Is Sweden Going to Flip?

The Baron has speculated before that when the tide turns in Sweden it will be a relatively sudden and massive flip. As he says, that’s a feature of high consensus cultures. If he’s right, one can only hope it plays out the same way in Minnesota, much of whose DNA is Nordic.

Dr. Turley’s latest video is instructive for those who haven’t been following the alternative news. For you and me, it’s just joyful affirmation of something we already knew. What he doesn’t mention is the severe persecution the Sweden Democrats suffered for years while under the heel of the leftist thugs – e.g., the ngo, EXPO.

By the way, if anyone can find the link to that Reuters news report he mentions, please leave it in the comments and I’ll link to it in this post. If Sweden’s turn is making it to the MSM (no matter how snarky) it is also significant.

Here’s the link, supplied by Anonymous, from Reuters. It’s only a bit snarky, considering they’re discussing Sverigedemokraterna’s success. They link to a poll showing the standing of various Swedish parties, though you’ll notice that even though SD is shown in the graph as being in second place, in the discussion SD is listed last.

The MSM can’t help itself.

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    That’s the article. It also says 45% of Malmo has a migrant background. Imagine being a Swede from Malmo. In a single year, the government turned your home into a migrant camp. The politicians who did that are criminals. Just losing office is too good for them. We need direct democracy in Europe, to stop this sh** ever happening again. You let these neo-Marxists off the leash for just one year, they cause a train wreck it takes a generation to clear up.

    • I know something far better for them.

      What about the old saying: “You ordered the music, so you have to pay for it.”

      Every one of them has to take those “new-europeans” into their own home – without bodyguards, of course – and take care of them.

      And then put it on television, when Mama Merkel tries to explain to X.X. from somewhere Africa, that Germany is a western Country where the woman has to consent to f… f…. .
      I think the ratings would be through the roof.

      Yes, I know its non-western, but those politicians have unleashed hell upon us ordinary citizens. They have bodyguards and live in ivory towers. They are protected fom such crimes.
      We are not.
      We are forbidden to own guns and are indoctrinated against weapons.

      We are less than dirt to them.
      We have to bring them down. They have to feel like we do. They must experience the same fear that we do.
      The same pain that all those beaten up, raped and murdered people felt.
      Maybe then they will understand – even though it is much too late by then and I fear they will never understand.
      I would rather make a bet that even when they are murdered by those “new europeans” they will blame old White men and racism, colonialism etc.
      (Wasn´t there a female politicians of one of the nordic countries that was raped and did not go to the police because then the poor rapist would be deported? Selin Goeren if I am right.)

      • Note that this Selin herself is not white, but Turkish. She didn’t want to report the assault to the police and have the nonwhite takeover of Germany cast in a bad light.

        • I didn’t know Turks weren’t “white”. They’re certainly not black…can someone tell me what makes people “white”??

          • Depends what is meant by the word “Turk”. To me it seems like Turk is a fake concept. The population in Turkey consists of people with different origins gathered under a fake identity called Turk with a made up language which is a mixture of all the following groups: Assyrians, Scythians, Iranians, Cimmerians, Greeks, Armenians, Phrygians, Mongolians and God knows what else.

            It was Ataturk who called all these people Turk and tried to kill identity of minor tribes. One of the funniest inventions of his time was the new phrase “Mountain Turk” for Kurds. Though Kurds never accepted such phrase.

          • I can’t answer the second question, but it can be tricky with the Turks.

            In my travels I knew two young women who were ethnically “white” (light brunette/strawberry blond hair, light eyes, fair complected) that were Turkish citizens with Turkish passports that spoke Turkish.

            I know that at least one had parents from Central Europe who immigrated to Turkey to teach.

            Mentally, their outlook was very similar to that of most college-educated young Western women – peace n’ love, why can’t we all just get along, we’re all the same, blah, blah…

        • So…what is your actual plan for marching through the institutions, taking them over? Whenever I see the words, “we need to” I know it’s usually going to be followed by Grand Designs unattached to any real strategy.

          Those 68ers DID have strategies, lots of them, including mayhem and murder.

          Meanwhile, the thought of getting rid of globalist leaders sounds like a fine idea to me. And you can see it happening now. Let’s see if Merkel’s political career survives very long after the meeting this weekend.

          Or how about non-globalist Viktor Orban realizing his dream of getting George Soros and his evil empire tossed out of Hungary? Now *there* was a masterfully executed strategy. Unlike the 68ers, what he managed was legal and a boon to others.

    • I don’t like the wording migrant background.

      A Swede with a Danish father has a migrant background. A French with a Spanish mother has a migrant background.

      Those words help put everybody at the same level.


        Personally, I challenge anti-whites (face to face and complaining to old media), try to sell our ideas to moderates, give money to activists and new media, favour people with our political views as much possible at work, never miss voting at elections, hand out leaflets, go to protests, network with other right-wingers.

        My contribution is small potatoes on its own of course. Politics is a team game. If everyone who agrees with us does what they can, we will be able to take over. Most Europeans are anti-mass migration. We have the numbers.

  2. Greetings from Finland! Great analysis, the situation in Sweden and in Europe as whole is really starting to look better!
    I’m looking forward to Sweden’s election in September, I hope the SD succeeds big time and maybe that boosts the number of votes for far-right here, we are having an election in March. This clip really made my day, thanks!

    • Be sure to let us know how it goes in Finland when the time comes. The distance between now and March is long and must seem treacherous to the globalist post-secular left. No doubt lotsa money will be poured in to stop the new nationalist wave.

    • It is looking better. OK it’s bad, but there is cause for optimism. The problem has got too big to hide – even from the most wishful thinking – and the establishment is heading for a place that’s stuck between a rock and a hard place.

      The trend favours those who are not particularly enamoured with the result of the left’s experiment with our societies and culture; their numbers grow whereas its supporters shrink.

      The establishment has two choices, either it embraces the role of arbiter between opposing forces or it tries to convince the rest of us that it’s not really responsible for the chaos we see developing all around us.

      I’m glad I’m not them.

    • why are they far-right? why does wanting to be free to not live in a communist dictatorship make up far right? because creating a communist dictatorship is why the leftist politicians have been colonizing your countries with muslims.

  3. I’ve said it before but they will HAVE to secure a majority of the people.

    The other side will, if necessary, meld into a single party to ensure their agenda continues unabated.

    It’s a start though I guess.

  4. Recall French Revolutionaries’ gathering storm in 1793, culminating in the democidal extermination of aristocracy and Church known as “War in the Vendee” (a rural region some days’ ride southwest of Gay Paree).

    When downtrodden peasantries take action due to “apoplexy at the center, anemia at the extremities”, no rancid feudal overlord, no layabout priest or bigoted jihadi mullah-dullah, is going to to retain four-limbs intact.

    Socialism Kills– and what it mainly kills is Socialists.

    • It’s a while since I read Simon Schama’s “Citizens”, his history of the French Revolution, but I recall reading that the movement, at least initially, stemmed largely from the bourgeoisie (like the Russian one).

      In the Vendee, most aristocrats lived at home, closer to their peasants than the many other absentee ones at Versailles, and many peasants died opposing the revolutionary forces.

  5. Minnesota definitely has the Stockholm syndrome. But “What makes a people so disambiguous about right and wrong.” I suspect it is the same affliction that has swept through Western Europe, like a plague: Marxist, Leninist, Trotskyist, Maoist, Gramscist and Islamist ideologies that seek to dislocate us from our faith. Once a people has been dislocated from their faith they are malleable to their ‘captors’ will. MN politic had been republican until the 30s, when the first Farmer-Labor governor was elected. It was during this time that a Red Fin, an orthodox Marxist-Leninist named Gus Hall, was doing his communist work throughout MN. Hall was born and raised in a communist home in the Mesabi Iron Range in NE MN. This area was one of two regions that voted for Hillary (the other the Twin Cities, the mecca of “liberalism”). In fact, during the 2016 presidential campaign a Wanted poster of Trump was found in a middle school trophy case with the caption: “You’re a dead man.” The rest of MN voted for President Trump. So just maybe, as Dymphna surmised, a political flip is starting to happen in MN? I sure hope so. I strive and pray for salvation from the Islamo-Marxist fascists. Unfortunately, though, the migrants know that a leftist government still rules here and that the state is still providing very generous welfare benefits. Plus, the ‘Barbary Pirates’ have learned how to siphon countless dollars through fraud of those government programs. For example, since 2015 Somalis have been sending suitcases, stuffed with up to one million dollars cash, to the Middle East. This fraud has devoured nearly half of the Daycare program, a program budgeted 250 million dollars annually. This is only one government program! Yet, many elected officials and ‘good’ Christians still LOVE their local robber. So … the migrants, primarily Muslim, continue to pour into MN. The demographics are continuing to change significantly. At the downtown hospital indigenous Minnesotans are being replaced – rapidly. But like in Sweden many suffering laborers are starting to hear the jarring gong of self-preservation and are putting pressure on their elected officials. Ultimately, though, is not the cure for the Stockholm syndrome the restoration of faith and a renewed sense of what is right and what is wrong? I believe God’s words, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” II Chronicles 7:14

    • May I suggest you break up lengthy thoughts into paragraphs, each with its own central topic.

      A lot of the problem you describe, gaming of the welfare system and the transfer of welfare money for jihad purposes abroad, stem from the creation of unaccountable bureaucracies, as well as the credulity of a genetically Swedish population that can’t wait to dilute themselves in the name of altruism, just like the Swedes in Sweden.

      Stefan Molyneux often makes the point that what really attracts migrants, motivating them to cross deserts, oceans and walls, is the promise of a welfare state. Once they get past the barriers, they have access to a welfare check 10 times what they could earn in their own countries. Milton Friedman said you can have a welfare state or you can have immigration, but not both.

      Besides that, a welfare state contributes to the genetic deterioration of a population by allowing people to survive and have children who would not be able to survive on their own. It allows women to be irresponsible as to who fathers their children, since the state will be a surrogate husband providing their upkeep.

  6. And I thought it was already too late because of demographics. Maybe that is the reason for the shift. They already won so they are putting off the conflict when people realize the situation they are really in. I have to imagine they are still suppressing information.

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