Dutch Police Thwart Planned Terrorist Attack

Seven “Dutch” “youths” have been arrested for planning a major terrorist attack in the Netherlands. The mischievous culture-enrichers intended to strike a major public event with firearms, hand grenades, and car bombs.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from De Telegraaf:

OM [Openbaar Ministerie, Public Prosecution Service]: men wanted to strike at event and explode car bomb at another location

Seven arrests for plans ‘major terrorist attack’ in the Netherlands

September 26, 2018

UPDATE — Seven men were arrested on Thursday in connection with the planning of a ‘major terrorist attack’ in the Netherlands. That was confirmed by the Public Prosecution Service.

The men come from Arnhem (three), Rotterdam (two), Huissen (one) and Vlaardingen (one). The suspects were arrested at the end of the afternoon in Arnhem and Weert. The two men in Weert were staying there in a holiday home and drove in a van on Thursday when they were stopped by an arrest team. According to local media, shot(s) were fired by the special unit. On images you can see that there is blood on the ground. The white van, with French license plate, and two passenger cars have been confiscated, according to weertdegekste.nl.

Whether an agent fired shots in Weert, the police do not want to say — it is clear that the special unit used force. One or more suspects suffered minor injuries.

Suspects were armed

The ages of the suspects vary from 21 to 34 years. During the arrests, for which various anti-terror units were deployed, the police found five small arms.

Group formed around 34-year-old Iraqi

“In a months-long criminal investigation, the police became aware of a group centered around the 34-year-old Hardi N. of Iraqi origin from Arnhem, who was convicted in 2017 for attempting to travel to the Islamic State’s battlefield”, according to the Public Prosecution Service, which says it assumes that an attack has been prevented with the arrests.

Bombings and car bomb

The men were looking for AK47s, small arms, hand grenades, bombs and raw materials for one or more [car] bombs. The OM assumes that the suspects wanted to strike at two locations at the same time: both an attack with bombs and Kalashnikov AK47s at an event and as a car bomb they wanted to detonate.

In addition to the 34-year-old man, two other suspects have been convicted for an attempt to travel, according to the Public Prosecution Service.

Police helicopter above Arnhem

For some time on Thursday a police helicopter hovered above Arnhem, as twitterers noticed.

The suspects are in restrictions and are therefore not allowed to have contact with each other or other people — only with their lawyer. On Friday they will appear before the examining magistrate.

House searches Rotterdam

In Rotterdam Thursday evening in two closely situated houses, raids and houses were searched.

‘Clearly looking for a big event’

The criminal investigatory team is still doing a lot of investigation into the question of which event the seven attacked terror suspects wanted to attack. “We can not be concrete about it yet. It is clear that the people were looking for a big event,” says the national criminal investigator Wilbert Paulissen.

During the Thursday’s actions, the police deployed about four hundred people, says the police chief.

One thought on “Dutch Police Thwart Planned Terrorist Attack

  1. The terrorist-wanna-be’s had seven people in their group. That a lot of people to keep something like that secret.

    I have no knowledge on this whatsoever, but it seems to me the Muslim Brotherhood might actually have a motivation to quietly pass information on the plot to the police. As far as the hijra, or migration into non-Muslims lands to spread Islam, it is going swimmingly in Holland. The government cracks down on anyone noticing the incompatibility of Islam with Holland, and the open-border policy is more-or-less unrestricted. A dramatic terrorist attack would only rock the boat, and might possibly increase the votes for the anti-immigration parties.

    Of course, taking the policies of Malik, “The Quoranic Concept of War”, there is nothing inherent in Islam against mass terror. Quite the opposite. It’s just that terror is a tool to be employed when it will have the desired effect and certainly to be avoided when it will interfere with jihad.

    At some point in the future, when the number of Muslims in countries such as Holland is high enough, and the infiltration into governing bureaus and parties is complete enough, the priorities will flip, and the mainstream Islamic groups will not only not report terror operations; they will support them with men and materials.

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