that Russia doesn’t have the problems Europe does, despite a far larger Muslim population, including tens of millions of illegal immigrants. I wonder if they are still using the late Seiful-Mulyakov’s works.

    • I tried to google Farid Seiful-Mulyakov and came up with nothing. I then did the same search on DuckDuckGo and the first hit was a Wikipedia entry about him. Very strange.

      • Nothing strange about it, if Robert Spencer is to be believed.
        He recounts: ‘Texas imam Omar Suleiman’s successful effort to compel Google to drop search results about Islam-related terms and topics that reflected negatively upon Islam. Turkey’s Anadolu Agency reported happily:
        “Google’s first page results for searches of terms such as ‘jihad’, ‘shariah’ and ‘taqiyya’ now return mostly reputable explanations of the Islamic concepts. Taqiyya, which describes the circumstances under which a Muslim can conceal their belief in the face of persecution, is the sole term to feature a questionable website on the first page of results.”

  3. The victim the video on the roving gangs in the park mentions the ‘victim perp mediation’ they use all the time in Germany and says it is not even worth trying. It is a nursery school farce and the Muslim gangbangers treat it as that.

  4. I’ll be in a major town in Bavaria soon for several weeks visiting family. I hope I make it back in one piece but more than that I hope my granddaughter doesn’t have to grow up in a dysfunctional country, but with the import of hundreds of thousands of wasters I think my hope is a fool’s errand.

    • It could be worse, tedh. We have a friend whose daughter married a Christian Turk she met at college and moved to Turkey after graduation to be with him. Fast forward several years and now Erdogan’s become a full-on tyrant who wants Turkey for Turks (and Germany for Turks, etc.). we are afraid for this young wife and her European-looking child.

  5. Good to see German men stepping up though, especially the train incident was very refreshing to see. Shame the shoplifter was pixelated, everybody should see the face of someone threatening to murder another human. I get the shopowner did it to prevent issues with GDPR though.

  6. Wir Deutschen wurden und werden seit über 70 Jahren belogen und betrogen. Das Staatsangehörigkeitsrecht von 1913 wurde am 08.12.2010 vom einfachen BRD-Gesetzgeber stillschweigend mit der Zwangsangehörigkeit vom 05.02.1934
    erwürgt und ausgetauscht. Der Vorgang ist von 1959 bis 2010 im nichtamtlichen BGBl.
    Teil III zu sehen. Es werden übrigens immer noch NAZI Gesetze angewendet! Siehe z.B. das Einkommensteuergesetz. (Steht sogar in der
    TAZ: http://www.taz.de/!5068958/)

    We Germans have been and are being lied to and cheated for more than 70 years. The citizenship law of 1913 was tacitly dated 08.12.2010 by the simple FRG legislature with the forced citizenship of 05.02.1934
    strangled and exchanged. The process is from 1959 to 2010 in the unofficial BGBl.
    Part III to see. Incidentally, NAZI laws are still being used! See, e.g. the income tax law. (Is even in the
    TAZ: http://www.taz.de/!5068958/)

    Germany is enemy state for the UN! Peace treaties are superimposed by 2 plus 4 treaty => no international law.

    Free Germany means peace for the whole world!


    Deutschland ist Feindstaat für die UNO! Friedensverträge sind überlagert durch 2 Plus 4 Vertrag => kein Völkerrecht. Die Deutschen wurden seit über 70 Jahren betrogen!

  7. With all this talk of “youth”, it may seem to the unsuspecting eye that a bunch of spotty Hanses and Helmuts decided to get off their computers and hang out to do naughty stuff in the park… but then, deep in the detail it’s clarified that “unfortunately” it’s foreigners who are the culprits. Terrible that this should become known – I’m sure groups of Brownshirts are forming in retaliation as we speak… however I’m wondering if they would speak the same way after any aggro from Pegida protesters? And if we can’t openly mention the one thing which connects all these “youth”, then what chance is there to tackle the problem?

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