Heinz-Christian Strache Calls for “Immediate and Consequent Deportation” of Criminal Migrants

For anyone who is used to the typical PC waffling by Western European politicians when discussing the migration issue, the following video is astonishing and refreshing.

Heinz-Christian Strache is the leader of the FPÖ (Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs, Austrian Freedom Party). He is the current vice-chancellor of Austria, in coalition with the ÖVP (Österreichische Volkspartei, Austrian People’s Party) with Sebastian “Boy” Kurz as chancellor.

In his statement, Mr. Strache not only speaks plainly about the dangers posed by criminal migrants, but even identifies the ethnicities (Chechens and Afghans) that display the most brutality. He emphasizes the pointlessness of attempting to “integrate” such thugs, and insists that criminal migrants must be immediately deported.

I never expected to hear such remarks by a leader from any European country west of the Iron Curtain. Mr. Strache’s position is for all intents and purposes the same as that of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. The difference, of course, being that Mr. Orbán doesn’t have to deal with the presence of large numbers of viciously criminal migrants in Hungary, because he had the prudence and foresight to deny them entry in the first place.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for translating and subtitling this video:

Video transcript:

00:00   In our government program to introduce we have agreed on
00:04   tougher punishments for sex offenders and violent criminals.
00:08   Nearly every day we read about sexual assaults,
00:12   especially by asylum seekers. That is the result of the wave of refugees
00:16   in 2015, and the subsequent completely misguided
00:20   asylum policy of the previous government. Compared
00:24   with most countries of origin, Austrian penalties are downright
00:28   ridiculous. The deterrent here is zero.
00:32   The already introduced increase in penalties was merely the logical consequence.
00:36   However, apparently this is not enough either,
00:40   which is why we have to be even more restrictive, and in these areas
00:45   further increase the penalties, because robberies
00:49   are becoming more and more brutal. Increasingly a knife, or even a firearm
00:53   is being used. The perpetrators, among them unfortunately many foreigners,
00:57   do not shy away even from elderly people and children,
01:01   which makes me particularly concerned. This means that
01:05   the task force on criminal law that has now been set up can only be welcomed.
01:09   But let us not forget our officials, especially
01:13   the police, who risk their lives every day in the service of our security,
01:17   and who sometimes come into contact with perpetrators who
01:21   shy away from nothing. Chechens and Afghans especially
01:26   have recently distinguished themselves with their extreme brutality.
01:30   There is a total lack of respect. To then still
01:34   talk about possible integration, or how important migration is for us —
01:38   as some theorists or leftists still believe and claim —
01:42   knocks the bottom out of the barrel. Anyone who
01:46   attacks officials, but also health personnel, must be punished with the full force of the law.
01:50   And for strangers who seek protection here, and then
01:54   think they must stand up against the State,
01:58   I have but one answer: the immediate and consequent deportation.
02:02   Such persons have forfeited any right of residence, protection and
02:06   assistance or asylum in Austria.
02:11   An attack on a police officer cannot be regarded as a trivial offence,
02:15   but must be dealt with using the full force of the law.
02:19   Let us proceed in together and show such perpetrators
02:23   that Austria will no longer tolerate this.

13 thoughts on “Heinz-Christian Strache Calls for “Immediate and Consequent Deportation” of Criminal Migrants

  1. And this is why Europe never should have gotten rid of the death penalty. If you excecute the worst offenders, then you don’t have to worry about if their home country won’t take them back.

  2. Well said, but action is needed. The liberal social democratic societies found in Western Europe are ill-prepared for dealing with muslim outlaws. They are so geared towards expecting “victim refugees” to being passive appreciative folks they cannot adapt to the evil reality of what has been unleashed on picturesque Europe.

    Hopefully Mr Strache has the power to push through what he is suggesting. The refugee asylum court system needs to be replaced, as it only buys time for criminals to remain in a country. Instant deportation on the authority of a local judge is required. Street searches of anyone suspected by Police of carrying a weapon is the next step.

    • Since the political jaw-jaw is just beginning to change, that is in itself a kind of action. Lots of talk before direct action is the norm in Western culture. Consider the words the warm-up…

      • I too see shades of Victor Orbán in Mr. Strache and – if they let him – the light at the end of this tunnel might not be the headlights of an oncoming train any longer….

        • Great news – better yet if any offender gets deported
          Make sure that his whole family join him too.
          His parents have failed him, his siblings will
          Undoubtedly be of a similar criminal mind set
          And the whole clan likely to be sucking on the bloated
          Teat Of the Austrian welfare system anyway.

          Unfortunately though the whole lot will just chance
          Their arm in another gullible European country
          Of their choice at a later stage.

          Until the borders of Greece and Italy deter this 3rd
          World invasion instead of welcoming them instead
          They will just be coming in waves as per normal.

      • I agree. Westerners don’t generally fly off the handle at the drop of a hat (if you’ll excuse the mixed metaphors) but that’s not to say their actions are any the less determined.

  3. At 2:00 the speaker calls for “die sofortige und konsequente Abschiebung”, which is translated as “the immediate and consequent deportation” (of strangers who seek protection here, and then think they must stand up against the State). The adjective “consequent” here (and in the headline) makes little sense. It is a “false friend” translation of “konsequent”, which means “consistent; resolute, steadfast”.
    (This message has been brought to you by Pedants R Us.)

    • @ Mark Spahn (West Seneca NY)

      Thank you dear Pedants R Us…people like you are needed for people like me who are at the total opposite of the spectrum…rather like near-enough-is-good-enough R Us 😉

      If you allow I’ll take the “resulute” 🙂

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