Strangers on a Tram

A German grandmother in Halle complained to the authorities about dangerous culture-enrichers on the city’s trams, but to no avail. The video below gives a sample of what passengers have to endure when they take the tram in Halle.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Miss Piggy sends a link to more video of the situation people have to deal with in Halle.

And this is a letter (also translated by MissPiggy) from the woman’s granddaughter to a blog called Halle-leaks, in which she talks about the guy in the twitter video above:

Hello Halle Leaks, I write you at the request of my grandmother, because she complained several times at Havag [public transportation company], and the conditions in the trams are not getting better.

She is really afraid to take the tram to the city; she only takes the tram when she can’t accomplish things over the phone. To the bank, the pension office, the town hall … if I can do it, I drive with her, because she’s too scared to go alone.

She has often told me about the black African with the gold rings. She usually sees him when she leaves the city in the afternoon. He is very unfriendly and aggressive to all passengers, always drunk, and always has alcohol or beer bottles. Enclosed are two pictures, which I secretly recorded. My grandmother is sure that sooner or later this man will hurt a person in the tram or at a tram stop, or worse. Everyone just looks away. Once he deliberately threw one of his rings from his hand to the ground with full force and he demanded that the passengers across from him pick it up, threatening them with violence. Everyone looked away. A young man then picked up his ring and the African [probably a refugee] demanded that the young man put the ring on his finger. He also did that in order not to provoke the drunk. Nevertheless, the man hit and kicked the passenger.

When he gets out, he regularly hits the tram and threatens the passenger inside with hand gestures across his throat [death threat]. Another time he threw his beer bottles on the floor in rage, shattering them into a thousand pieces of broken glass. Fortunately, the train then continued. My grandma says that at some point this will catch you and he will make his threat true.

Why can’t such people be take out of circulation? I often read your stuff with mixed feelings, but I know no way out. The newspaper would certainly not bring up something like that. Maybe you can publish it and warn other people about this person.

Thank you.

Video transcript:

00:13   It’s ENOUGH! Either you sit down or you get out! —What’s wrong?
00:17   Boy oh boy!
00:21   Behave properly! Get out!
00:39   Motherf***er, mother f***er!
00:43   Main train station!
00:52   Tomorrow, tomorrow you come here!
00:59   Just shut the hell up now! GET LOST!

7 thoughts on “Strangers on a Tram

  1. Looks like standard behaviour on the London underground. I hope the Germans have the cultural confidence and strength to stop this sort of behaviour. In the UK, it often seems that nobody cares any more. In fact, remonstrating with noisy violent drunken or drugged youths like that would probably end up with you being accused of racism.

    • Italy seems to be doing something, deporting and closing borders, not sure about Austria. France, Spain, Germany and others don’t care-apathy rules.

  2. There most certainly will be charges brought and arrests made. The individual who made the video will undoubtedly be arrested and charged for violating the human rights of the african savage, and the grandmother who complained will be prosecuted for racist thoughts. After all, who does she think she is to not want to be savagely beaten or raped by a feral african beast?

  3. Makes me feel nostalgic about my memories of riding the trains in Chicago.

    Fortunately, the transit police there have not yet been completely feminized, so someone boisterously disruptive would probably be arrested. However, it’s quite safe to drug yourself into unconsciousness on a Chicago elevated or subway train.

  4. …A well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, being the best security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed..”

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