ANOTHER Trial for Tommy – This Time at Old Bailey

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Ezra Levant discusses Tommy’s ill health and the gob-smacking new trial in a new venue, more or less a month from now. So much for his vacation.

Tommy’s status is now definitely “political prisoner”.

I’ll post the crowdfunding and petition links later.

49 thoughts on “ANOTHER Trial for Tommy – This Time at Old Bailey

  1. Go ahead, destroy him. It will be the last thing you and your traitorous class do.

      • The Point he was making is that the English government is more than willing to passively kill Tommy. Ezra was saying the exact same thing.

        However, I believe “Anonymous” was intimating that this would be the last straw. I don’t happen to believe that at all. The English are committing suicide and the elites are good with that. It’s a class thing that we Americans don’t understand. I have family in the UK and they have made this class hatred of Tommy very clear to me.

        • The modern “English” are too selfish and stupid to even think about poor Tommy. This country is on its knees, with Moslems demanding famous politicians resign or be dismissed for simply making a quip about burkas. UK is in thrall to Islam now. The arrogance of the latter will now be all consuming-drunk with power. The UK will be openly Moslem by 2023 at the latest.

          The police investigated a man for simply refusing to convert to Islam as a “hate crime”. I too have been threatened with investigation simply for refusal to convert. I am a Bishop too. This is sharia in practice and backed by the British state.

          My views on religion are personal but not in the case of Islam, it seems. This is the UK today. Simple refusal to convert is now a “hate crime”. I should have let them charge and go to court to see if it would be supported by conviction.

          I see nothing is Islam to believe in. It has none of the beauty of the Bible and the Christian narrative, nor its principles and hope of redemption. So how can I be made to “believe” in something that flies in the face of everything I preach?

          • Your information, and a logical view of events in England, have convinced me that you’re completely correct, Bishop. The UK has been successfully co-opted by Muslims and the government now represents sharia law.

            There are many instances supporting this view. The mayor of London and, more important, the Home Secretary in charge of security, are both Muslims. The attitude of Islam was pretty much evident when a keffir was not allowed to touch the Koran the Home Secretary used to take his oath of office.

            The rape gangs operated with the full knowledge and compliance of the police and political leadership. The claim was, they didn’t want to be labelled as racist, but the toleration of the gangs is also consistent with the fact that rape of non-Muslim, non-jizya-paying women is perfectly consistent with sharia law and thus there was no reason for the police to get involved.

            Taking this perspective, Tommy is not being persecuted as a threat to the government. I doubt if he represents much of a threat to the British government who, after all, feel free to almost completely ignore the wishes of the voter to be clear of the EU. Tommy is being persecuted because he criticizes Islam. His treatment is not for the purpose of further Muslim infiltration of the British government, but is a fruit of previous labor. The Muslims, having taken over the government, are now in a position to enforce their laws and customs.

          • Guy: The other invaded countries’ citizens are also too stupid and self-absorbed to care about the soon end run of Islamic control/ total crackdown. They will willingly fall into slavery, oppression and even being executed. Houses, land and businesses will be taken over by the new rulers/caliphate and men will have distant memories of their daughters and wives as they are taken into concubines.

            Other day posted on a man was near the subway in France, an Arab stabbed him to death for starting a conversation. Rapes and muggings ongoing. Police are bought off to do nothing.

        • Don’t be too sure. I am a surgeon and I was on the street in Whitehall demonstrating for Tommy when he was first jailed.
          There is a boiling rage amongst the supposedly passive English at the moment.

      • I meant it as a dare. This is going to blow up in their faces before the second ‘trial’.

    • Actually, if they don’t have a rebellion by now, they probably never will, AND THEY KNOW IT.

      Where’s the DUP? If I were them, I’d topple the government over this.

      Frankly, if I were the Queen, 92 years old and on the throne since 1952, I’d exercise the Royal Prerogative of Mercy, pardon him, then abdicate. The shock wave of THAT would probably turn the tide.

  2. I’ve signed the petition and made a donation. I hope enough people provide the support this brave man and his wife and children need.

    The state cannot be allowed to win this battle or we will all be picked off one by one.

  3. May I suggest it might be time to do a bit more than simply donate to Tommy’s legal fund?

    Curious to know what you think of this, Baron : what about doing a little street-theatre of our own, allied to a BDS – Boycott, Divest, Sanction – campaign targetting Britain?

    There are MANY thousands of people who know of Tommy’s plight, and are on his side. Give Britain a P.R. black eye and bloody nose. Refuse all British exports, etc. Let it be known you aren’t consuming ANY British products, and explain why to your friends, encouraging them to do likewise.

    (Over-?) react to Britain the way Saudi Arabia went nuclear on Canada, for the slight audacity of our (very stupid) Prime Minister Trudeau, for daring to criticize THEM.

    Sadly I don’t think there are a dozen of my friends locally who are aware of Tommy’s story … but this time I’m going to try to do something more than throw a bit of coin into the legal fund.

    • Great idea .I have just donated but I agree we need more than donations.We need to sign the petition and we need need sanctions against Britain.
      U.S ,Canada and Australia should all impose sanctions on Britain over their treatment of Tommy Robinson.

      • Australia??Hardly anyone in Australia knows who Tommy Robinson is an could care less of his plight.We are that far gone over here

  4. Tommy needs to claim refugee status somewhere.

    It wouldn’t be cowardice. We’re better having him alive abroad than dead in the UK.

    USA? Hungary?

    • USA definitely.That’s where Ayaan Hirsi Ali is living as a refugee and she supports Tommy.

    • How about a petition to the White House to offer Tommy asylum. I wonder what the reaction would be if Trump were to do that. Perhaps it would be a great boost for the British resistance to their treasonous government.

      • While a petition for asylum would be good theatre, the leftists in the U.S. would counter it furiously. Besides, the U.S. has extradition treaties in place with the UK and all EU states.

        Come to think of it, Russia might be the state to offer him and his family asylum as revenge for the poisoning cases they’ve been accused of perpetrating. That’s just the kind of thing Putin enjoys.

        • I like your idea. The Russians did offer asylum to some South African farmers. It always puzzled me as to why the Russians continue to be our designated enemy. Then I figured it out a few weeks ago with the following SF sketch. Perhaps too long to post. You, of course decide.

          The Russians are Going
          The Kxii fleet approached Earth. High Communer Gu with a pleased look in his three eyes said to his assistant. “Underling Mulc we have arrived at last.”
          “Yes Communer, our orders are to bring peace to those pathetic Earth creatures.”
          “Underling, have you come up with a plan?’
          “Yes my Lord. There are people there called Rooshans. We have monitored Earth media for years. These Rooshans are the cause of all of their problems.”

          Panic broke out all over Earth as the fleet of the enormous Kxii ships filled the skies.
          A deep voice was heard all over the world. “People of Earth. We are the Kxii. We are the peacekeepers of the Galaxy and have been sent by the Galactic Council to your wretched little planet to bring peace before you end up killing each other. To this effect we have decided to transport off of your planet the great disturbers of your peace, those you call the Rooshans. Don’t worry about them, according to our ‘Do No Harm’ directive they, their structures and property will all be safely transported to the planet Transfapu. It is a snowy and cold place. They will be quite at home there. They won’t even notice the difference. Transport will now begin.”

          By the next morning the Kxii transports were gone and so were the Russians. Gu broadcast his final words. “People of Earth the Rooshans have been removed from your world. We the Kxii wish you well.”

          In the Pentagon General Jake Gripper shifted uneasily in his chair as he faced the young Colonel Armbuster. The colonel was about to speak when the curvy Lieutenant Drake entered with the morning dispatches. Armbuster, smiling, turned to her, “Lieutenant you look quite lovely this morning.” A smile broke out on the pretty officer’s face “Thank you Sir.” She thought for a moment and her look turned sour as she stomped out of the office.
          “Colonel,” the general stormed. “Don’t you realize that we don’t do those things these days? Never ever compliment or flirt with a woman. Do you want to be busted all the way back to the ranks?”
          “Sir, I apologize Sir. I forgot for a moment. Sir!”
          “That’s all right Colonel, relax. Just be more careful from now on.”

          “Anyway, General, this is a great day for us, we are finally rid of the Russians.”
          “Wipe that smile off of your face Colonel. This is a disaster!” General Gripper shouted.
          “I don’t understand sir.”
          “You have to think strategically. What are we going to do now?” The colonel looked puzzled. “Think about it Colonel. Our budget will be slashed, our friends in the defense industry will go broke, and the forces under our command will be reduced to almost nothing. For seventy years we have had this great enemy.”
          “But that is good General, we will have peace.”
          “Peace you idiot!” The general forced himself to calm down. “Think man, we will even have our staffs cut. How would you like to have to go and compete for work in the civilian sector?”
          Colonel Armbuster with a worried look replied, “Oh, I would hate that sir.”
          “Now you understand why I am the one sitting in the general’s seat. Hmm, Colonel I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think of a way out of our situation.”

          Colonel Armbuster’s eyes brightened. “I have an idea sir. We just have to find another enemy.”
          “Now you’re thinking Colonel. But who exactly?”
          “What about the Chinese, General, they are ten times more powerful than the Russkies?”
          “Bite your tongue Armbuster. Don’t you realize that many of our friends are making a fortune from them? Look at Amazingtech Inc. They bring in all of these cheap gadgets made by Chinese coolies and sell them on the internet and in the retail stores they have bought out. Why they now make up over half of our economy. Do you want to bring our economy down?”

          “I didn’t think of that sir. But as you say that is why you are sitting in the general’s chair. What about the Arabs? They have been responsible for more terrorism than anyone else and we lost thousands of Americans on 911.”
          “Think carefully Colonel. They have been declared by every president to be our friends and have bought off almost all of our politicians. Most important Colonel, would you like to be called an Islamophobe?

          “No Sir! What about the Mexicans? They have sent invaders over our border and have colluded with the Democrats for years to corrupt our electoral process. We don’t even have to harm any of them. Our Army Corps of Engineers could build this enormous wall and then maintain it. We can also mass hundreds of thousands of troops on the border and have aircraft constantly flying overhead for surveillance.”
          “I’m surprised at you Colonel. Don’t you know how politically incorrect that would be? Don’t you know that actually protecting the border is a horrible example of imperialism?”

          “I have it sir. What about Iran, even their fellow Muslims hate them.”
          “That is the first good suggestion you have had Colonel. However it would be over too quickly and then what?”
          “Well Sir, after each of our air raids our Democrat friends can send them billions of dollars in aid so they can rebuild and then we can start the war again.”
          “The other problem with that Colonel is that their young people are wising up and will soon kick those mullahs with their ugly beards and dirty robes out. And then where will we be?” The general thought for a moment, “We can say the same for North Korea; we will look pretty stupid going to war with them while they are disarming. No we need a real durable enemy.”

          “How about this sir. Our European allies have been ripping us off for years. They don’t keep our deplorables happy by sending us a lot of cheap gew gaws. But they are economically powerful, much more so than the Russians. They would make a fine enemy sir.”
          “A good thought Colonel but there is one problem with that. Under the terms of our alliance we would have to go to war with anyone who attacks them. We could hardly go to war with ourselves.”
          “Why not Sir?
          The general raised his eyebrows. “Colonel are you seriously suggesting that we bomb our own cities?”
          “We don’t have to bomb all of them sir. We can simply bomb Washington. Think of it. No one would object. In fact most Americans would cheer. Remember all of the fun we had back in the day as we rained our bombs on Belgrade. But now we can take a short ride to the Potomac and watch the fun in person.”
          “It is an interesting thought Colonel. But no, there are too many special interest lobbyists there, it would hardly do to start killing them.” He paused, “I’m afraid we have reached an impasse Colonel.”

          “Why give up so easily sir. What about the Russians?”
          The general raised his voice. “Have you gone back to sleep Colonel? Have you forgotten that they were all transported twenty light years away? It would take decades even centuries to get there. And we don’t have a fleet of space ships.”
          “That’s the beauty of it General! We will spend trillions building a space fleet, training hundreds of thousands for the space force and researching new methods of cryonic suspended animation. Yes, it will take centuries but think of all the job security for ourselves and our colleagues.”
          “Brilliant Colonel and think of the fat salary as a defense lobbyist I will draw when my military career has ended. Colonel,” he grinned. “I think we have solved our problem.”

  5. I also donated again and signed the petition immediately and I agree with my compatriot from Newfoundland. Could the Rebel initiate a boycott of UK products? We need publicity as from my experience also the sad truth is that the secure and satisfied (for the moment) sheep prefer to sleep.

  6. The UK is now a brain dead communist country. I hope TR comes to the US as a refugee. The Elites in Britain won’t be happy til they kill him.

    • You have no idea what communist is.This are not communists.Those where ready to defend their land with their blood —+ see URSS.
      These are traitors of their nation and their land.
      Do not apply labels when you donot know your history

      • Well … I would agree with your claim that “these are traitors …” – Paul Weston calls them “traitorous class” and he is spot on.

        The Soviets did fight for “their land with their blood” but Stalin’s communist inhumane regime was at the root of all these problems, e.g. Molotov-Ribbentrop pact being behind the war events of the 40’s.

        Communism (and particularly Stalinism) can’t be exonerated just because its victims fought for their country.

  7. Isn’t this what was expected though? Didn’t the appeal judge say that his case would be retried? And didn’t he say that TR hadn’t committed a criminal offence?
    And that mitigating circumstances should have been taken into account?
    Ie. that Tommy had asked the police if it was ok to film where he did and they said yes.
    That he offered to take down the video from Facebook.
    That he was willing to cooperate with the court and wasn’t defiant and hostile.
    That the offence that he was being found guilty of wasn’t explained to him.
    That he was trying to better himself and had taken courses in journalism
    That he called the accused alleged rapists, not rapists.
    That the information he gave out on the video had already been reported by the BBC
    Will not all this be presented by his lawyers this time?
    If they cannot gather all the info in three weeks, can they not ask to be given time to put this information together, and have the date of the trial moved to a little later?
    Will not Tommy’s physical condition be taken into account? Including previous threats and attacks on him, and threats against his wife and children?
    The appeal judge was critical of the previous judge.

    These are all things that Ezra Levant said after the appeal trial, except asking for more time to put the case together.

    Has something changed that we now are seeing scare headlines? Wasn’t this expected, why is everyone surprised? Have I missed something?
    I’ve read and seen that others have reported outside courtrooms in a similar fashion and not been charged. But the others were not under a court order not to do so, and I think that makes a difference. And that court order was upheld by the appeal judge.
    The only thing that will count in court is the competence of his lawyers. So the best way people can help Tommy Robinson is to contribute to his legal fund.
    And throwing accusations against the British Justice system will not help, however people feel about it.
    I think the best thing Tommy’s supporters can do to help him is to show that they are reasonable, sensible people. So that his detractors cannot write them off as…..well you know what they write his supporters off as, no need to explain I think.
    Tommy did ask his supporters in court the day of the appeal not to cause a disturbance, and the judge commended them for it. Stay calm, contribute, pray support and hope.

    • I have some concerns with the speed at which it is being brought back before the Court. Justice delayed is justice denied, but justice rushed looks heavy handed. Nevertheless, the scope of the reporting ban, which as I understand it remains in place, and whether Tommy breached it are live issues that could do with speedy determination. After what the Court found on appeal about the circumstances of Tommy’s imprisonment and the sentence, I would be prepared to say that he won’t be in for more of Her Majesty’s hospitality.

      • I had the same concerns – still have, due to his health – but I do concur with your assessment regarding the “live issues”.

    • If they cannot gather all the info in three weeks, can they not ask to be given time to put this information together, and have the date of the trial moved to a little later?

      Why have the trial so soon to begin with? Why the haste? A month is a blip in legal time.
      Wasn’t this expected, why is everyone surprised? Have I missed something?

      The haste to have a new trial is what blind-sided everyone – or at least those of us who find the haste unseemly.
      I think the best thing Tommy’s supporters can do to help him is to show that they are reasonable, sensible people. So that his detractors cannot write them off…

      They have already been written off – a long time ago. Jesus could come down on a cloud and bless the man, but the chattering classes would still say the things they do. Including the Times nepotism-hire-jornolist who wrote that vituperative, deeply ugly “essay” on Tommy.
      Tommy is obviously suffering from PTSD; anyone who has worked with post-trauma people can tell by watching him that he’s in bad shape. At the very least, he ought to be given time to recover, gain back some weight, etc. And that interval would decently be a term as long as his latest incarceration, which violated the EU rules for solitary confinement.

      • There was no haste, rather deliberate intent Dymphna, and nobody should have been blindsided. The written verdict of the appellate court stated that having quashed the previous contempt hearing’s judgement it was up to the Attorney General (AG) whether or not to pursue the matter again. The same day as Robinson’s release, however, the Lord Chief Justice who presided over the appeal stated that the matter would be re-heard by the Recorder of London (the City’s senior judge who sits at the Old Bailey). In other words, the AG had immediately chosen to pursue Robinson again. As well he might because placing the life-threatening conditions Robinson is routinely incarcerated under to one side, for the moment, there will nevertheless be a host of continuous and linked rape gang trials for the foreseeable future whose integrity the Ministry of Justice will be desperate to preserve. Thus, whether followed by another period of imprisonment or not, with the Old Bailey hearing concluding that time served already has been sufficient the best case scenario, securing an unassailable judgement that Contempt of Court was actually committed is a matter of some import to the powers that be.

        Hitherto the aforementioned best case was my confident prediction of the likeliest outcome, over the course of the weekend, this has changed considerably. I was sent a big-splash purportedly “investigative” piece in the Sunday Times, full of somewhat glaring deliberate inaccuracies, and containing a supposed exposé by an embittered former employee of Robinson. The tenor of this article was to portray him as someone grossly enriching himself by intentionally stirring up trouble. There is little doubt then that at the new hearing the CPS will argue that disrupting the original Leeds proceedings far from being unintentional was a deliberate act and part of a money-making scheme. From what I hear the new legal team Robinson has access to through the crowdfunding experience of my old friend Ezra is a formidable one. I trust therefore that they will use their pleadings for this new hearing as an opportunity to fully put on the record all the established facts regarding the far-from-accidental physical and psychological abuse Robinson continually receives while incarcerated.
        As an afterthought, I read that this week three convicted rape gang prisoners have had their British citizenship stripped and face deportation… human rights lawyers are lining up around the block to defend them.

        When originally thrown inside under mandated conditions of secrecy in late May, I was inundated with figures contacting me from both sides of the Atlantic for an assessment. Despite my distant vantage point I sadly felt forced to state that starvation was the most likely outcome to be wary of and in this regard, the cloud does at least have a silver lining. Accidentally (on purpose?) it seems, His Honour Judge Geoffrey Marson QC incarcerated Robinson as a criminal prisoner, Contempt of Court is nevertheless a civil offence. Those classified as criminal inmates are severely limited in how much they can withdraw weekly from their prison accounts which forced Robinson into his can of tuna and one piece of fruit a day diet when coupled with his need to be able to afford to ‘phone his family. With the guaranteed spotlight of a mass media scrum on September 4th, even if locked up again this same mistake is very unlikely to be repeated which at least means he should be able to buy sufficient sealed food to survive, and crucially get frequent doctor visits too so as to verify his health and safety.

        • His Honour Judge Geoffrey Marson QC incarcerated Robinson as a criminal prisoner, Contempt of Court is nevertheless a civil offence.

          That is the part I never understood. I wondered if, in the UK, “contempt of court” could be adjudicated as a criminal offense. Further, I wondered why no future court date was set at the time of judgment.

          As for the safe food and medical care, those are solid suggestions in this case. In fact, they’re necessities. He is obviously suffering from PTSD and badly needs some alleviation/treatment for that condition. With PTSD, being easily blind-sided is one of the signs of the condition.

      • It is possible that they want it done and dusted before the 3rd of the linked grooming trials at Leeds starts. This is due to start sometime in September. This would give them the opportunity if they did not jail Tommy to make some provision like forbidding him mention what is going on at Leeds at all.

          • Sorry no. I just remember reading that the 3rd and last trial of this particularly large gang would start in September and was scheduled to take about 6 weeks. There have been more arrests in Huddersfield ( the town where most of the defendants come from) in the investigation so probably more trials to come. West Yorkshire has a very high Muslim population.

          • Sorry no. I read in a news report that the 3rd and final trial was to start sometime in Sept and was scheduled to last about 6 weeks. More men have been arrested in Huddersfield ( where most of the defendants hail from ) in connection with this investigation so there will probably be more trials . This part of the UK – West Yorkshire along with East Lancashire has very large populations of Muslims. They were encouraged to settle there to work in the now defunct cotton and wool industries.

    • I have always had some problems with the facts and reporting on this story. The MSM is always reporting that there is a law banning reporting on trials in progress or there is a law against reporting on this trial in particular or a court order prohibiting Tommy from reporting on this trial. They never provide links to these ‘laws’ but say Tommy broke them. I read the transcript of Tommy’s first hearing and it is rather vague.

      Does anyone have links to the various transcripts and ‘laws’ Tommy broke? I think written laws should be required before throwing someone in prison.

  8. Levant is presenting this as if it were recent news. The appeal court judges made it perfectly plain in their judgement (which I have read in its entirety) that Tommy would have to go back to court for a rehearing of the contempt charge – in doing so in effect they rejected Levant’s arguments about the lawyer. Tommy must have known this all along and if he did not his lawyers have done a very poor job of informing him. The only “news ” is that a date for the hearing has been set. The rehearing should bring some clarity as to what is and is not contempt in a case like this as this was not (according to the appeal court judges) made at all clear in the Leeds Crown Court hearing. The appeal court judgement said very clearly (as far as polite legal language is able to) that Tommy was subjected to a kangaroo court. Far from hurrying to throw Tommy back in prison, the authorities will have the devastating appeal judgement in mind. Hopefully, the new judge won’t want his face to be as eggy as Marson’s. The appeal judgement by the leading judge in the land (and no dissenting opinions from his fellows) with its several trenchant criticisms of the proceedings at Leeds shows that the English judiciary is not yet the poodle of the executive.

    • Yes, I picked that up too. The Appeal court judgement made it clear that a rehearing of the original contempt charge would be set. Ezra seems to have forgotten that or he would have instructed the solicitors to begin preparing a defence. But as the barristers of his appeal are well versed in the case I would think 3 weeks would give ample time to prepare a good defence for Tommy. They will no doubt argue that what Tommy did at Leeds was in no way “contempt” and so it will be a technical legal argument again as to whether livestreaming a BBC published report constitutes that. I have optimism that Tommy has a good chance of winning.

  9. 3 weeks … what’s the rush. Hardly time to unpack his washing.
    How fearful are those inadequate officials who are trying to crush him, and so stamp out further voices.
    Fair minded people have always opposed tyrants & oppression. We we will support Tommy against this tyranny, God bless him

    • This isn’t a general sentiment because some people are just nuts but in a situation like this I would understand if the person who is pushed to the point of killing someone – themselves – then they may at least try for the persons responsible. You are going to be murderer of yourself. You may save another innocent person.

      I don’t know why this just popped into my head – (1) if Mohammed was poisoned by a woman and (2) (some) Muslims believe if you are killed by a woman you will go to Hell – Where does that put Mohammed?

  10. And so I was watching some video about things Americans don’t know about the rest of the world. Most of the world doesn’t have jury trials was one of the things. The UK does but they said maybe 2% and they are high profile cases. Assuming this is correct – was the trial he was reporting on a jury trial? So I don’t know that but is their a reporting restriction on trials by judge only in the UK?

    • Excellent question, which shows the poor reporting on this case. Has this been reported somewhere? Jury trial or not? If the judge is the finder of fact, not the jury, is the judge afraid that Tommy will prejudice the judge?

  11. They are just tearing Tommy down. This is their plan. Wear him in and out of jail for nothing. Eventually support will drop. They will have him killed. We will have one final burp of sympathy for him, story over. A lesson unto all the others.

  12. The protracted evidence that Britain is at DEFCON 1 as far as being a failed state…..Every single societal hygienic preventer failed to interrupt arrest capture apply the hammer too the scourge that is Islamic Supremacy that has reduced tens of thousands of little girls to afterthoughts in the fleeting memories of cowards. Maybe the public health people will hand out prophylactics in the future. Maybe the police?

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