The Dream of the Muslim Brotherhood in Germany: That Sharia Will Be Institutionalized in the State Itself

The video below contains the latest (I’ve lost track of which number it is) in a series of documentaries on the Muslim Brotherhood by Zvi Yehezkeli, an Israeli journalist and filmmaker who is fluent in Arabic. In his latest and riskiest undercover operation, Mr. Yehezkeli posed as a Jordanian who went to Istanbul to acquire a Syrian passport on the black market. After he became a Syrian, the journalist traveled to Germany and became a “refugee”.

This is possibly the most chilling installment so far, given its revelations about the depth of Muslim Brotherhood penetration in both Turkey and Germany.

Many thanks to RL for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:25   Islam will return to rule over Europe and the West!
00:30   Does the conquest need to be done by the sword? No, not necessarily!
00:36   There is something called a “Quiet Conquest.”
00:39   This strong message broadcast by Yusuf Al Qaradawi —
00:42   The most influential cleric in the Muslim world, is heard openly all over the world.
00:47   Quietly, in the West, under the surface, through Soft Jihad,
00:50   The International Islamic Caliphate is expanding…
00:53   with its objective to impose Sharia Law on the entire world.
00:57   Its army is called: “The Muslim Brotherhood” (MB) whose influence in the Western world is enormous.
01:03   The connections between the MB and Turkey are actually the biggest danger for the Western world.
01:09   To expose this concealed power, one can’t work with regular journalist’s equipment.
01:14   Where are your eyes? Go home!
01:17   I must cross the lines. —You stop being Tzvika. —Abu Hamza.
01:20   —Al Haj Abu Hamza, Haj Abu Hamza, nice to meet…
01:23   I change identity, disguising myself as a Muslim Sheikh. SCARY!
01:27   But it’s not enough. To create a proper identity,
01:30   I also need false documents.
01:33   Without money — no passport! I have the money on me — no problem!
01:36   With the assistance of experienced intelligence agents,
01:39   I obtain a Syrian passport and adopt a false identity.
01:42   Equipped with hidden cameras and recording devices,
01:45   I enter places no others entered before.
01:49   If they find your recording devices or cameras, don’t talk, I will intervene, leave it to me…
01:54   In Turkey, which became the stronghold of Islam, it seems everyone is a sheikh; what’s going on?
01:59   Secularism disappeared all over Turkey. What does it mean? There are no more secular people?
02:05   And in Germany, which is flooded with millions of refugees,
02:08   does he have a passport? —Yes, I have a passport. —Yes?
02:12   OK.
02:15   When they arrive and desire to live by Sharia law,
02:18   I don’t want the German law to interfere with my life.
02:21   There is sharia divorce between you and her. Come on Saturday with Allah’s will. —OK.
02:26   According to Sharia, of course, I have nothing to do with their laws.
02:34   Documentary series by Zvi Yehezkeli, Ohad Gal-Oz
02:39   Film director: Ohad Gal-Oz
02:42   Production: Roni Manor and Sagit Shalom
02:45   Photographer: Shai Pony
02:48   Editors: Eyal Ron — False Identity — Zvi Yehezkeli — Jihad — The Day of Judgment
03:01   Istanbul — Turkey —If you were looking for a location where Soft Jihad won,
03:05   you have arrived at the right destination — Turkey.
03:08   A country once considered secular endured political Islam’s quiet revolution.
03:13   It took a few decades, through a slow process of Islam’s intervention in every aspect of life;
03:19   the building of mosques, face-coverings for women,
03:22   and the vanishing of Turkey’s secular institutions founded by Ataturk.
03:26   The person responsible for this revolution is this man.
03:29   The strong leader, who calls himself the ‘Sultan’ — the ‘Caliph’ — Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
03:34   Erdogan rules Turkey according to the Muslim Brotherhood’s book of guidelines.
03:38   First by saluting with the organization’s symbol known as “Rabia”, the same symbol
03:43   that provoked revolutions in the Middle East when the masses surged into the main squares.
03:47   Erdogan supports Muslim Brotherhood activities all over the world.
03:50   He hosts exiled MB leaders from Egypt,
03:53   and their TV broadcasting from Istanbul.
03:57   He keeps millions of refugees who fled Syria, he supports Hamas,
04:01   defends the al-Aqsa Mosque, and promises to defend Qatar militarily.
04:05   Essentially, he is the only leader throughout the world who heads political Islam.
04:11   Sheikh Yusuf al Qaradawi — the MB leader,
04:14   already crowned Erdogan as the sole Caliph of our time.
04:18   Istanbul is the capital of the Islamic Caliphate.
04:21   It needs to be the capital of all that is related to Islam.
04:25   Recep Tayyip Erdogan, I predict that HE will be the one to succeed — Allah willing.
04:31   The point where I stand right here,
04:34   is Asia’s frontier, as Europe stares across the Straits (of the Bosphorus).
04:39   The desired destination for millions of refugees in Turkey is to reach the West.
04:44   Erdogan controls the refugees’ fate, by determining how many refugees will cross over into Europe.
04:49   It’s not only how many will cross, but what their religious identity will be,
04:52   their conduct in Europe, and to whom they will show their loyalty.
04:56   It’s clear that Erdogan cautions: you cross over to Europe,
05:00   so stay loyal to me! Here I shaped an Islam that comports with MB rulings;
05:03   similarly, you will shape it in Europe.
05:06   The refugees and Turkish population in Europe, especially in Germany,
05:10   are useful tools against the European Union.
05:13   The connections between Muslim Brotherhood and Turkey
05:16   are actually the biggest danger for the Western world.
05:19   So Erdogan actually molds the refugees’ religious characteristics?
05:24   It is a very smart thing — so he has access to all the refugees in Germany.
05:28   Exactly! He has access to all the refugees in Germany, and leverage over the West.
05:33   A Syrian passport is the entrance permit to Europe.
05:36   Whoever obtains such a passport becomes a refugee and gets political asylum in Germany.
05:40   I want to get a Syrian passport, to enter Germany with it as a refugee,
05:44   to see if it’s that easy to trick the German authorities,
05:48   and gain full rights in the new land.
05:52   For that, I dress up as Abu Hamza — the Jordanian merchant.
05:57   I received information that in Istanbul one can obtain a real Syrian passport.
06:01   The source providing the information said:
06:04   travel around the Syrian quarter to find a mobile-phone store.
06:07   You will find there the proper connections to obtain a passport.
06:11   Salaamu Aleikum, hello and blessings! Tell me, do you have an international SIM card here?
06:16   Turksil — Oh, I have it.
06:47   We are Palestinians. —Palestinian? Honor. —Hello. He is my brother-in-law.
06:51   We are Palestinians, and were uprooted to Jordan.
06:54   What brings you here from Jordan?
06:59   He wants to get married. We want to find him a wife.
07:02   In Turkey? Yes, why not? Actually, this place is the best for Muslims.
07:07   How is your life here with the Turks?
07:10   Whoever speaks Turkish can expect a good future in this country,
07:14   especially if he gets citizenship.
07:17   In Germany women divorce their husbands for a simple dispute.
07:20   They claim that they have rights.
07:24   In Germany it’s forbidden to beat up your wife; you are not allowed to raise your voice at her.
07:28   If he beats her up at home? It’s illegal; she would file complaint with the police.
07:32   If you see two people kiss each other, and you throw dirt on them, they will complain.
07:36   And if someone beats up his wife in Turkey? Here it happens regularly.
07:40   Here the male is protected; there the female is protected.
07:45   Will you also obtain citizenship after your wedding?
07:48   Can you help us get citizenship? —Abu Hamza… ask him…
07:51   Tell me, if someone leaves Syria without a passport?
07:55   Did you leave with passport? —I left without a passport.
07:58   What did you do? —I deal with fake passports. —Really?
08:02   I issue passports, I.D. cards, anything you want…
08:05   Passport? Really? —A real passport you can use to work anywhere except in Syria.
08:10   But every passport has its code. — When they slide the code at German customs, what happens then?
08:17   Your name and picture. They arrange it for you.
08:20   Really? Only in Syria they can catch you. —How much does it cost?
08:25   For our friend who wishes to arrive in Europe — poor guy.
08:30   If we get him a passport we can solve his problem.
08:34   We will take his name and picture and get him a legal passport. —ally?
08:40   How much will it cost? $1,000 dollars? $1,100, $1,150.
08:46   Without any games? No tricks? We will pay and get it?
08:51   Yes, you leave a $250 deposit and the rest when you get the passport.
08:59   Wallah! Are you serious? —I am not kidding!
09:05   Give us your credit card. If there is a problem, give us your phone number.
09:09   No, not a problem! We are scared. Our country is like a police state.
09:13   Here there are no problems? —There is nothing. In Turkey we have a democracy.
09:17   They don’t follow such things. —Really? —Yes!
09:21   OK, my dear sir, we are a bit…
09:24   Habibi, (dear) see you later. —So long, Allah bless you.
09:29   I consult with my contact person about the risk level involved with such a move.
09:33   The hesitation involves the chance of being ambushed by Turkish intelligence.
09:37   We decide to pay the deposit and hope for the best.
09:41   Meanwhile, I wear the identity of Razal Ibrahim,
09:44   a Palestinian journalist from Hebron, who travels to the refugee camps on the Syrian border.
09:50   Currently, three million Syrian refugees are sheltered in Turkey.
09:53   The European Union is paying Erdogan hundreds of millions of dollars to keep them in Turkey,
09:58   so they won’t cross into Europe.
10:01   We are on our way to a refugee camp with Syrian refugees inside,
10:05   who will migrate into Europe, perhaps in the next few months.
10:09   At the entrance to the camp an immediate question is asked:
10:12   What do you mean claiming that you are from the Palestinian TV?
10:17   Hamas or Fatah? —We are from Hamas. —Only Hamas! Hamas are with the people.
10:23   In this Palestinian camp, the adults already gave up their dream of reaching Europe.
10:28   They are hesitant about their religious Islamic identity. The kids are not bothered by it.
10:32   They openly share their desires, continuing to dream about Germany as their new land.
10:37   Did you hear about life in Europe? Is it better there?
10:40   Good life. Wallah (really)… I heard that they have mosques.
10:44   And the other kids, what do they want to do?
10:47   What do you want to do when you grow up?
10:50   I want to go to Germany. —Come, come sit down. What do you want to do there? Study? Work? — Study!
10:55   What? — Engineer. — Do you have family already there? Yes, I do.
11:00   What do they tell you? How is life there? —Good life. Yes, they are in Germany.
11:06   What do you think? —I want to go there. — Do you want to go? —Yes. —Where? —To Germany!
11:11   Who wants to go to Europe? —I do. —Where to? Europe.
11:15   Do you want to go to Europe? —Yes.
11:19   And here is the ‘double game.’ On one hand Erdogan presents to the world
11:23   well-run refugee camps, and refugees with good living conditions.
11:27   However, in the backyard, an entirely different reality exists.
11:30   There are refugees with a different destiny.
11:33   They are waiting to flee to Europe for a better life.
11:39   Salaamu Aleikum, Mohammed, he speaks Arabic!
11:43   He is an Arab brother! What’s the story? What’s the problem?
11:48   We want to talk to people about their life, and what they went through,
11:51   What’s the matter? It’s a documentary film about the war.
11:55   No problem, come in as a guest, but no filming. No, brother, it’s TV Habibi!
12:01   This is our work. — OK, here you have a group — ask them — exactly, correct.
12:05   Come, come to the square, to the square! Let’s go to the first floor.
12:08   Here, the chaos started now, where are your eyes? Get out!
12:13   I warn you — you will get 100 kafas (slaps).
12:18   Look with your eyes, look, we have here…how many families live here?
12:24   I don’t know; three, four families, nine people…
12:29   Families? Families and children…
12:33   Here, underneath the ground; a room — two families in one room.
12:38   Two families? Two families in such a room.
12:43   Will you continue your life like that? We have no future here.
12:47   Why no future? — You only cross the border to Europe; that’s it — you live a prosperous life.
12:52   But the problem is how to pay for it. You need to pay $5,000.
12:55   The problem is that we have no passports. You have no passport?
13:00   No. I ran away from the military. We escaped to come here.
13:04   —Today, whoever wants an ID needs to pay a bribe.
13:08   Everything through bribery? —Yes, yes. Go home!
13:13   Is the future of the Islamic State in Europe? —That’s how I see it!
13:17   This means every devout Muslim in Europe today is worth a thousand people in Turkey.
13:24   Is this why the MB are stronger in Europe? —Of course, of course — it’s clear.
13:28   Their faith is unwavering! See you!
13:34   So long, thank you, Allah with you! Hello, so long!
13:46   Three days after I left the mobile store in the Syrian quarter,
13:50   with a heavy suspicion that Turkish intelligence is plotting a trap,
13:54   I received an order: “Get to the big bridge in Istanbul, and wait for a phone call.”
14:02   Hallo? —Haj — Hello! Hello, Salaamu aleikum! Are you at the same place we agreed?
14:08   I am here as you requested. I am on the north side of the bridge. Are you here?
14:14   Turn to the other side. —Yes, yes, it’s you, I see you. Where are you?
14:20   No, doesn’t matter. I see you, not bad.
14:23   You are alone — correct, Haj? — I am alone, alone! —
14:26   Haj, we change the meeting place. We will go to another location
14:29   in the Syrian area. There is a coffee house there.
14:32   The coffee house is called “A-sha-mi,” drink coffee and I will enter after you.
14:36   Why? Any security problem, something? —Don’t talk with anyone, I’ll find you at the coffee house.
14:41   Why? Is there something… police? Better this way.
14:44   OK, Fine. — If I am few minutes late, don’t worry, I am behind you.
14:49   Good, OK, I will recognize you. Don’t talk to anyone.
14:52   But no games, fine? OK? —I have the money and all is fine.
14:57   Yes, you have the money — €1,000. As you know; without money — no passport!
15:01   I have the money — no problem! — Yallah. — Hurry up!
15:18   Espresso?
15:25   Yes, it’s you? How are you? How are you doing?
15:28   How did you recognize me? —You look the same as in the picture.
15:32   Habibi, how are you? Praise Allah, how are you?
15:36   Praise Allah, good to meet you and thanks for your help, brother.
15:39   Just know that everything is clean, and there are no games played by anyone.
15:44   and I hope that on your side all is fine as well.
15:47   Everything is fine. Are you carrying the money?
15:50   I’m carrying the money and have everything. What’s to expect first?
15:54   I will count the money in the men’s room, and then will hand you the passport.
15:58   I prefer to give you the money now.
16:02   Take the passport to the men’s room, check it, and that’s it!
16:07   As you wish —OK. Tell me what’s with the details:
16:10   The passport is not fake, I will be able to enter with it.
16:15   The passport is fine, you will be able to enter Europe, America,
16:18   all Arab countries, you will be able to travel with it wherever you want.
16:21   It’s 100% clean. 100%? Million percent! They don’t have it on their computers?
16:25   It’s all fixed. OK, here is the money. I have here €1,000.
16:45   Very good!
17:26   I will go to the men’s room to check it? I don’t want to
17:29   check it here. —Place your trust in Allah.
17:43   Listen, it is a valued quality.
17:46   It is not just another fake passport; it’s simply a real passport. —A passport with
17:50   an encryption approved in airport customs is not a simple thing, but here they casually issue it.
17:54   The passport I ordered is in someone else’s name.
17:58   Next to my name appears the name “Abdullah Alatrash.”
18:02   Father’s name is Ibrahim, mother’s name is Amna.
18:05   According to this passport I was born in 1958, a bit too old,
18:10   but that is fine. Just the ease in which we were able to obtain the passport,
18:14   tells a lot about the refugees’ undertaking.
18:17   It shows that maybe there is someone behind it who perhaps,
18:20   if not encourages it, for sure ignores what’s going on here,
18:24   since, had Erdogan cared, this would have been stopped.
18:27   Now that the Syrian passport is in my hands, I am about to travel to the West,
18:32   just as millions of refugees did before me.
18:41   Germany accepted the largest number of refugees — a million and a half.
18:46   Every migrant arriving here is eligible for financial support, integration assistance,
18:51   and even for citizenship, and family reunification.
18:55   The big asylum camp in Berlin is located in the Tempelhof Airport,
18:59   which served the Nazi regime during WWII.
19:03   Currently the airport is an integration center for thousands of the migrants,
19:06   prior to dispersing them throughout German cities.
19:09   I am already here. Soon I will find out if my passport and cover story
19:13   will allow me to receive refugee status in Germany, and enjoy all the benefits.
19:18   You go to that direction — Hangar 1. Hangar 1. —Oh, Hangar 1.
19:23   You will see a large building with a sign: “Hangar 1.” OK.
19:28   The German social services bureau is the one that accepts all the Syrian refugees.
19:33   Hello, hello, my cousin came from Syria, Damascus, he is new here.
19:40   He is asking for asylum? —Yes.
19:43   He has a passport? —Yes, I have a passport. Yes?
19:48   OK. Good.
19:56   Ask him how long it will take?
20:00   Ten minutes, two hours — ten minutes up to an hour.
20:13   He thanks you. Yes.
20:16   Wait for me. —Yes, I am waiting for you. Allah be with you!
20:22   I am waiting here for my first interview with the German clerk.
20:26   I am also afraid they will discover my Syrian passport and false identity,
20:29   and from here the road to a German detention is short…
20:42   First time? —First time!
20:45   Do you have papers? —Passport!
21:00   We will check your papers to see whether we can accept you or not.
21:04   OK. And this is the first station for seeking asylum.
21:08   You need to go through a medical exam. —What do you mean? —Routine medical exam.
21:14   I would like to know how long it will take.
21:17   Five minutes. It’s a quick medical exam!
21:21   How long does it take to receive a permanent residency?
21:24   This is a process… Can my family join me here?
21:30   Who exactly? — My wife and children.
21:33   Where are they? —In Syria. After being here for three years,
21:36   you can ask for family reunification.
21:39   Meaning, his wife and children. Can he bring them here for family reunification?
21:42   For family reunification he needs to live here for three years.
21:45   This means, it takes some time. According to procedures, it’s a long process.
21:50   And if I want to bring them now? It’s possible by smuggling them.
21:56   They can come through Greece. Smuggle them or through Greece.
21:59   Through certain coordination, it’s possible to arrange it.
22:03   Here we go! The German government clerk explains to me — the new refugee —
22:08   how to game the system, and smuggle my family into Germany.
22:12   Of course, he gets his salary from the German government.
22:15   This is how one Syrian passport can bring in another few dozen family members,
22:20   without the German authorities knowing who they are and what their objectives are.
22:25   Sign here for me.
22:31   All your documents are ready now.
22:37   I need to take your picture. —Picture, no problem!
22:53   Allah willing, we will start a new life.
22:56   Islamic life. Islamic life!
22:59   Where are you from originally? —I am from Gaza.
23:02   Do you know the difference between the West Bank and Gaza…
23:05   The West Bank is the problem. May Allah take away Abu Mazen!
23:19   Now you are here officially. —Praise Allah.
23:25   Thanks to Allah. — This is Abdullah Alatrash, who became a German citizen.
23:28   They will place me in some German location,
23:31   then I get a German asylum card and allowance.
23:34   The process we began in Turkey ended here — allowed into Germany,
23:38   with no one knowing who I really am.
23:46   The meeting with the German social worker proves how Islamists
23:49   have deeply penetrated into the refugees’ social aid system.
23:52   But Muslim Brotherhood influence starts much earlier than the arrival in Germany.
23:59   Ahmed and Yusuf arrived in Germany last year.
24:02   The battles in the Syrian war forced their escape — first to Turkey,
24:06   across the sea to Greece, to Serbia,
24:09   and finally to this place: Neukölln — the Arab center of Berlin.
24:12   We received help from an Islamic organization. —Which Islamic organization?
24:16   A British organization. Most are Muslims.
24:19   Where did you meet that organization? In Serbia?
24:24   They left Syria as secular Muslims, but on their way here,
24:28   they lived for an entire year in Pristina, Kosovo,
24:31   where MB organizations are active in helping refugees while turning them into devout Muslims.
24:37   Ahmed and Yusuf arrived in Berlin already praying five times a day.
24:41   In Arkh, Syria, I didn’t pray at all. So what did you do during Ramadan?
24:45   I didn’t fast. I used to work and didn’t fast.
24:48   When I arrived here, I started to follow the religious rules. I fasted in Ramadan and I prayed.
24:53   You too? When I left Syria, mentally I felt more relaxed.
24:59   The Islamic charity organization played an important role in this.
25:04   Look, the first time you meet them, they start helping you,
25:08   you sit, you stare at them,
25:12   they pray in front of you, and here I am a Muslim, studied the Quran, yet don’t pray.
25:17   Suddenly I find myself alone asking: why shouldn’t I pray like all others?
25:25   Do you think that Islam will rule here? All Germans are Christians.
25:29   I will pick them one by one — will start with people around me.
25:34   They will listen. If every Muslim would do the same in his surroundings,
25:37   it can happen with no problem.
25:40   Don’t you think there will be a violent reaction by Germans towards the Muslims?
25:48   But you preach to him, you don’t force him.
25:51   You don’t confront him with force, you do it slowly.
25:59   I will tell you something, and it will happen — Allah willing.
26:05   There will be clashes,
26:09   but slowly the clashes will subside as people will accept reality.
26:12   There is no escape; every change involves clashes.
26:15   So basically, what is the dream of every Muslim?
26:18   The vision is an Islamic State — Islamic society.
26:23   Muslims will prefer Sharia rule. But the vision for twenty years from now
26:29   is for Sharia Law to be part of Germany,
26:34   that Sharia will be institutionalized in the state itself.
26:38   Is it a flaw? No! To build a proper Islamic society!
26:47   Ahmed and Yusuf are not the only ones to dream about establishing a Sharia state in Germany.
26:53   In Neukölln’s main street, when you approach people in Arabic;
26:57   identifying as Palestinian journalists, you hear clear messages.
27:00   As a Muslim, do you prefer to live according to European laws, or according to Sharia?
27:05   We prefer to live under Sharia because we are Muslims.
27:09   You live in a camp here. It’s a camp. —It’s a camp? —Yes.
27:12   This street is called ‘Arab Street.’ What else did you expect here?
27:15   You won’t find one German here. Do you see any blondes? Today
27:19   I didn’t believe my eyes. Without evil’s eye, everyone is a Muslim.
27:49   Today I didn’t believe my eyes. Without evil’s eye, everyone is a Muslim.
27:53   Just like in a Muslim state — without evil’s eye. — As a Palestinian and a Muslim,
27:57   do you prefer to live under Sharia, or under German laws?
28:01   According to Sharia, of course. What do I have to do with their laws? — What is preferable?
28:05   Terror or Da’wah? —Da’wah — no doubt!
28:08   Do you prefer to live under Sharia or according to German laws?
28:12   In this country we want to follow the way of the Prophet’s disciples — peace be upon him.
28:18   To be faithful to Islam! Without mixing in their life, and without their interference in ours.
28:24   Allah willing, we will be their preachers.
28:29   We will attract them to our religion for them to gain pleasure.
28:33   Good. Thank you. Peace be upon you. —You are welcome.
28:37   No one here speaks about integration and mixing with the German society,
28:40   but rather about a separate Muslim society, with Islamic life according to Sharia.
28:46   In the mosques, an institutional Sharia structure already exists,
28:49   inviting Muslims to face justice according to Sharia,
28:52   and disconnect from German justice system.
28:55   Salaamu Aleikum, peace and blessings, your honor —
28:59   Sheikh — this is my brother in law. We have a legal problem to consult with you. Is it possible?
29:03   Yes. —He was married to my sister for six years.
29:07   They don’t want to be together. The government moved him away from Berlin for three months.
29:13   I don’t want German law to intervene in my life.
29:17   It will intervene — no other choice. — You have three children, correct?
29:21   Three children. You can’t ask them not to intervene,
29:24   They are already involved. Once social services intervene — that’s it!
29:28   What if we came before? If we came to consult with you before?
29:32   We would have solved the issue according to Sharia law.
29:36   Maybe you can tell the authorities that we solved the problem and that’s it? You can solve it…
29:41   I will solve it through the mosque and then will see.
29:44   Fine, fine, OK, no problem! —Come over on Saturday.
29:47   It’s possible to solve it — Allah willing? Allah willing! And what will we say to the authorities?
29:51   Will they approve in the end?
29:54   It’s possible to write on the divorce document
29:57   that our document doesn’t alter the German court ruling.
30:03   What do you think? Should we come over? We should.
30:07   Come on Saturday… bring your sister with you.
30:10   Maybe if we discuss it with her, and offer her compensation,
30:14   she will withdraw her claim at the German court.
30:18   We are Muslims and we want to run our affairs according to our Sharia.
30:22   Come over on Saturday, Allah willing, come at four o’clock. Thank you.
30:34   In this serene place I am going to meet someone who is THE German expert
30:39   on radical organizations. We meet at this peaceful location,
30:42   with no refugees, according to his request, as he is under a threat from Daesh (ISIS),
30:47   and the Muslim Brotherhood in Germany. Let’s say he is the only one in the entire German system
30:51   who sees the real picture, and can show us the level of threat from Muslim Brotherhood to Daesh.
30:56   We will hear what he says about the real danger Germany faces.
31:00   Is it the terror, or in particular, the Da’wah and the training in the mosques?
31:19   Why did you plan the interview here?
31:23   Are there threats on your life? Unfortunately, yes.
31:27   For years I have worked on the subject of Islamic extremism,
31:31   for news outlets in Germany and Europe.
31:36   Of course I criticize elements in Islam
31:42   that lead to radicalization. Therefore there are threats to my life.
31:49   Who threatens you? —From all elements! —But you live in a free society?
31:53   Free society for those who shut up!
31:57   When I discuss the subject of Islam and radicalization,
32:02   Daesh are here, the Ikhwan (MB) are here, al Qaida are here —Really?
32:07   The Ikhwan (MB) don’t declare: “we need to use explosives to spread Islam in Europe.”
32:11   No, they target the media trying to propagate ‘acceptance of religion,’
32:16   through mass media, the Internet and the political system.
32:20   There is no event with Chancellor Angela Merkel
32:26   without the Muslim Brotherhood in attendance — sitting in the front row.
32:29   We are talking of people who in the last four years,
32:32   have been engaged in the largest campaign in the world to convince European society
32:37   that the violence happening in the name of religion has no connection to religion.
32:44   What is more dangerous for Germans? Daesh or the Muslim Brotherhood?
32:48   Daesh will cease to exist. But the biggest threat to Germany
32:53   is posed by people whose approach to their religion is Islam’s political attitude.
32:57   They identify with Morsi, with Erdogan, with Qatar,
33:02   and are active on a daily basis to spread this Islamic creed
33:06   on the internet and in mosques. This is the biggest danger.
33:10   Not in the next year or two,
33:13   but in the next 20, 30, or 40 years.
33:16   In the next generation, there will be a larger number of young Germans who were born in Germany,
33:23   but will resist everything connected to Germany,
33:26   such as its political makeup, laws, and German values. This is the danger.
33:34   This process, led by Qatar and Erdogan, takes place in Germany under the surface.
33:40   If we want to foresee the future, it’s necessary to return to Turkey.
33:45   The quiet revolution going on in Turkey, or the one Erdogan leads through Turkey,
33:49   is moving from the quiet stage to the active one.
33:53   Finishing up the efforts against political opposition, ‘cleaning’ the media
33:57   and other ‘disruptive’ agencies, and a steady, strategic, and slow march, towards
34:02   the chief objective, what is cynically referred to as: “one-way democracy”,
34:07   turning this country into the Muslim Brotherhood dream.
34:12   Here is how the Islamic Caliphate will look, exactly like this district of Istanbul: Chershamba,
34:16   an old district in the heart of Istanbul, and a growing area where Islam is the only law!
34:22   In this neighborhood everyone knows each other, and it’s clear that a visible camera
34:26   won’t be allowed here. Therefore I need to enter disguised as the Jordanian Sheikh Abu Hamza,
34:31   looking for an excuse to move into the neighborhood.
34:34   The ‘approval committee’ is in essence located in the mosque.
34:37   I receive assistance from a man from Turkish intelligence who will accompany me into the neighborhood,
34:41   and particularly will help me escape in case of danger.
34:44   if G-d forbid something happens, how should we act? What should we do?
34:49   Inside the mosque, follow me, and do what I tell you.
34:54   Since the country’s intelligence is located inside,
34:57   if they catch your microphone or camera, don’t talk. I will intervene. Leave it to me.
35:02   In case there is a problem or something else,
35:06   there is one thing to do: obey my instruction!
35:09   In any case, I will do my best not to get you into trouble.
35:13   But the moment I intervene, you don’t cooperate and don’t point at me,
35:18   as you will encounter a big problem over there.
35:21   OK! Allah willing…
35:29   Salaamu Aleikum, welcome, is there a Sheikh here who speaks Arabic?
35:34   One who speaks Arabic? Over there…
35:42   Salaamu Aleikum, hello. Can I get a minute of your time, please Sheikh? Nice to meet you,
35:49   My name is Abu Hamza. —Haled Abu Salem.
35:54   I was in Turkey in 1999, I don’t want to take your time, but…
35:58   Turkey has changed a lot. Seriously, it is a serious and good Muslim country.
36:04   Indeed, Praise Allah! Originally we were Jordanians. We arrived here for a visit.
36:11   What can you tell us about the… I mean, the neighborhood, the people?
36:15   How is Islamic life here? —The area is religious, but rental here is expensive.
36:24   Why? Because there is high demand here.
36:27   Many people want to live in a religious area.
36:31   Regarding Islamic life, is there freedom for Islam here?
36:35   Meaning, there is no oppression? No, no, no,
36:38   here, praise Allah, you’ll find Islam. — OK, thank you. And it will be even better, Allah willing!
36:43   Fine, thank you. — So long. Thank you. Bye-bye.
36:53   To understand how desired this neighborhood is,
36:56   following the Sheikh’s recommendation, I go to a real estate office.
36:59   It is a safe way to learn what is going on in this closed-in neighborhood.
37:02   I arranged a meeting with the real estate agent. I search for the address, and here,
37:06   one door near the real estate agent, I read this sign in front of my eyes. What’s written here?
37:11   “No entrance for Zionist terrorists!”
37:17   Salaamu Aleikum. Nice to meet!
37:20   Hamza? Hello, Abu Hamza. This is my brother-in-law.
37:25   Osama, I talked to you yesterday.
37:28   Fine, fine! This area is ancient Istanbul,
37:33   Ancient? Yes. Everywhere else prices go down. Not here. Every year,
37:36   prices here go up despite the fact the homes are old.
37:39   Really? —Because this is the center of Islam in Turkey.
37:43   Thanks to Allah. The majority are from Syria, they are all families from Syria.
37:48   There is no housing for young people. —Really?
38:08   There is no housing for young people. —Really? —Let’s walk to look at a few apartments.
38:13   It seems as if everyone here is a Sheikh. What’s that? Everyone?
38:18   They wear these cloths like Mohammed’s disciples.
38:24   Tell me, as for a library with Arabic books, and things in Arabic? —There is everything!
38:29   Really? Everything? Also material by Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi? —There is everything.
38:34   Turkey was something different compared to now. Turkey has changed.
38:38   From the moment Qaradawi arrived, he fixed everything. —Really?
38:44   Why is it red here? Because of the flag? What’s this story? —They love the land. —Really!
38:50   We also love the land. —How do the neighbors accept Arabs? All our neighbors are Arabs.
38:54   Meaning, most of the renters here are Syrian. Syria, ah?
38:58   Yes! The locals are hospitable, and accept them warmly, praise Allah. Good!
39:04   Tell me, those who go to Europe, they also relocate through here? —The refugees? Yes!
39:09   What is the process? Let’s say, we want to move to Europe?!
39:12   It’s all smuggling! —Smuggling? How exactly?
39:16   Across the sea, etc.
39:20   I just heard an Egyptian accent. There are still Egyptians here?
39:24   Yes, this guy is a Muslim Brother.
39:27   They live here, in these areas.
39:30   Is the government’s education program religious, or is it still a secular state?
39:36   Secularism disappeared all over Turkey. What do you mean? No more secular people.
39:41   Did you see a picture of Ataturk here? No!
39:51   What do they plan to build over there? —It’s a new school named after Erdogan
39:55   — will open soon on Ramadan, Allah willing.
40:01   This is the evolution of a Muslim Brotherhood insurgency in the making. Education becomes Islamic.
40:05   A series of rules and restrictions on selling alcohol, according to Sharia,
40:09   changes the face of the boardwalk — Istiklal Avenue,
40:12   which used to be a vibrant center full of European tourists,
40:15   is now a hookah Middle Eastern street, with no alcohol and many Arabic street signs.
40:21   There are no more Europeans here, but the signs can tell
40:24   where exactly the new tourists arrive from! —European tourist? There aren’t European tourists.
40:29   They come from Jordan, Kuwait, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, etc.
40:33   No alcohol… Yes, there is alcohol, but underground.
40:39   The boom in Arabic is such a sign. Arab schools open all over the country,
40:44   thriving Quranic studies and an overall return to an Islamic culture,
40:48   of the Ottoman Empire, is visible everywhere.
40:51   On this white sign a Quran memorization competition is simply announced.
40:55   The more they memorize the Quran; the better Arabic proficiency. It happens in almost every mosque.
40:59   Here is Fatih Mosque, one of the largest in Istanbul — Quran Memorization Competition.
41:02   Many years ago people spoke Arabic all over the world.
41:08   The Quran was written in Arabic.
41:12   Islamic sports and civil services function with the government’s support.
41:17   Modern soccer fields are built in poor neighborhoods by Erdogan.
41:20   The coaches are all Islamists who are raising a new generation,
41:24   a familiar method which created an insurgency in Egypt and Gaza through soccer,
41:29   and here, too, it proves itself. — We are not here only to teach soccer.
41:33   When I train them, they respect me and my way of life.
41:39   How to follow laws, how to fast… We view this as a mission.
41:45   The return to the Arabic language, the use of sports as an entry gate to the proper Islam,
41:50   laws and restrictions on selling alcohol as an opening to the Islamic legal way;
41:54   these are the classy methods of the Muslim Brotherhood.
41:57   The Muslim Brotherhood is a nest of extremists.
42:01   Do you think that the Muslim Brotherhood center is in Qatar anymore?
42:05   It’s not. It’s in Ankara. It’s here. The connections of the Muslim Brotherhood
42:09   with Turkey are actually the biggest danger for the Western world,
42:12   because the Muslim Brotherhood also legitimizes itself through Turkey.
42:17   Turkey’s case is in essence the benchmark for the entire Muslim Brotherhood story in the world.
42:22   While they failed in the Middle East, currently here they advance
42:25   through the greatest experiment, for
42:28   a country located between Europe and the Middle East that slowly becomes an Islamic Sharia State.
42:33   It all happens through a highly determined leader who symbolizes the Rabia,
42:37   the hand signal of Muslim Brothers, essentially spreading his creed not only to the East,
42:42   but also to the West; to Europe!
42:46   Nowadays, the young third generations go out to the streets by the thousands,
42:50   declaring: “Erdogan is our president.”
42:54   They are Germans and they say that?
42:57   They are Germans, their fathers and grandparents are Germans,
43:00   They are third generation Germans, they grew up here,
43:03   and they declare: “Erdogan is our president.”
43:07   This is the result of a massive power created by the Da’wah.
43:13   They use the Da’wah for political gains.
43:16   Germany is facing a new and quiet war,
43:19   which threatens to transform it and Europe — not by violence, but by Da’wah.
43:23   Yusuf sums up his role with a metaphor that explains how their final clash will be won.
43:28   Two things endanger a tree;
43:33   The woodcutter cuts the tree,
43:39   and the worms damage the tree, causing it to decay.
43:43   You can protect the tree from the woodcutter because you can see him.
43:48   The worm that damages the tree from the inside spreads and destroys it!
43:56   The freedom we gain (in the US) to keep our faith,
43:59   is much greater than in most other Muslim countries.
44:03   The Soft Jihad crosses the (Atlantic) Ocean; riding on the waves of freedom throughout the USA.
44:08   A sheikh from CAIR organization told me that the Sharia and the US Constitution are compatible.
44:12   In his dreams! — In a place where Sharia Law reaches the law enforcement authorities.
44:18   You know, they call me the Taliban Police Chief.
44:21   What happens when freedom of [religious] expression threatens freedom of speech?
44:24   What will happen to gays and lesbians? You’re suppose to kill them… OK!
44:29   Welcome to the USA — 2018!
44:32   Are you from Hamas? Yes! Beautiful, beautiful, my brother!
44:36   When the Muslim Brothers tell Americans — Salaamu Aleikum yah America!
44:41   The true freedom of United States basically is Islam? ISLAM!

7 thoughts on “The Dream of the Muslim Brotherhood in Germany: That Sharia Will Be Institutionalized in the State Itself

  1. that is also the dream of angela merkel. islam is communism with a god.

    • Islam’s concept of its deity is truly damaging to any soul which confronts such an implacable being. The whole idea is depressing. No wonder so many Muslims are atheists.

  2. Even the Syrian regime is probably quite happy to have “irregular” passports issued to anyone who may vaguely be Syrian: they want this crowd *OUT* of Syria, they don’t care much where *else* they end up, presumably. So my guess is that “valid anywhere other than Syria” passports are something that they would see as (a) a way of moving (real) Sunni Syrians away from the area and (b) a money-maker. What would they gain by trying too hard to figure out whether the bearers are real Syrians or not, if they superficially sound/look like they could be?

    Syria is being ethnically cleansed of Sunnis, make no mistake. The regime and its Hezbollah allies are probably not too happy to have them in Lebanon – they’re probably overjoyed to have them anywhere else.

  3. With all due respect to his courage:

    Yehezkeli mentions at the start 09.33 that he is worried about Turkish Intelligence in respect of his Syrian passport; some time later however an operative at 34:37 assists him; what is going on? The breathless speed of the is film is unhelpful in noticing such apparent contradictions and pondering them. My impression is of a sensational piece for the Netanyahu voters back home who don’t like to think too much when relaxing in front of the TV.

    Israeli Intelligence works in Turkey and Germany, how is it that this manipulative film has no input from them? Yes alright, “loose lips sink ships” but that proves my point: the film should state overtly that much more is known about the topic but that it cannot be shown on TV for reasons of Israeli national security. Was Yehezkeli not protected by Mossad during his time on the road?

    Yehezkeli seems to be talking (dangerous) Hebrew to the camera some metres away a few times on public streets in Muslim neighbourhoods although his lips are not in synch with the soundtrack either and there are Hebrew subtitles? For some deaf viewers in Israel only? Or is he talking only Arabic in public?

    Politically, the film mentions neither that Muslim Brotherhood was set up/promoted by British Intelligence pre-1939 to counter Arab secular nationalism, nor that Hamas was promoted at the outset by Israel to counteract the PLO.

    In fact, I think Shimon Peres is somewhere on Youtube refusing to answer questions on that subject. “Blowback is a bitch, no?” Has IS ever attacked an Israeli target? How is it that IS fighters on the Golan Heights border get treated in Israeli military hospitals?

    So at 30:34, the supposed German terror expert with the blanked-out face may indeed be financing or training Islamists, just like MI6 was behind the Libyan Islamist who bombed the pop concert in Manchester.

    Mark Curtis has written extensively, using UK FOIA-type files, on how the UK has financed and trained Islamic terror over the decades; there are similar books for the USA.

    Not to mention Mike Flynn, ex-DIA head, who said on Al Jazeera not long ago that Obama had created Islamic State, in effect.

    The goal is to use Islam to weaken and hopefully destroy Russia and China with their Muslim minorities.

  4. The Muslim Brotherhood is a Terrorist organisation, which is what Brigitte Gabriel sought to have the US declare it as, thereby diffusing some of its activities. Abdul Gamel Nasser former President of Egypt was the target for an assassination attempt, and survived, after which he followed up with a crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood. Several dissenters were put to death, one of the largest crackdowns on the Muslim Brotherhood.
    The solution is always hard and tough action, rules being obeyed by all Germany, for all Germans, no matter who. Stiff fines, and heavy penalties for offenders, particularly those who interfere with police action. Angela Merkel should be replaced by a Man.
    Churchill arrived to save Britain, and the same is needed for Germany; even tougher even than Churchill. This is a battle of WILLS. It fits entirely within Churchill’s dictum: “The war of the future will be the BATTLEGROUND OF THE MIND”.

  5. Now, honest…it was a good stunt. Camera, mike and all, in enemy territory.
    We naturally expect that from a Jew…. they are smart.

    Can you imagine a Moslem doing something like it…. I can’t.

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