Dutch Culture-Enricher Goes Berserk at the Airport

The following video shows the arrest of the driver of an illegal taxi at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. What I find notable in this clip is the driver’s obvious intense aversion to being touched by a woman — more than simple distaste, it seems to rise to the level of morbid fear.

The translator supplies further context:

As you may have guessed, the illegal drivers and their taxi touts are Muslims. They rip people off — in one case they charged €980 for a trip to Amsterdam, which takes maybe 20 minutes. They also sell drugs, and there have been plenty of cases of assault, even rape. They follow regular cab drivers home then threaten them (“I know where you live”).

Many thanks to C for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Did I offer a taxi service? —This woman… —I’m talking to her, I don’t talk to you.
00:05   I said it before, I’m talking to her, I don’t talk to you. —That’s fine,
00:08   but listen to her, then. —No, you shouldn’t listen.
00:11   I’d like to see your ID. —No! I kill him.
00:14   Should I call them? —Yes, call, come on. —All right, come along. —Hello, don’t touch!
00:20   Don’t touch! He’s refusing, don’t touch! —Now you have to arrest him.
00:23   Yes, but you can’t touch me! —Of course we can.
00:27   But that’s not [?]
00:31   Don’t touch! —Yes I will. You’re hereby arrested for not complying [?]
00:36   Don’t touch! Don’t touch!
00:40   Marcheb, hey, friend, I have it all recorded.
00:45   [on the radio] Come to our position RIGHT NOW. —Hello hello hello!
00:50   That is not correct! —He’s not a criminal, he’s doing his job!
00:54   Hello! Hey! Hey, friend!
00:58   Not a criminal! Just a regular citizen! Hey, hello!
01:02   Cut it out! You’re out of line!
01:06   Cut it out! [security, on radio] We’re fighting [?]
01:10   Hey he’s a regular citizen! —Out of the way, brother,
01:14   motherf***ing ass! [security guy radios location]
01:17   He’s a regular citizen; you don’t use violence against somebody like that!
01:21   He didn’t do anything wrong, he’s just doing his job!
01:25   Let go, you! —Leave him alone friend, leave him alone.
01:29   Hey! Keep your distance! Keep your distance, people! Hey!
01:33   Let go, let go! Don’t touch, don’t touch!
01:37   Let him go, dude, not his neck! —I’m not touching his neck.
01:42   Hey dudes, come on. Don’t touch! Don’t touch!
01:45   I’m even more loco then he is. Don’t touch, don’t touch!
01:49   [?] Three men [?]
01:53   [?] just a little distance.
01:57   Look look look [?] just doing his work […]
02:02   If you don’t keep your distance, I’ll shove you that way.
02:05   I’m warning you. Warning you! Don’t touch!
02:09   You’re sitting on my pelvis [?] man, with your knee!
02:13   F**k off!
02:17   I’m filming. Get out of here! —No, YOU get out of here!
02:21   You’re interfering with our work now. Get out of here.
02:25   The man can’t even breathe!
02:29   [?] and the others are telling us to get out of here and stuff.
02:35   That guy didn’t do anything.
02:39   Look what’s happening here [?] just doing his job —He’s an illegal taxi driver
02:44   so it’s just ignored.
02:50   What a motherf***ing [?] — he’s not a criminal [?] look, his face [?]
02:56   Breathing [?] face [?]
03:00   F**k off man I can’t breathe, motherf***ing whore!
03:04   He had asthma, take it easy with that guy, he had asthma.
03:09   Shut up, man. Hey, help, help me.
03:13   Hey let go!… No, get out of here.
03:17   What!
03:21   Let him stand up man, let him stand up.
03:25   Let go, let go! I have to stand! Child of a whore!
03:30   Let me go!
03:34   I can’t [?]! —Calm down, calm down…
03:38   Military police are coming. Keep your distance, come on.
03:42   They’re marechaussee [gendarmes], too, right? —That’s why… [?] They’re on their way
03:49   A while ago they [?] my head. —Ten coming for one man!
03:52   Look him with that little hat [?]. Look here!
03:57   You could leave a bit more space… —If you’d let the man stand… and arrest in the proper manner.
04:03   If they were all like you there would be no problem. Look,
04:07   here we have an example of security just doing their job, the right way.
04:11   As for the others, just look what’s happening here… Unacceptable!
04:18   They did it to me, too. They sentenced me for assault!
04:23   Ten guys on me, and maybe I have to appear in court.
04:35   Let me go! Let me go, man!
04:39   Hey, let me go! Let me go!
04:45   Let me go!
04:52   Let me go, dude, it hurts! Let me go, I have to stand, look [?]
04:58   I have to breathe, man!
05:02   Hey let that man go, man!
05:13   How come you’re coming here?
05:16   I’m filming here, out of the way…
05:20   Guys… [?] Hey!
05:24   Coward!
05:30   He’s just a driver who is doing his work…
05:38   Calm… —Get out of the way, what, are you following me or what? I want to film.
05:44   Get out of here, all of you! I can [?]

9 thoughts on “Dutch Culture-Enricher Goes Berserk at the Airport

    • Not to be too heavy on the snark, but you just saw the reason. Whatever disrupts and delegitimizes the system as currently constituted *IS* the reason for uncontrolled immigration. When an exhausted civilization loses its confidence, an opening is created for a fifth column to throw wide the doors to some outsiders who are, shall we say, brimming with confidence.

      Part of me relishes the thought of watching Europe burn (“Reap the whirlwind, [all of you]), but another part of me wants to weep. Unbearably tragic.

  1. Of course, the man breaking the law “isn’t doing any”thing wrong”. He’s only breaking the kuffirs’ law and in any case, kuffir are always in the wrong and always will be.

    But surely there must be somewhere in the world where this man can live according to his own customs, with others who share his beliefs and value system.

    Fightback time has already passed.

  2. I know it is just the security guys, and I guess they have to follow laws.

    I think of rodeo competitions, of lassoing the calf and then having it hog-tied ready for “branding”, whoops, I mean ready for processing for when the gendarmes arrive.

    Much greater efficiency, can “brand”, whoops again, and so much more controlled when done by real “cowboys” and any pesky camera man not complying and others would all be bound up, in seconds, ready for the cattle truck to take the processing works, I mean police station. 🙂

  3. I am still amazed about the way dutch police handle these morons and the interfering bystanders, after several videos. Same here in Germany. It seems to take a platoon of law enforcement to bring one perp down. Just incredible .
    Do they not carry batons?

    • There is no end of physical methods by which the Muslim lawbreakers can be arrested and controlled and even exported.

      The problem is having the will and the political courage to do so.

      As the number of Muslims grow, and Europe is still divided among the nationalists and the feminized native citizens still wishing for open borders, the Muslim voting blocs will become ever more powerful and ever more obstructive concerning what law enforcement there still is.

      It’s difficult to see how Western Europe will solve its problems successfully while holding onto the facade of representative government. And government by decree has its own serious problems: suppose the person or group issuing the declarations is on the wrong side?

      OOT: my browser seems to no longer automatically fill my handle on GoV, so if I forget to fill it out manually (so to speak, on a computer), I appear as “anonymous”.

  4. No handcuffs?
    Creampuff cops.
    No defense.
    No wonder they will all be taken over.
    EUrope’s not worth defending anymore.
    [incivility redacted]

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