Turks Celebrating Erdogan’s Victory Get Rowdy in Rotterdam

The following article gains additional significance alongside two stories in the just-posted news feed. One reported that the Turks in the Netherlands celebrating the re-election victor of President Erdogan exulted that they were the boss, that the Netherlands is now part of Turkey. The other described an apparent terrorist attack against the offices of De Telegraaf — the same newspaper that published the story below.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation:

70 Fines for Rotterdam Turks who celebrated Erdogan’s win

Rotterdam — Seventy fines were given out Sunday evening to Turkish Rotterdammers because they caused a nuisance. That is what Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb told RTV Rijmond.

The Turks have been fined for blowing horns, illegal parking and blocking traffic. They took to the streets on Sunday evening to celebrate the victory of Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the Turkish presidential election.

In order to involve the Turks more in Rotterdam, Aboutaleb wants to sit around the table with them. “I am ready to talk to everyone, but I cannot do that on my own. That also requires the other side.”

Win celebrated en masse

On Sunday, Erdogan’s victory was also celebrated en masse in Amsterdam, Arnhem, Zaandam and Deventer, among others, while reports from celebrating Turks also came in from other cities.

Approximately a quarter of a million Turkish Dutch citizens were able to vote in the Netherlands. Over 70 percent are believed to have voted for Erdogan.

6 thoughts on “Turks Celebrating Erdogan’s Victory Get Rowdy in Rotterdam

  1. What if Erdogan asks turks in Europe to attack and take control of countries ?
    Naaah…turks will never do that. Not even in Cyprus…

  2. Sure. Votes are counted and are valid in Turkey from wherever they’ve been collected from. As if Erdogan doesn’t control the people who control the votes. I’d even go so far to say that they believe they have some kind of democracy because they can cast votes. The ‘stupid is as stupid does’ age old adage has once again been validated. Why isn’t anyone surprised?

  3. Turkey and Indonesia were usually cited by leftist Islamic apologists as examples of majority-Muslim democracies, I wonder how long it will be before Indonesia, the last domino, falls. There are already ominous developments in the country.

    How can anyone believe that democracy and Islam can coexist?

  4. Madness. The Dutch allow Turks with Dutch citizenship to vote in the Turkish elections as well? They should tell them, if they vote in another country’s election they forfeit Dutch citizenship. These people clearly have no love of the Netherlands, they are the servants of Erdogen, who will be a Fifth Column in the future.

  5. Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb

    Muslims are incapable of bias aren’t they? Everything is in the best of hands by the looks of it.

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