The Bulldog Is Waking Up…

A short, pithy, rousing speech by UKIP Leader Gerard Batten MEP to his confrères at the EU Parliament in Strasbourg:

And now Soros finds he’s been foiled by the changing political winds. Imagine: financial acumen doesn’t translate into political genius. Who knew? Certainly not ol’ George, who has watched his keen foresight take a tumble. Perhaps he’ll learn to live with not being God?

Or maybe not. After all, he’s got enough to buy a few nukes of his own. A Soros scorned may be a dangerous animal indeed.

Hat tip: Steen

2 thoughts on “The Bulldog Is Waking Up…

  1. I wonder if the laughing listeners would feel so jovial if their daughter had been raped by a mob of Muslims similarly to Mr Batten’s constituents in the UK?

    Things are turning. Great speech.

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