Tommy Robinson’s Free Speech Day

It looks as though the weather was perfect…and can’t remember when I last heard the national anthem sung.

In the remarks below the video, Tommy says:

Please share and like people. The mainstream media and government did a blackout on reporting trying to hope this all goes away. They are irrelevant now people get their news online so please share on social media and wake some more people up.

8 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson’s Free Speech Day

  1. The government and the media cannot sweep the mood of the people under the carpet for ever. Many, many years ago, I read an interesting story written by a man called Peter Van Greenaway entitled “The Man who held the Queen to Ransom and sent Parliament packing.” It is about a coup carried out by a small group of army officers in the 1960/70 era. A good read if you can find it. I think the UK is ready for that coup now.

  2. The rather sad fact is the mainstream media was indeed present, as well as a number of amateurs and independents. I went round asking camera crews what organisation they represented. Of course they were only there to catch any of the speakers out saying nasty things about Islam, or to record the fights that they hoped would happen. Our side were good humoured, not intoxicated, just there to enjoy the sunshine and the speeches.

    Can’t comment on the other side, I didn’t go for a walk down to see the Communists, Socialist Workers Party and Antifa, couldn’t be bothered. It appears they did try to provoke a fight, but the Police kept them under control.

    By about halfway through the Freedom Rally the other side packed up and went home. Really. The police were having the crowd barriers removed well before Milo finished. Our crowd thinned out a bit before the end, it did go on for a bit long, but for a first attempt at a rally like this it was superb.

  3. The people in the crowd looked youngish, smart and healthy, enthusiastic. It was one of the best crowds ever.

    • I noticed that in the video. And not an entirely ‘white’ crowd, either. Mostly, but not entirely.

      The enthusiasm was heartening.

      The video work was the best yet. We sent a small donation when Tommy put out an appeal to raise funds for security and video work. Visuals are so important – that’s one reason the on-looking MSM made sure to bury their images. They came for the fights and didn’t see any, thanks to the police doing their job.

      • Contrast that crowd of enthusiastic supporters with the sullen and hostile crowd of muslims in the same location after the Charlie Hebdo killings.

        That muslim gathering was an act of hostility dressed up as a peaceful demonstration. It was to convey Islam’s real message: comply with Sharia or face murder.

        • Even in Muslim majority countries, those “demonstrations” are deadly. A culture willing to kill its own as readily as it does The Outsiders can’t long endure, wouldn’t have endured until now except for (a)the Western illiberal leftists willing to prop it up for their own nefarious reasons; (b)its regressive tribal polygamous breeding, also supported by the West, in the West.

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