SJW to the AfD: “We Must Rescue Them ALL”

Martin Schiller is a member of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) in Münster. Mr. Schiller recently had to run a gauntlet of chanting demonstrators on his way into a party meeting. During his stroll up the stairs he asked the pimply-faced and pierced youngsters their opinions on mass migration into Germany. I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say that there were no surprises in their replies.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   All of Münster hates the AfD! All of Münster hates the AfD!
00:05   AfD city councilman Martin Schiller, Spokesperson for AfD in Münster
00:09   Today it is to be decided whether Münster should receive an additional
00:13   200 refugees. Requested by: Left and SPD
00:17   Sea rescue is not a crime! Sea rescue is not a crime!
00:24   How many should we save? 100? 200? 500?
00:29   How many refugees should we take in Münster?
00:33   As many as possible, until we can not take anymore. —Until we can’t anymore?
00:37   1000? 2000? 10,000? —You want a number from me?
00:41   Yes. There has to be a limit somewhere. 100,000? Maybe 1 million?
00:45   What would you like? —I don’t know. —You don’t know? —No.
00:49   Sea rescue is not a crime! Sea rescue is not a crime!
00:59   Hello. How many refugees should we take in Münster? 500, 600, a million?
01:05   As many as possible. —As many as possible? —Yes.
01:08   Ok? —We definitely can take more. We must rescue them ALL, it is our obligation!
01:12   Go and read some Kant, you know, Human dignity. We can’t just let them die.
01:18   What do say to the claim that some of these people, being from foreign cultures,
01:24   commit knife attacks, rapes and such things. Is that irrelevant? Just part and parcel?
01:32   We have the same problems with totally normal German people, don’t we? NSU
01:36   (National Socialist Underground) RAF (Red Army Faction) We’ve seen everything.
01:40   There are knife attacks from people who have only lived in Germany for
01:44   generations and learned that from their “dominant” culture, right?
01:48   Today we don’t decide about the NSU, but about whether we take more refugees, as
01:52   a symbolic act, whether we do it or not.
01:58   A welfare state only works within certain limits, in a certain culture.
02:03   Yes, that depends on what you think limits are. If you think, oh no…we can’t spend so
02:07   much money on refugees or no sorry we don’t want to change our weapon policies.
02:14   Then of course, then we can only accommodate a certain number of refugees.
02:18   Then we do not think far enough. —May I ask what party you are from?
02:22   —Alternative for Germany. —Oh, got it. I would like be removed from the film.
02:26   Can you tell me from which party you are from? —Martin Schiller, AfD. —OK.
02:30   You didn’t ask me. —It is public demonstration. I don’t want to be filmed.
02:47   This is the organiser of this event. —I would like something deleted.
02:51   I was filmed and I would like it deleted.
03:00   All of Münster hates the AfD! All of Münster hates the AfD!
03:15   And… are you here for pseudo-moralistic purposes again today? And just
03:21   a tad more hypocrisy. —All of Münster hates the AfD!
03:25   All of Münster hates the AfD! All of Münster hates the AfD!

20 thoughts on “SJW to the AfD: “We Must Rescue Them ALL”

  1. Just appalling stupidity, innumeracy. Just chanting drones. Leave aside the folly of importing alien, hostile cultures into a homogeneous society, the youth, they seem to not have the simplest grasp of fundamental mathematical concepts as regards to population growth, density, etc. I am sure that not a single one of these youth are aware that Sudan is 5 times the size of German, or that Algeria is 7 times the size, or that Germany is already a densely populated landmass (where are the Greens?).

    • “the youth” – some of the youth, and not as much of it as the establishment would have you believe

  2. This is catastrophic, Germany is done , look what this government did to this young generation of snowflakes absolutely out of touch reality, brainwashed totally!!, they don’t even realize, they will be pay for this savages for rest of thier life’s , this brainwashing this young idiots is very dangerous, I’m speechless..

    • They are a rapidly decreasing minority trust me. This is typical intimidation politics of the “Left”. I have family in Koln and the situation is almost intolerable. These children are just the same morons one sees chanting their mindless group think slogans like all the other “Social Justice Warriors” across the West. Don’t their numbers worry you! They are about to receive n historical lesson. they’ll never forget. In many ways, they are unfit for traditional University life.

      One of these creatures or things claimed that the Afd Member should read his Kant. Emmanuel Kant wrote about duty in the sense of in spite of ourselves and against our own interest but above all else, he stated that it was an absolute duty to do right and act responsibly but also to obey the law.

      Bringing in a billion illiterate savages is the exact opposite of what Kant stated. Indeed the importation of such anti-social elements as deliberate policy must be the height of selfishness and harm to the Prussian State in which he lived. This foolish child should read Kant’s Ethics and morals.

    • Since Germany is now creating (with Macron) an alternative to the US SWIFT financial system, I am glad to see their future is ruined by these pious progressives. They’ll be free to do business with any despotic regime on the planet, and the US won’t have to protect the entirety of EU either.

      • Since the AFD representative was presumably
        Democratically elected the morons chanting “all
        Of Munster hate the AFD” just demonstrate just
        How thick they really are.

        God help Germany if this lot are the future of the

  3. This mob resembles 1939, the NaZis! Hitler youth, the all look thouroughly brainwashed, or on drugs.

    This mob should been arrested, or moved out of the way, they formed a gauntlet of hate.

    The inet has speeded up the brainwashing, and mind control of large numbers, like the isis recruits and turns people into human bombs, left orgs are poisoning the minds of our young, leftist ideology shoukd be banned like nazi ideolgy is banned.

    The war has already begun, the enemy is your neighbour, brother, sister, wife gf, people at the pub, if you say one thing that dont fit this left wing narrative, you will start getting whipered about behind your back, people ostracising you, its happened to me, recently some english sjw type women who do bar work got me banned from a bar in portugal, one of them told me, “she does not like the way i talk” provoking a argument, tgese 3 sjw women then later told manager, (who is a hard leftist ideologue) that i threatened these women, (never happened) then without even asking me what happened, the marxist manager emailed me, im banned from bar.!

    Nice egh!

    Portugal is choc full of these left wing old hippies, tons of these old and young liberal women types, portugal its self is a socialist hell hole, a police state, in portugal they can fine people for walking on ants.

    • Do you think those girls would also happily serve the invaders as concubines and be impregnated by them, much like girls did for SS officers back during WWII? Who am I kidding though, the invaders won’t even ask their opinion, much less give them any value as a human being.
      Hey, maybe we should really start sending sjws to Saudi Arabia or Nigeria or countries like that, have them taste what they’re promoting for Europe – if they still support it, they can stay down there, if they change their mind, they can come back and start working on awareness for other poor souls that have been brainwashed.

  4. Easily brainwashed youths. Maybe some followers and believers of the masonic humanitarian religion. What they want is mass deportation of people from Africa and play with eugenics in western countries. Why not sending them in Africa instead of fighting against the illegal boat comers? I bet it will not be too hard to find some African state run by a reasonable dictator, with the will to accept them, of course in exchange of huge money for the burden; maybe it could cost even less than sending foreigners back.

  5. He should have asked them to explain how it is ever a good idea to import people who have a mass murdering, child abusing 7th Century rapist version of Charles Manson as their role model “prophet” when all the evidence is that some of them are guaranteed to follow his example.

  6. In the late 20s and early 30s a lot of Jews left Germany. Some (but not all) refused to believe what was happening and stayed. Only at the concentration camp rail-head, as wives were seperated from husbands and children from mothers did the reality finally sink in. These foolish little children in the above video, mostly female one notes, are beyond rational argument. Their awakening will only occur when they finally experience their own rail-head moment. If such a brutal reality is to be avoided, it will only be because of the actions of politicians like Mr Schiller who they demonise today as he attempts to protect their futures. Truly, Leftism is a mental illness.

  7. I don’t even care what she has to say, the chanting is so annoying it’s hard to hear anything and honestly that kind of people deserves to get sprayed with a water canon or pepper spray or something like that.

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