A Saracen Pours Boiling Oil on an Infidel — But Not From the Ramparts

The following report by Egri Nök was published earlier at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Kassel, Germany: Syrian “Refugee” Throws Boiling Oil Into Janitor’s Face

by Egri Nök

An original translation from the Hessian news portal Extratipp:

Incident in Kassel, Hesse

Horror! 30-Year Old Asylum Seeker from Syria Throws Boiling Oil Into Janitor’s Face

June 25, 2018

Kassel — A 30-year old asylum seeker from Syria threw boiling oil into his janitor’s face on Friday around 3pm (CET) in Erzberger Straße. The janitor suffered severe burns on his face, upper body and arms. The 30-year-old immediately had to be taken to a special clinic in Hannover. Police Spokesman Torsten Werner confirmed this to extratipp.com on Monday before noon.

The incident happened in the Kassel district Nordstadt in an apartment building. At the request of the Kassel District Attorney, the 30-year-old was taken to the committing magistrate at the Kassel district court, who ordered that he be remanded, on Saturday.

Background: The two officers, who were lightly wounded, were investigating arson in the apartment building. There had been problems in the previous week: an unknown person had set a newspaper on fire in the building’s hallway, and later, a paper notice. When, on Friday, another paper notice was burned, the officers of office 11 for arson began an investigation in the apartment building.

The 30-year-old Syrian said he had only limited command of the German language. Therefore the officers asked him to come along with them to the precinct, where an interpreter would have translated his statements. The asylum seeker turned around, took a pot filled with oil from the stove, and threw it onto the officers and the janitor. While the janitor was hit by the largest portion of the hot oil, the officers overpowered and arrested the 30-year-old.

The arrested asylum seeker will have to answer charges of suspected severe arson and severe assault.

[Photo caption (not shown): The assault took place in this apartment building in Erzberger Straße in Kassel. A man threw boiling oil into the face of the janitor who is responsible for the building. The latter was wounded gravely.]

9 thoughts on “A Saracen Pours Boiling Oil on an Infidel — But Not From the Ramparts

  1. Why does the reader need to be told six times that the man arrested is 30 years old? Four times the article identifies him as an asylum seeker and three times as a Syrian. Why such an emphasis on his age, which isn’t relevant here? It couldn’t be to deflect attention from his origins and his reason for being in Germany, could it?

    This is a horrendous crime and I do hope that the janitor recovers from his injuries.

    • I know, it is a bit irritating. I think German press got into this habit because they aren’t allowed to identify suspects by name, so they use age as an identifier. It is pointless though when both, perpetrator and victim, are of the same age, like in this case.

    • In Syria, the Assad police would make sure he’s not attacking any police any time soon again. But then, Assad is a criminal dictator, who doesn’t uphold human rights and so on…

    • Joan, the problem, as I see it, is that he is all too human. We are, after all, risen apes.

  2. Well, Joan, he almost certainly won’t be properly punished, certainly won’t be sent out of Germany. I’m at a loss. *I* expect to be punished for wrongdoing but for some reason or reason these people aren’t.

  3. With each and every reported case, I gather more and more rage at the talking heads – from presidential to misguided random people on the street – harping on about “democracy in the Middle East” and “bloody brutal dictator Assad”. What democracy with people raping and killing 90-year old women? What form of government for “minors” smashing an ambulance doctor’s face without any reason or attacking with boiling oil completely innocent opponents. Only an iron fist – and without any velvet glove! “But they grew up under the tyrant, blah-blah-blah” – and what about those 2-nd and 3-rd generation invaders who effectively rule their own Muslim enclaves in France, Sweden, Belgium, UK….. ? Did they grow under Saddam or Hosni Mubarak?

  4. Say “He reached in to his coat. I thought he had a gun. I feared for my life.” Then shoot the bugger.

  5. How I wish Europeans could wake up and realise that all this mass immigration was a bad dream.

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