So Who Sets All Those Fires in German Asylum Centers?

The answer to that question is obvious to regular Gates of Vienna readers. However, it’s not obvious to everyone, and the media make sure to leave their readers and viewers with the impression that evil far-right xenophobes are behind all the arson. But that’s not the case…

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Under one of the latest videos, we received the following comment:
00:05   Why aren’t you reporting that most of the asylum homes are set on fire by the migrants themselves?
00:09   Honestly, my first thought was, “Well, because it’s NOT true!” And that was going to be my answer.
00:15   But then I thought: “How do I know it’s not true?” Yes, that’s right:
00:19   In most cases, the residents in asylum centers, just like in every other household.

3 thoughts on “So Who Sets All Those Fires in German Asylum Centers?

  1. I am relieved, to have their reporter confirm, that all people are basically the same when it comes to setting their homes on fire.

    • It’s the thing to do, when given food, security and shelter when fleeing from pestilence, famine or war – burn down the accommodation.

      It just says thank-you in such a special way….or even when an economic migrant, it says one has no sense of entitlement, is not completely unhinged, and will be conscientious and reliable worker.
      I mean who doesn’t burn their own accommodation down?

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