A “Stop Soros” Law for Italy?

Giorgia Meloni is the leader of the anti-immigration party Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) and a member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies. Her party is not in the new “populist” government in Italy, but she supports the policies of Matteo Salvini and the Lega Nord.

In the following video Ms. Meloni discusses her proposal for an anti-Soros law in Italy, modeled after the one recently passed in Hungary.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   In Italy, people still invite George Soros to speak in public.
00:05   They call him a philanthropist, but we are talking about a speculator.
00:09   One who in 1992 cost us some billions of lire in speculation to enrich himself,
00:17   thankfully something that would teach us [a lesson]. Today George Soros says
00:20   that he is worried about the government voted in by the Italians.
00:23   And we hope that in the future he will be very worried, because the government will do its work
00:27   as we wish, that it will pass the law proposed by the Brothers of Italy
00:32   to prevent Soros and his ilk from financing non-governmental organizations
00:36   that favor illegal immigration.
00:41   Because their object is to render nation states ever weaker so that speculation will triumph.
00:45   Soros, we want you to worry,
00:48   Because we are proposing an anti-Soros law.

8 thoughts on “A “Stop Soros” Law for Italy?

  1. Two things will happen after George Soros dies:

    One, his heirs will turn out to be much less energetic and aggressive about continuing his high-profile globalist agenda.

    And two, “Davos Man” was always more than George Soros. Top politicians and megacorp CEOs will carry on as before, pushing for open borders and mass migration to keep global GDP growth going, consequences be damned. Soros’ death will put a temporary crimp in the activities of the NGOs he funds, but the politicians and CEOs are not taking orders from Soros now and won’t need his instructions after he dies.

    • You’re right about Soros being neither unique nor alone in funding globalist, anti-nationalist governments.

      I ran into an interesting comparison: Trump has about $2 billion, give or take, Soros has $15 or so, give or take, an order of magnitude greater than Trump. Technopolists like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Facebook, Brazos, owner of Amazon, have $100 billion, give or take, an order of magnitude greater than Soros. The technopolists may or may not be hard-left cultural Marxists like Soros, but they function the same as sociopath merchants: totally without principle, chasing after wealthy governments and acceding to their demands.

      These super-wealthy individuals are not only using their own funds for subversion: they are using the political influence they literally buy to leverage government tax money into their cause, which is often beneficial to their business model.

      Behemoth, socialist governments have huge weakness, though; they are cumbersome, very slow to respond, and often collapse of their own weight, in the absence of external support. I think the EU would be extremely vulnerable to just a few small countries totally dedicated to operating outside EU jurisdiction and to undermining the EU structure.

    • I suspect that Soros is just a *conduit* for a lot of stuff, rather than the originator. Another Soros will be found, sadly.

      • In a sense, *we* — you and I — are the originators. Our retirement plans depend on there being a continued net positive rate of return on our investments. As our western societies age, not producing enough offspring for replacement, consumer demand driving GDP growth dries up. Policy planners, in a panic and floundering about for ways to keep GDP growth going, have hit on a brilliant solution: import millions of consumers! (they know already that the migrants are useless as producers)

        This works, for a while… until it doesn’t. But “in the long run,” as Keynes was wont to say, “we will all be dead”.

  2. Beautiful. Orban was the vaccine. The antibodies are building and spreading. Lies are the disease and truth is the cure.

  3. How fun!

    These countries could go even further and expand the discretion (not the requirement) of the government to recognize extradition requests. Apparently, Soros is wanted by the governments of Russia and France. So, give the government of Italy the discretion to honor international warrants, (if and only if they wish to) and ship Soros to the countries that want him. This would put a significant crimp on the old man. I’m sure he gives Russia a wide berth at present. If he is in widespread danger of being picked up when traveling, he will probably stay locked up in his luxury closet.

    • I think that the Malaysians might want him too. Mahathir really hates him, and he’s back in office as PM.

      If that were to happen, I hope that they could find a way to transfer his case to the Malaysian sharia courts. For once, I’d be all in favour of a little Islamically-inspired justice… swift, highly effective, and in this case, well-placed.

  4. George Soros is like the Alien Incubation chamber in the movie of that name, the dank, hideous source of all evil.

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