But Officer, I Have a Toothache! And I’m Listening to the Koran!

Here’s yet another incident of culture-enriching shenanigans on a Dutch highway. The cops pull this Muslima over for using her phone while driving, but it turns out she’s listening to the Koran…

Many thanks to C for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   From Rijswijk we continue to the Central Netherlands area, in Maartensdijk on the A27.
00:06   Patrolmen Patrick and Jan-Bart spot a van, the driver of which has a phone in her hand.
00:11   Did you see it, Pat? The little lady behind us? —Yes, she’s on the phone.
00:16   I turned on the sign… and she’s still yapping… oh.
00:21   Is it gone? —No, she still has it. She’s still on the phone.
00:27   They pull the woman over to fine her.
00:30   Good day, madam. —I don’t want to be on camera! —Excuse me? —I don’t want…
00:33   Let me properly introduce myself… —I don’t want this to be recorded. —They will keep filming;
00:36   that’s not negotiable. —No, I won’t cooperate.
00:39   I don’t want it. —Madam, stop the engine for a moment, and if you’d shake my hand…
00:43   I will properly introduce myself. —No. —No? OK, then, I’d like your license please.
00:48   I… would you please… can I… do I have to?
00:53   No, it’s not obligatory, but… —It’s my privacy, right? First of all, I don’t want to be recorded.
00:58   Could I finish my sentence? That’d be convenient… —You can, but I want them to turn it off first.
01:02   No, they’ll record no matter what, it’s a public road and they’re allowed to film.
01:06   In that case I don’t want to comply, I have problem already. I’m in pain…
01:09   Yes, OK. You can give me your license, and you’ll get a fine for the phone call.
01:14   I wasn’t on the phone, sir. —Right.
01:17   I have a terrible toothache. It’s infected and I’m on antibiotics.
01:22   I was just listening to the Quran.
01:26   OK. In any case, you’re getting a ticket for holding your mobile phone…
01:31   while driving. Whether you’re listening to the Quran… —Because I don’t have a hands-free system…
01:36   Could you please stop [filming]? I’m just going… I can’t tolerate it. Period.
01:40   Could you stay seated…
01:43   The phone, can I have a look? That’s an iPhone?
01:47   I’ll file that as your statement, that you were listening to the Quran.
01:52   Yes, for the pain. —For the pain, OK.
01:55   Maybe… I think an aspirin would be more effective than the Quran.
02:00   Yes, that’s easy for you to say, because you don’t believe.
02:03   That’s what I think. —It works better than an anesthetic. —Yes? OK.
02:07   Well, let’s agree to disagree.
02:10   Could you not do that? Could you stay seated madam? —I’m asking nicely, yes?
02:14   I don’t want this recorded.
02:17   And I want you to stay seated, madam. Again, you are receiving a ticket,
02:21   as the law prescribes, for holding a mobile phone while driving.
02:29   I’d also like to ask you to wear your seat belt properly, because as it is now…
02:33   No, I can’t wear that seat belt. —You can’t wear it?
02:36   I have a letter from my doctor. —OK.
02:39   They [camera crew] don’t need to see this. —Well, all right.
02:43   Your doctor doesn’t have the proper authority, you need a special permit.
02:49   Police officers told me… this is what I had to do. — You need to request a permit.
02:53   I though this was sufficient. —No, you need a doctor’s letter
02:57   to request a permit from the ministry.
03:01   They can give you a permit; the doctor can’t say:
03:05   “Here’s a letter; you don’t have to wear a seat belt anymore.”
03:08   You keep that letter; I’ll take care of the permit.
03:11   OK, so you don’t need the letter, because apparently… —I really want to go;
03:14   I don’t feel well. Please, are we done? Can I go?
03:17   No. —Oh, my God. —You’re telling us how to do our job. The letter is not valid in any case…
03:24   OK, I’ll wear my seat belt. Please return the letter.
03:27   —We’ll record this as abuse of a doctor’s letter…
03:30   I have to go; I don’t feel well. I’m getting frustrated.
03:33   This bulls***… It’s just bulls***. I don’t appreciate it.
03:37   Could you for a moment… Please! Are we done? Are we done? —Just listen…
03:41   I’ll wear my seat belt. I want my permit and I’ll receive it at home. —I’ll make a note
03:46   that apparently you’re trying to wiggle out of wearing a seat belt using a doctor’s letter.
03:50   If you want that, you have to send this letter to the ministry, and they can… —OK, sir.
03:56   Fine, but could you keep it short? Please. Go and bother other people. I just want to leave.
04:00   At the moment you’re part of my job, madam. —Yes, I… yes, good luck with that. —I’m trying to
04:04   have a civil conversation. —This isn’t civil, with cameras present… Nobody would think that.
04:07   Before you drive off, stop the engine for a moment and put on your seat belt, madam.
04:14   If you’d walk away from me. —No, if you’d just put on the seat belt.
04:19   Like we agreed to. I think I’m being more than fair, and you’re trying to wiggle out of it.
04:23   If you drive off without a seat belt, you’ll get a ticket after all.
04:26   No, I’m staying here for a while. You guys can drive off.
04:29   Continue with your job. I just want to sit here for a moment.
04:32   Then I wish you a good day madam.
04:35   One more thing, madam. Madam, hello.
04:38   I have one more tip for you, your brake light is broken.
04:43   Maybe you can have it fixed. —Sure, I’ll have it fixed.
04:46   OK, have a nice day! —With a load of tips, and a steep fine for holding a phone while driving,
04:53   this lady can go her way… while wearing a seatbelt.

12 thoughts on “But Officer, I Have a Toothache! And I’m Listening to the Koran!

  1. Astonishing video. She is obstinately determined to evade the law of the land. This is the problem in a nutshell. She evades small laws, and her brethren evade big laws. It’s a theme, as a nice police friend of mine used to say.

    • PGiddy, very good point.
      She evades small laws, and her brethren evade big laws. It’s a theme…

      And she would be known as being a moderate muslim and President Erdogan would say “islam is islam”

  2. The arrogance, the victim-hood, the defiance to cop’s procedure, the disdain for law enforcement: I do not believe a police officer in Texas would tolerate that; she would end up in handcuffs for sure.

    One of the reasons we are NOT where the Netherlands is.

    What a lowlife, and arrogant at that!

    Actually … anyone surprised?

  3. Her response to the officer’s brilliant quip about an aspirin being more effective than the quran for pain illustrates the key problem with these cultural enrichers. Kaffir laws are to be ignored, if not outright spat upon; soft jihad is still jihad.

  4. She would be required to exit her vehicle after her initial insolence to the police, then spread eagled against the car, body searched for a weapon. Stay out of the US.

    • After all these videos from the Netherlands, I have one request: I want to see those culture enrichers confronted to a one man state trooper patrol in the US, say Texas.
      One afterthought: Is the lack of violence by dutch police due to the fact that they always largely outnumber the perp? How would a single patrol officer react when being confronted with a non complying individual?

    • Joan and Lu,
      No wonder those professional rodeo riders, can ride down a calf and have them “hogtied” and ready for branding.
      What is it 10 – 15 seconds?

      Yep, ready to process many efficiently, with branding irons, “whoops”, I mean with a good judge handy with his gavel and rulings. 🙂

      PS Baron & Dymphna, I notice that the comment when I click “Post Comment” then totally disappears. It used to re-show, with a small sign showing ” waiting moderation “.
      Also I have to load name and email on every comment now.
      As I had a doubt, it will remind if I try to “post comment” that it is a duplication, so it seems that the system maybe running on its initial base system.

      Not to worry as perhaps ‘word-press’? has made some changes, adjustments, as I have noticed on a few other sites, that there are some changes to the system.
      Just hope no problems, and security systems are ok, and this may help others in figuring these issues.

  5. And that’s the way to do it! Not what she is probably used to, mind. Muslims who have chosen to reside in Europe believe that if they kick up enough of a fuss then this will deter any of the khuffar from hassling them, and they can go on their way totally above the law. It usually works but thankfully not in this case. I wasn’t aware that having a fag cures a toothache!

    • Mary,
      they are standup liars.In any situation they are caught red- handed, it takes them a New York second to prove you wrong. A Classic is : you : quote the koran, they( illiterate) : you got a wrong translation. They wouldn’ t even care if you qoute in classic arabic, then you could just not understand. Does anybody here have a tactic to cope with their blatant lying? Let me know.

  6. They spit on our laws. They spit on us.

    Why aren’t they where they culturally and temperamentally belong? (1) Because of Hijra. (2) Because our societies are the most comfortable and easy in which to live. In the People’s Republic of Europe one can be housed, fed, clothed, given medical care – and spending money – and receive all this FOR EVER. Who wouldn’t?

    And then they spit. And they’re allowed to. My last sentence is one of the reasons we will fall. As well as weak, we’re very very stupid. And at weakness and stupidity one tends to spit even more; if not outwardly like this disgrace in her car, then inwardly.

    On a similar note but in a different location in PRE, I read today that the police, after the apparently coordinated arson attacks on vehicles (“we ain’t seen nuffin’ yet”, I’d say) are “talking to the parents” and “not making arrests”. More spitting, deservedly so, going on there.

  7. Whine whine whine. Lie lie lie. Whine whine whine. Lie lie lie. You would think they would get tired of themselves.

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