Six Culture-Enrichers in Germany Give an Old Man a Beating — Just for the Heck of It

The incident reported in the following video is not current, but occurred sometime last year.

You’ll notice that the retired gentleman never says that the “youths” who attacked him were immigrants. He doesn’t even say “southern-looking”. Vlad and Ava Lon got into a discussion about it last night, and Vlad asked how anybody can tell that cultural enrichment was involved. Ava said Germans who watch it would be able to tell because of the man’s resignation about the pointlessness of calling the police. She also pointed out that no young Germans would form a pack of six and beat up an old man.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   I went grocery shopping and then I returned, and
00:05   I went around the Ojendorfer Lake, and there
00:10   six young fellows passed me on bikes
00:15   and then I thought: “Well, they’ll sit down on a bench”, and they sat down on a bench.
00:20   And then I wanted to pass by, and one of them started talking to me,
00:25   and he asked my how to get to McDonald’s and I told him
00:30   that you need to cross the bridge over the freeway
00:35   and then he hit me right away.
00:40   He hit me three or four times with a fist in the head,
00:45   and then I fell and for short period of time I was
00:50   unconscious, and then I woke up, I became conscious again,
00:55   and then I noticed that they were kicking me in the face,
01:00   and then I held my hands in front of my face
01:05   and then I further noticed
01:10   more kicks in the lower abdomen or in my crotch, and then people showed up there,
01:15   three [people], and they asked me if I wanted them to call the police emergency doctor,
01:20   and I said: “ Nah, It’s not necessary;
01:26   you would have to wait here for a long time.” And then
01:31   I continued walking, and there are stairs down to the lake, and there
01:36   I cooled and washed all my injuries with a wet cloth, and so on,
01:41   and then I continued my way home. I got the injuries to my hands
01:46   because I held them in front of my face as protection,
01:51   and they were kicking them, and
01:56   then I didn’t suffer major head injuries caused by kicks.
02:01   I think there were four blows there. Anyway, there are four wounds. And I also have
02:05   an injury in my ear. They probably also kicked me in the ear.
02:11   I don’t know. And then my hands turned all blue.

21 thoughts on “Six Culture-Enrichers in Germany Give an Old Man a Beating — Just for the Heck of It

  1. Support for Merkel within Germany should be at zero.

    Why that treacherous jackbooted dictator is still in charge is beyond me.

    Why don’t the Germans rise up in revolt and insist that she is tried for crimes against her own citizens?

    She allowed hostile aliens in to persecute her fellow countrymen.She is an aider and abettor of the so-called” refugees “who are tearing the social fabric apart in Germany ,destroying national security and domestic law and order.

    She has brought Germany’s reputation into disrepute.

    And she has destroyed the peace and security of the citizens in every country
    in Europe .

    She is evil incarnate.

    • “Why don’t the Germans rise up in revolt and insist that she is tried for crimes against her own citizens?”

      For many, I suspect harboring her illusions is more appealing and/or less taxing than confronting the harsh reality. There is also the not so minor problem: Who would you replace her with with? She has done a pretty good job of eliminating any alternative candidates.

      • Germany, right behind France, Sweden all going the way of invaded Euro countries. Citizens are so self absorbed and lack critical thinking skills to do anything to protect themselves/ families. This whole invasion thing is really an enigma to the common sense person. They obviously condone Muslim rule which is the same if their current leaders stayed in office or a Muslim leader rules when sharia law and forced slavery is enacted. I cannot make sense of why the country’s citizens being invaded are so passive. Maybe there is something being put in drinking water?

    • What seems obvious to you is not obvious to a large proportion of the German voting population. A certain number of people have bought into the cultural-Marxist point of view, and are not susceptible to reason or fact. Another set of people do not make the connection between immigration and crime, or deterioration of government services. I know for readers of GoV, it is hard to imagine being so complacent and ignorant of events in your own country, but democracy has to exist on some pretty shaky grounds.

      Add to that, the disproportionate influence of a well-organized, politically-active Muslim community of identity voters who vote as their imams tell them to vote. So, the situation today is that government is generally paralyzed with respect to domestic issues, but can always squeeze out a billion or so pfennig to protect against the non-existent threat of Russian aggression.

  2. At least now they have hummus and kebabs. Sounds like a fair trade to me. Random beatings by gangs of feral youts in return for the best ethnic cuisine of Africa and the Middle East. And not to forget, all those future engineers for Mercedes and Porsche…

    • This Moslem invasion force is like a scene from Clockwork Orange attacking the old man. Why is Islam a protected species in the Western work exempt from all laws because it is a “religion” or some imaginary “race”?

  3. They are asserting their dominance. It takes rape, pillage, beating, killing on a biblical scale. They will do it all if we just sit and watch.

    • “will”? They are already doing it on a daily basis throughout Western Europe and Germany!

      • You ain’t seen nuthin yet, al all. This is the appetizer. The real fun will begin when they get the numbers. Biblical-scale rape, genocide, plunder. To paraphrase Obama, if you like your beautiful ideas, you can keep your beautiful ideas.

        BTW, I am the Anonymous in this post. I don’t know why that happened. I thought Baron and Dymphna so much love me that have made me anonymous.

        • No, we didn’t intervene to cause that. The WordPress comment engine seems to mess up from time to time — a lot of people are reporting problems like yours.

  4. “… they asked me if I wanted them to call the police emergency doctor….”

    To elaborate, the gentleman said: they asked him if he needed to get to an emergency doctor or call the police. To which he responded, that that was not necessary, that he would then have to wait too long to get processed [after doing either, he would have to wait too long, and everything that goes with that].

    My interpretation of that is that his local services are overloaded and that they would bump down (triage) his case to the point where the emergency would be over by the time they got to him.

    At least, that is how I would interpret him, if he lived here, after watching how austerity has degraded our city’s police and hospitals over the years. (I live 150 meters from the main police station and 50 meters from one of Bild magazine’s no-go areas. Fortunately, the main station is between us and the rest of the area. I hope this comment makes sense: brilliance before breakfast, as Oscar Wilde wrote, is a sign of a dull mind.)

    • Pretty sure he didn’t say that he would have to wait, he said that the people offering him help would have to wait with him. So in my opinion he didn’t want to be a nuisance – something often seen in old people.

      • I hear “musste” rather “mussten”, even at half-speed, but he could have clipped the “n” like he does the verb’s subject.

        I agree he would probably not want to be a burden, but if he is of the old school, I expect he would have wanted to report the crime, with all possible evidence, to the police to spare others from later suffering what he did. After all, the criminals briefly knocked him out and he was lucky they did not knock him much harder. 🙁

      • I hear “Nö, das is nich nötich, ich müßte ja dann noch so lange da warten und sowas alles und da bin ich bißchen weitergegangen …” (Nein, das ist nicht nötig, ich müßte …) which I would translate (w/o slang) to “No, that’s not necessary, I would have to wait too long and things like that and I went on a little …”

        So I think Jon’s interpretation may be correct; or just a gentlemen with extremly strong nerves — though now physically weak.

    • I happen to watch the 1971 movie adaptation of “The Go-Between” a couple nights ago. Alas, the old gentleman probably won’t be able to internalize the attack – he can’t put into the past, things happening now or in the future – if he did not move or go to the police.

  5. My comment above it was part of my emotional response. Perhaps I did not express my feelings altogether clearly.

    In the world which I inhabited for most of my life, this kind of thing would not have happened in Germany. But we have moved on from those times. For whatever reason, all sorts of people have been allowed to come to Germany and elsewhere in Europe. In my view – perhaps I am an extremist, perhaps not – any guest over here should be expelled for certain kinds of transgression but this appears to never or very rarely happen. “Oh but it’s not safe in Afghanistan” or “Oh but they have the death penalty wherever it is for this that and the other, and we can’t send them back.” Well, how about thinking of that before doing horrible things in the host country, one that has been kind enough to take you in, to give you accommodation, to feed you, to give you spending money, to give you medical care and to give you a safe and decent life which for whatever reason your own country didn’t seem to be able to offer you (obviously the white man’s fault entirely, of course)?

    I suspect that what really grieves and upsets a lot of people is that even if these attackers are caught, they are unlikely to be punished in a way that fits the crime. It is obvious enough that they will never make good citizens have no intention of ever doing so and are not good for Germany, but they are allowed to stay here and reduce the quality of life for those who live here already.

    No, Angela Merkel, we are not people who just happen to have “lived here for longer”. These are our lands, our countries, ones in which we choose to live according to our way of life and our beliefs. That this man has not been allowed to go about his life in peace and in safety but instead should be attacked by a band of savages is a disgrace. My thoughts are with him. I send him my condolences.

  6. Thank you Joe and Ludwig for your clarifying follow ups. It would be cool if I/we? could post timely replies during normal waking hours, but the apparent comment moderation and time zone difference can make that a challenge.

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