Susanna from Mainz, Gang-Raped and Murdered in Wiesbaden

As we reported yesterday, the body of a 14-year-old girl from the German city of Mainz was discovered in Wiesbaden. She had been gang-raped and strangled, and her body hidden. Two culture-enrichers who lived in the local asylum center, an Iraqi and a Turk, are suspects in her murder. The latter has been arrested and is in custody.

As it happens, the victim was Jewish. It’s not yet clear whether her assailants were aware of that fact, or targeted her because of it.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this news report, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Wiesbaden. Missing Susanna is dead
So I would like
00:05   to inform you that the female corpse found yesterday afternoon in Wiesbaden Erbenheim
00:09   belonged without any doubt to Susanna Feldman.
00:10   State Prosecutor Wiesbaden Oliver Khun
00:16   The DNA analysis performed this morning showed a 100% correspondence of the DNA
00:25   in the body with a comparison sample. So now we have
00:30   that knowledge as investigators. The autopsy which was performed tonight
00:35   showed that the cause of death was trauma in the cervical region,
00:40   so it is a case of a homicide.
00:40   According to the police the 14-year-old was raped, and later murdered and buried.
00:46   The body was found on Wednesday in a difficult-to-access area.
00:51   Chief of police Stefan Müller
The body was covered
00:56   with turf, with timber, and as a result
01:01   it was only because a tag from a piece of clothing was visible,
01:06   shimmering white, that it caught the attention of one of our colleague.
01:11   The crime was allegedly committed in the night between the 22nd and 23rd of May
01:16   The 14-year-old girl from Mainz had been missing since May 22nd.
01:21   According to the police, the most important hint was given by a 13-year-old refugee.
01:27   Head State Prosecutor Achim Thoma
For the time being we have two suspects,
01:32   who are charged with gang rape and murder.
01:37   In the first case — the suspect pictured on my right-hand side —
01:42   is a 20-year-old Iraqi citizen, Ali Bashar, and the second
01:45   a 35-year-old Turkish citizen.
01:52   Both persons lived in Wiesbaden in the refugee shelter.
01:57   Ali Bashar is on the run at the moment;
02:03   we’re deploying intensive search measures. The other suspect
02:08   the 35-year-old Turkish citizen, was arrested last night.
02:13   The State Prosecutor had in the meantime issued an arrest warrant for him as well.
02:18   The fugitive Bashar evidently settled down in Iraq.

38 thoughts on “Susanna from Mainz, Gang-Raped and Murdered in Wiesbaden

  1. I place blame also on the parents. I have a 13 year-old daughter, and there’s no way she’s walking around town alone, and we don’t even have Muslims in our area (yet).

    • And how would you enforce your will on your daughter in Germany? Even swatting your child is illegal in Germany, although many German parents still do it.

      Don’t get me wrong. I think you can, and should, raise a child totally without physical punishment…except in extreme cases to save the child’s life. Like, enforcing your will that the child not roam around alone at night. But be aware if you did, you could be reported to the police and charged.

    • Yes. I do not wish to add to the agony of that family – but why was this child left unsupervised access to a refugee communal home? I would tie my daughter down before I let her within a mile of such a place. I am Jewish too, btw. I lived in Israel for a good few years in the 80’ opinions of Islam – not individuals of that philosophy mind – was largely formed there. First hand experience. I do not know the motives of Jewish organisations in Europe appeasing and downplaying the violent nature of Islam. I know what they did to us at Khaibar. And continue, 1600 years later. Beware, the Sunday People.
      My deepest condolences to the parents of that beautiful child Susannah.

      • to Barbara, it was still good back in the 80s. . you got Fateh fighters who were mostly secular they didn’t give a damn about mohamed and his stories with the Jews, (there was not only Khaibar massacre but Bani Quraizah, Bani Qaynoqaa’ and Al-Nadhir, 4 jewish tribes) .. ironically some Jewish Organizations today are advocating for what Germany suffers from ..some perceive it as a continuation of punishing Germany , many middle eastern Christians believe Jews -represented by the state of israel- are helping Syrian terrorists, providing medical aid etc in away to tackle the shitte Iran in the region .. some Nationalists believe Israel would not mind Islamists taking power in the surrounding countries as islamists don’t really mean it when they attack Jews in their chants and aggregations they think it’s just a vote bait .. personally the horrible crime of Susannas killing has nothing to do with her being a jewish otherwise Jews have to reconsider their relationship with the Kurds (Ali is a Kurd) whom are glorified in in the west , the same Kurds who left the ethnic Yezidis to their slaughter by Al Baghdadi state in 2013, and even 7 before that when the IS was still a small faction of AlQaeda in Iraq .

    • I DON’T place blame on the parents. When I grew up in the 1960s-70s, in Queens, NY and Long Island, kids – boys and girls – walked around anywhere they wanted, anytime (of course we were in or near the house after dark) and all was good. I walked to a Queens kindergarten alone at 5 years old. I walked everyday, unaccompanied – except for my own thoughts and a school mate who may join my trail – to a Queens primary school, a whole stream of us kids walking, safely, unconcerned. This is how it should be. This is how it was, and it is the job of grown-ups to make sure that it remains so.

      The fault lies with the German government (and the people too, for electing such government) for allowing a dangerous factor such as Islam to enter Germany. The primary blame lies with Merkel.

      • I don’t blame the parents at all: a 14-year-old girl living in a Western county should be at liberty to walk the streets without fear of being raped or murdered. Where does the report state she was “unsupervised” at the refugee hostel or there at all?

    • There are places in this world where walking alone is perfectly safe for 13 year olds (or even younger).

      I suspect that their community USED TO BE such a place.

    • …at 13, even at 10-11 children are old enough to know how to behave safely outside. Saying it’s the fault of the parents a couple of savage beasts attacked their daughter is about as intelligent as saying it’s my fault when someone walking by steps on my foot. […]

      • They are savage beasts, and the will behave as such. Would you roam around a jungle inhabited by tigers? If you were eaten, that would be your fault.

    • I would not blame the parents. Why? for letting their 14 year old daughter go outside. The full blame should be laid squarely on the shoulders of Mutta Merkel and any Germany citizen that voted her in. She did not serve just one term – she is now in her 4th term. He was already a suspect in the rape of a 13 year old girl and had quite a polic record. He should have been deported but was allowed to stay. This is not the fault of her parents.

      • Wrong! It’s clear that Germany is now a much more dangerous place, even more so where asylum seekers and immigrants are present. If you care about your kids, you protect them.

        The grieved parents did not fulfill the basic requirements. End of story.

  2. What is scary and frightening is that:

    1. Western politicians are fond of and fascinated by muslims.

    2. Western women are delighted at the sight of hijab and melt when they see a muslim with a beard. They submit quickly and fast for being submissive and sycophant to anything new. “You know, we have a new religion,” she said to her companion.

    3. Man wants freedom but also servility: a strong bearded one who leads, not afraid, and thinks for them. Thinking, reasoning, and contemplating to reach the root and truth of things is very difficult for many westerners.

  3. This case of Suzanna from Mainz only comes up because she is Jewish. If by chance the rapists were White, the story would stay in Breaking News for the next 50 years. If she were non-Jewish it would never make it to the local news, let alone international headlines. Hundreds of thousands of White British girls are raped, and it is a hate crime to report their rape. Same in Germany.

    • @Ilia Toili. I appreciate your sentiments but this is hyperbole. The victims of murder/rape in Freiburg and Kandel, Maria and Mia, were goyim. I agree that if Christian (sic) German men had raped a Jew, the mass media would spin it as the neo-Nazi White menace threatening all Jews who need the safety provided by hijra in the EU (irony:off)

      While it is true that the national German state TV ignored Maria’ s death for a few days until forced by protest to cover it, the killing was indeed reported locally. Coverage since then has been national, incl. the trial and conviction of the Afghan killer. The history of Mia’s murder is similar.

      It is true that the Telford/Rotherham Paki gang rape epidemic in UK has been covered up for years since the 1990s.

      However, my impression is that the covering-up was due to social and political pressure in favour of British Labour Party immigration policy, (Blair), electoral calculation (68% of UK Muslims voted Labour; most UK Muslims are Pakistani) and the usual left-liberal virtue signalling, that is, concealed class hatred of the UK white working class, on The Guardian.

      However, if the country in question is Sweden, it is indeed my belief that mere reporting of such things in a factual way, e-g. a Facebook post linking Muslims to rape, is punishable under Swedish law.

      I don’t think UK has (yet) got to that point.

      The Regressive Left likes to think it has a long-term lease on statistics and rationality too, as well as empathy and compassion (sic). So we have to be accurate in what we say, I think.

    • Slight difference in this case was she was murdered as well. Murders tend to make headlines.

    • That is a lie. Google “Maria+Freiburg” and “Mia+Kandel” and you will find thousands upon thousands of stories about the horrific murder of these (non-Jewish) German girls by Muslim “refugees”.

    • From Niall Ferguson’s THE WAR OF THE WORLD, pp. 453-454:
      “In parts of Romania, too, the Jews were killed before the Germans had even arrived. On the night of January 21, 1941, ninety-three Jews were stripped naked and shot in the Jilava forest, near Bucharest; others were slaughtered at the Stralueti abattoir, their bodies hung on meat hooks with labels reading ‘Kosher Meat’. Five months later 4,000 Jews were killed in Iasi in a week-long orgy of violence….”

  4. I wonder if there is an English equivalent to a Boxer Rebellion growing in response to the muslim rape squads and the official police protection of them. Local Englishmen meet up at night to plan a revenge act or two on the foreign Devils.
    The British East India Company was behind the opium importation, and Anglo Jewry was behind the East India Company.
    I don’t see the capitalist motive behind the importation of rabid white-hating muslims.

    • One would hope such a reaction eventually develops. Provoking a deliberate and explicit cycle of revenge and retaliation might finally polarize the native british and force the government’s hand to do something. Right now, they can continue to sweep the problems under the rug and pretend that they don’t exist. Native british voters still outnumber the invaders and could do something electorally about the problem if they weren’t so divided and oblivious of the danger that is metasticizing in their midst.

      As to the capitalist motive for the invasion; my own opinion is that the globalists and crony capitalists behind the invasion of the West benefit by driving the wages down when native workforces are displaced by low cost invaders. Crisis also allows the government to take measures that otherwise would be impossible in any other time. But I think the ultimate motive is to force the return of the world to a kind of neo-feudalism and serfdom, where the elites live in their gated communities in splendor and isolation, and the lion’s share of value from production is extracted from a population that no longer has the energy or means to fight such exploitation. After several generations of dumbing down, economic exploitation, and forced supplanting of western culture and heritage by third world barbarism, the transformation will be complete and there will be no one alive who remembers anything other way of life.

      • “Anglo Jewry” is the primary object of Mark’s ire … not sure that you noticed this. The non-“capitalist motive” to which he coyly alludes is an Elders-of-Zion Conspiracy.

        • Sheesh, Garr. I can’t keep up with the code words. I depend on the B to keep the message boards clean. I’ll be glad when he returns from the wedding. (at least it’s not a funeral).

        • @Garr: no, Mark appears merely to be referring to the House of Sassoon, i.e. historical fact:

          So fear not, Dymphna.
          Garr’s Protocols of Zion insinuation is wide of the Mark (joke)

          @The Moon is a Harsh Mistress: given advances in AI and robots, I do not think wage reduction is as important a motive as debt slavery. There has been a great financialisation of Western economies since 1980, banks in USA take a much greater share of total corporate profits than they did then.
          Millions of catch-up Muslim consumers want their consumer loans and mortgages for big flat-screen TVs and BMWs, no?

          • For us it would be, numerically speaking, “catch-up” Mexican “consumers”. Not that Islam isn’t spreading at a fast clip, but its more likely to be Black Muslim folk. Just as dangerous, given their toxic resentment that’s been egged on by the Left, but it’s a different quality of danger.

            Mexicans, many of them but not all (we’ll exclude the drug gangs), want to get ahead, to fit in, to learn a trade. They don’t mind manual (or Manuel) labor which is anathema to Islam. Mexicans are in the US because of the deeply corrupt Mexican government.

          • I don’t mind Mexicans; my experience has been that most of them are very hard working, and if not practicing Catholics, at least sympathetic and not antagonistic to Christianity. Besides, they make excellent food and culturally are far closer to Americans than middle east and african muslims.

            I don’t doubt for a minute that debt slavery is a primary tool of the globalists. They enslave entire governments and also do a brisk business enslaving retail consumers. The flaw in their theory is that if everyone simultaneously rejected the debt servitude, they would be shattered beyond repair and powerless. They rely on the illusion of legitimacy to stay in business, and when enough people refuse to pay, they no longer have any power. A mass organized refusal to repay the debt slavery they have entrapped most consumers in would shatter their power over us and bring them to their knees.

          • The site you link to pushes anti Jewish conspiracy theories (It claims Israelis were behind the 2008 terror attack on the Chabad House in Bombay) and is therefore not a source of legitimate information concerning alleged Jewish domination.

          • My bad, for not checking out the link first. That’s a paranoid stinkbomb and goes against what intel we do have on the slaughter by the terror group that ran a covert op from Pakistan into Mumbai for that atrocity. It was Lashkar-e-Taiba which was responsible for the massacre, which even Pakistan admitted eventually.

          • Fascinating link, Reconquista; apparently several prominent Jewish families were involved in the running of the East India Company, and some of the names are still familiar today. However, what is Mark’s point? Does he allege that the EIC behaved badly (which it did) because of this? That would suggest bigotry on his part. If not, why does he draw attention to this aspect of the EIC’s history?

          • Adding to Dympha’s post: Any time you see a Muslim person in UK/Europe, (rich Saudis excluded) you will only ever see them shopping within their own communities. Should they leave their districts to come into the “non-Muslim ones” it will be to go to a thrift shop. You do not even see these women in the likes of Aldi, which is a German, low cost supermarket. They are of very little use to our economies on the whole, and the fact that the majority of the women have 4+ children, they are likely to spend their entire lives on welfare.

      • “After several generations of dumbing down, economic exploitation, and forced supplanting of western culture and heritage by third world barbarism, the transformation will be complete and there will be no one alive who remembers anything other way of life”

        You are so right! (as usual). I see this in my own children and how they are indoctrinated in school to be as politically correct as possible. They are horrified when they see videos from British t.v. in the 70’s. That was my norm and political correctness and multiculturalism is theirs. I have tried discussing the many problems of Islam in Europe with them but they just cannot understand it. I believe within a couple of decades, when they have their own children, they will see exactly what Mum was trying to tell them. Of course, by then, it will be too late.

  5. Could Germans and their government be blamed for not doing more to accommodate the “needs” of these lonely and unfortunate muslim victims of displacement?
    The 14 year old girl may be a good start, but shouldn’t greater and more helpful contributions be coming from the 13 and 12 year olds too? Nah!

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