Rain, Rain…

It’s been beastly hot here for the last few days and now we’re facing several days of severe thunderstorms…this current system starts in Washington D.C. and goes all the way down to south central Virginia. Lots of warnings about trees and wind and flooding.

Which means we may lose our power more permanently (it’s been flickering off and on) when the brunt of it hits here…

…so y’all know the drill: if it looks as if the lights are on and no one is home, the situation will be exactly opposite: we’ll be home sans electricity.

So leave your comments, they will see the light as soon as we do.

2 thoughts on “Rain, Rain…

  1. The rainy season started a little early here in Thailand. I love it. It is very hot so the washing dries relatively quickly, then it rains torrentially for an hour or two making it unnecessary to water our garden.

    • Florida was like that, too. Summer meant rain every afternoon, and if you worked and hung out the washing before leaving the house, it got a good rain drench before you came home. Of course anything left out acquired mold or moss rather quickly.

      I miss those huge, dark, anvil thunderheads that grew and grew and grew while the trees swirled in the suddenly cooler breeze. Then the downpour, then the fizzle out, called “sunshowers” and then the steam rise of water vapor back the way it came, only a lot more slowly.

      We’re expecting those here through the week, but the horrid heat is supposed to retreat…deo gratias.

      Today’s sturm and drang will be after supper and go on until late. That causes mildew on the flowers. Oh well.

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