Somali vs. Turk at the Carwash

In our latest installment of culture-enriching hijinks in the Netherlands, a Somali and a Turk skirmish with each other at a carwash. According to the translator, the incident occurred near the Presikhaaf mall in Arnhem.

Many thanks to C for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Hey, get your feet [?] away from there! Don’t touch! Don’t touch!
00:05   Don’t touch, you[?]! Motherf***er!… Don’t touch!
00:09   Don’t touch! Don’t touch! Hello!
00:12   Not on the face, not on my face! —Don’t touch motherf***errr!
00:16   Not on my face, do you hear! —Don’t touch!
00:22   Don’t touch! —Get out of here. —Don’t touch motherrrf***err!
00:25   Not record motherf***er! Not record! homo!
00:28   I’ll show [?] my d**k!
00:34   I warn you[?] —Not on my clothes…
00:37   [Somali cussing?] motherf***er [More Somali stuff?]
00:42   Get out of here. —Motherf***er! [?] You stink! —Get out of here.
00:45   Don’t touch, homo! Away with you!
00:48   You want to see my d**k?
00:51   Yes, hang on… Hello? I’m here now!
00:55   I didn’t do anything, man. —Away! You [?] insulted me! Homo! Away [?] with you! —What did I do?
01:01   Motherf***er! —I didn’t do anything.
01:05   Get out of here! [?Somali swearing?]
01:10   Both of you! Homo! [?More Somali swearing?]

8 thoughts on “Somali vs. Turk at the Carwash

  1. The title sounds like it could be a joke: “This Somali and this Turk go into a car wash….”

    [choose your own ending….]

  2. Western Europe is slowing turning into a slum full of leeches. “Wir schaffen das!” really means “We can turn decent countries into crapholes.”

    • but where is the beef?
      The Turk is a model of selfcontrol. He looks like a heavyweight but didn’t even try a blow. Would somebody touch my throat, he would be entitled to a classic uppercut.

  3. Kinda like two retarded aliens landing on civilized earth from two different planets, only to fight each other. In the end the only thing that pacified them were reruns of Bugs Bunny.

      • And change our diapers when we are living our last years at an old peoples housing (or what ever it is called in English language). 😀

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