Pallywood in the Aegean: Fake Migrant Drownings at a Cretan Resort

The video below is yet another reason not to believe anything the Lügenpresse says. The footage being shot by these hoaxters will in all likelihood be presented as fact when shown on CNN or the BBC.

Our Czech correspondent LH, who kindly tipped us about this video, said this about it:

A Czech tourist on Crete spotted a team shooting a scene of “drowning refugees”, and recorded it on his mobile. He comments sarcastically about the way this fake news will be soon presented on TV as a completely real event. It made a splash over the Czech internet, but so far has been ignored by the mainstream media.

Many thanks to Xanthippa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Yeah! So here you have those poor wretches!
00:03   Well, of course, how else would they videotape it!
00:08   [Background moaning]… Poor migrants!
00:15   [Background moaning]… And that is exactly how it works, what they are playing at us on TV.
00:24   That is a [scam?]
00:27   The director is shooting a scene of “the migrants drowning in the sea”.
00:36   Crete.
00:43   Near [unintelligible]… Petra

6 thoughts on “Pallywood in the Aegean: Fake Migrant Drownings at a Cretan Resort

  1. I think this place is Ierapetra. It’s a city with a port that these fake refugees mostly come in Crete.

  2. Quite obvious the film crew of four or five is directing the women and children in the water. They are in no more than 3 or 4 foot deep water but the camera lens zoomed in on the scene can make it appear it’s taking place on open deep water. No doubt a leftist news organization or Aid group was aiming to use this footage to drive up sympathy for the migrants. But it’s fake news, caught in the act.

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