The Bishop of Evreux at an Iftar Event in France

The strange little video clip below features Monsignor Jacques Gaillot, Bishop of Evreux, speaking at an Iftar meal in France. The bishop reportedly has long history of supporting communism and Palestinians, and of disobeying his superiors.

Note: Bishop Gaillot was speaking at a Sunni event, which explains why he was given no grief for expressing his sentiments about the mullahs’ regime in Iran.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Ramadan, the message of peace and freedom of Islam. May 19th, 2018, Auvers-sur-Oise.
00:20   A brother, a father a great friend of Iranian resistance,
00:25   a great Christian friend, but who amazes us and honors us every
00:29   year by sharing with us this Iftar [meal]; I call Monsignor Gaillot
00:33   to be so kind as to take the floor.
00:37   Bishop of Evreux
00:46   Madame President, dear friends,
00:50   I’m happy to be here
00:54   for this blessed month of Ramadan.
00:58   Tomorrow, for Christians,
01:02   is the celebration of the Pentecost. And the Pentecost
01:06   is the festival of the gift of the Holy Spirit.
01:10   Meaning of the divine emanation, which
01:15   is given to us generously to all of us.
01:19   To all of those who want it, who desire it, who accept it.
01:23   It is an emanation of life, an emanation of love,
01:27   of peace of strength; and I don’t know if
01:31   you can see in your communities in your families
01:36   if you meet people
01:40   in whom the emanation dwells.
01:44   They exist. Not many, but
01:48   it’s surprising to see men and women in whom the emanation resides
01:52   by their behavior in life, by their method of service,
01:56   by their way of loving, of fighting,
02:00   of being on the side of the poor,
02:05   by the risky choices they make. Well,
02:09   those are the people who are inhabited by the emanation; it makes me rejoice a lot.
02:13   It so happens that I saw
02:17   a video of a town
02:21   in Iran — Kasrun, I think, a southern town —
02:25   where the population is rallying;
02:29   and those aren’t people who are deprived of the emanation,
02:33   and those are people who aren’t scared,
02:38   and those are people who know that their enemy isn’t exterior.
02:42   There, in front of them, it wears a mask of repression
02:46   of violence; and this population…
02:54   …knows that
02:58   the security forces are starting to get scared, and that the regime
03:03   doesn’t lack fragility.
03:07   Well, this population made me rejoice, because
03:11   they are inhabited by the emanation. And this uprising
03:15   that is starting won’t stop.
03:19   I think that
03:24   in Iran, a little everywhere,
03:28   there is this uprising, which continues
03:32   and which changes …
03:36   because I think that the Mullahs’ regime understands that
03:40   this time their departure is wanted.
03:44   Well, those people of Iran who are rallying
03:48   need our solidarity
03:53   In the denunciation of the violation
03:57   of human rights, which is the case over there all the time, and above all
04:01   of our prayer, with them and for them,
04:05   in order for God to accord them freedom.

2 thoughts on “The Bishop of Evreux at an Iftar Event in France

  1. Maybe not that strange. Everyone knows the mullas will be gone soon and leftards are hoping to take over. So he goes with the flow to support his ilk: the alliance of Islamo-Socialists, Baha’ites (Islamic Theosophists), MEK (Stalinist). Khomeini also came from France, isn’t it so? No, not again, Monsignor Pope Pius XII.

  2. This guy is a deceiver of the brethren,the bible says I shall have no false gods before me,it also says What fellowship has light with darkness,also do not throw pearls at swine.
    Jesus is the only way and it is a narrrow road and few there be who find it.Through people like this apostate Bishop we are well on the way to a one world religion as predicted in the bible.He talks to his muslim friends as fellow believers in the same god,even though muslims deny that God had a son and that he died and rose again for our sins.This reprobate will rue the day when he hears the Lord say to him,Depart form me you workers of iniquity i never knew you.
    To this Bishop and his ilk social cohesion and candle light vigils with teddy bears trumps TRUTH,every time.Truth is divisive as is moral absolutes,rather than liberal moral relativism which this Bishop is clearly an advocate of.

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