Multicultural Brawl in Antwerp

The following report was published earlier at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

(Translation by SimonXML from Het Laatste Nieuws )

VIDEO: Father and son in hospital after a fight at pita bar in Antwerp

Yesterday (12 May 2018) a fight broke outside a pita bar at the Rooseveltplaats in Antwerp. Two men, a father and his son, were sitting on the terrace drinking alcohol but that was not to the liking of the owner, who does not sell alcohol. It turned into a serious fight.

“The manager had approached the men about their behavior and then a scuffle started. It looked like a massive brawl but apparently there were also a lot of bystanders.”

“The two men were taken to hospital for treatment for their injuries. One of them also had a broken leg, so the consequences can be termed serious,” said spokesman Wouter Bruyns.

Politician Filip Dewinter (Vlaams Belang) posted a video of the brawl on Twitter.

[Ed: it is nearly impossible to find this video on YouTube by searching for component terms. More evidence that Alphabet/Google/YouTube is trying to make sure people use right think by only allowing people to see material that goes against the globalist/Islamic narrative if they know exactly what the title is. If you search for component terms, you typically get material showing the opposite scenarios, or ones which force the left-narrative.]

[This makes a nice contrast with a story from last month about some muslims that brought their own booze to a Czech restaurant, were politely asked not to bring and drink their own liquor at a private restaurant, and then proceeded to beat the waiter into a coma from which he may never recover. So the rule, should one choose to extrapolate one, is that when it comes to anything, whatever the muslim does is the right thing. Infidel drinking? results in a beating. Infidel asking muslims not to drink where illegal or inappropriate? Results in a beating.]

7 thoughts on “Multicultural Brawl in Antwerp

  1. Supposedly a local paper is claiming the father and son started the violence by attacking the staff member who told them to leave. I’m sure all the eye witnesses to that fact just happen to attend the local mosque.
    Are the terraces attached to the adjacent businesses or can anyone use them?

  2. Well… if you go to g. earth sattelite and enter search “Rooseveltplaats fayrouz” , then drop in to street view there you have a picture of the premises… not fayrouz but ” express pita ” next door seems the locale…. you don’t get a full view though…. because there is a carlsberg truck parked over where the incident took place.

  3. The Czech waiter is recovering, today he spoke up in the media. His eyes are still recovering, aparently currently his vision is still blurry and it’s still unsure whether or not he will completely recover. He said he doesn’t regret speaking up though, he would do it again. Aparently he was on lunch break when he noticed there was some arguing going on between the owner and those scumbags, so he went to help and then the brawl issued. He also mentioned he hopes the scumbags get the biggest sentence possible as an example for others that might consider doing the same. It’s obvious as personal trainers the criminals ought to know what a kick to the head can cause, so here’s hope the judge is going to consider that (even though our police usually does a good job, the same can’t be said about our judges). Btw neither of the perpetrators has send an apology to the victim so far.

  4. I live in Antwerp. Rooseveltplaats marks the beginning of the outer border of the inner city. Most buses stop there and it’s very close to central station. It also marks the beginning of the neighbourhoods which are predominantly populated by ‘allochtonen’ (= people from mostly (North) African origin).

    The district Borgerhout has been notorious for various incidents in the past and is basically the district which is directly east of Antwerp. Generally speaking, Antwerp is divided into several different areas, virtually all of which are multicultural to a certain degree.

    The old center and south part consist of more expensive areas populated by mostly indigenous upper class people. Practically all other parts become increasingly more populated by other nationalities or those who are from different origin.

    About 70% of the 0-9 year olds in Antwerp are of non-Belgian origins, meaning that the expansion of poorly educated and often religiously indoctrinated people (with a lower population mean IQ) will only increase, vastly and rapidly in the coming years. It seems likely that the rich areas will stand their ground for a while longer and that the population expansion will mainly proceed towards the suburbs, where people have been becoming increasingly frustrated over the years.

    The biggest issue in Belgium is the fact that Vlaams Belang (former Vlaams Blok) is being excluded from any position in power by all other parties, coined as the term ‘cordon sanitaire’. Unfortunately Vlaams Belang has -for electoral reasons- decided to accept this position unofficially, making all votes for them practially useless since they don’t want to rule. The only alternative is to vote for N-VA, who are currently represented by the mayor in the city and are in the ruling coalition in the federal and Flemish governments. However, they refuse to condemn Islam nor dare to properly acknowledge the immense impeding danger to our society. They say “there is a problem within Islam, not with Islam” and thus in reality cater to the multicultural utopia while giving the impression that they’re on the side of the common Fleming and his “leidkultuur” as the mayor mentioned in his speech. However, despite being seemingly knowledgeable about the concerns of the people, there is a severe lack of strategy and action. So much so that I’ve become highly skeptical about their capacity and willingness to properly deal with it.

    Personally, I don’t see any way to vote with good conscience as neither of the options will result into any desirable outcome for the future, especially with demographics being as they are. It seems likely that the cultural war will continue to smolder beneath the surface until we are faced with a brutal civil war over cultural dominance. On their terms, since we are the ones trying to hold off conflict while we are still in power.

    The Islam party has been making news recently and -while facing significant opposition by the Belgian population- seems to be here to stay in one form or another.

  5. Enough of this silliness about no harsh words or negative generalizations about mohammedans.
    There are just too many thugs and savages per capita in that group.
    Treating them as individuals, as we do with — at least cultural — westerners doesn’t pay. Too risky. They have to be dealt with as a group, avoided as a group and excluded/exiled as a group. It’s the only approach that has any chance of being effective.
    Wherever that populatioon shows up the bring violence, suffering and savagery.
    Truth about reality … civilized and civil mohammedans are THE TINY MINORITY OF EXTREMISTS.
    The rest? Russian roulette.

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