Viktor Orbán to Flanders: “Belgium Will Be Different in Five or Ten Years’ Time”

As we reported last week, a couple of weeks ago Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán attended and spoke at the annual Bálványos Summer Open University and Student Camp in Tusnádfürdő (Băile Tuşnad), in the ethnic Hungarian region of western Romania.

Also in attendance at the Open University that weekend were members of the Flemish nationalist student group Schild & Vrienden. The leader of the group, Dries Van Langenhove, participated in a panel discussion with the prime minister at the event, and he and his fellow group members were able to meet with Mr. Orbán.

The following video shows excerpts from the meeting between Viktor Orbán and Schild & Vrienden. Everyone there spoke English, so there’s no need for translation. However, if you have trouble with the accents, switch on “CC” to see the text:

Hat tip: László.

4 thoughts on “Viktor Orbán to Flanders: “Belgium Will Be Different in Five or Ten Years’ Time”

  1. He makes a good point, he doesn’t want to hear them tell him how bad their country is, its up to them to take action and do something about it. Politically he can’t really offer advice to citizens of another country anyway.

  2. Has Mr Orban met Mr Trump?

    Compare Mr Orban with May, Macron, Merkel.

    M is the 13th letter of the alphabet.

  3. Ö rola szobrot kellene àlitaniminden egyes magyar telepūlèsen

    [Machine translation:

    “We should have a roulette statue on some Hungarian settlers”

    This is an English-language blog. In future, please comment in English.]

  4. It’s amazing that in addition to his other virtues, Orban speaks English fluently.

    The thought occurs to me that with the mechanisms in place for the Deep State to harass any actual intellectuals going into politics with special counsels and picayune, but time-consuming constraints on behaviors which are not enforced on leftists like Maxime Waters anyway, people of ability are actually discouraged from any political contribution to their society.

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