A Syrian culture-enricher was offended. Vivien got stabbed. Sometimes these things just happen.

Several days ago, as part of a larger report on a wave of knife crimes in Germany, Egri Nök discussed an incident in which a young woman named Vivien was viciously stabbed by a 17-year-old Syrian “refugee”. In a subsequent report, Vivien’s parents went public about what had happened to their daughter.

Among other things, the following video features an interview with the Syrian attacker’s older brother. Many thanks to Ava Lon and Egri for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   The crime scene is still stained with blood. After an emergency surgery, Vivien K.
00:05   in an artificial coma is fighting for her life. Her friend Dominik K. is still in shock.
00:10   She wanted to help me. She had one of them… after she saw that both of them were beating me up,
00:15   more or less, she pulled one away from me, so I could be saved.
00:20   And that’s when he stabbed her. According to Dominik,
00:25   the couple had a fight earlier with two Syrian youths in this grocery store. On their way home
00:30   the Syrian’s 17-year-old brother arrived as well. When Vivien got between them during the fight,
00:35   the 17-year-old pulled a knife and stabbed Vivien. The eldest brother of the Syrian
00:40   was not there. He is sorry, but he says that his brother was offended.
00:45   They have totally totally many bad words speaked; I cannot repeat them!
00:50   That there simply with the knife — and has hit the woman — that does not happen.
00:56   There must something be — always! — has she done before, or something happen.
01:01   Lately such knife attacks have happened over and over again. And in order to gain control
01:06   of the problem, the Police Union demands a federal registration of the stabbings in order to
01:11   be able actively prevent them. —As result of the reform of the federal structure there are now
01:16   sixteen federal states that have different police policies, and also different statistics.
01:19   And it’s simply the case that knife attacks, or rather the knife-holders
01:22   among the public, are not registered in statistics, not in every federal state.
01:25   There was an arrest warrant issued against the 17-year-old Syrian for attempted murder.
01:30   He under investigative arrest, and is silent about the accusations.

10 thoughts on “A Syrian culture-enricher was offended. Vivien got stabbed. Sometimes these things just happen.

  1. …. and yet, immigrant invaders offend Westerners verbally, physically, sexually, and in our pocketbooks. Just for fun, tallies should be kept for the knife attacks by citizens against the invaders.

  2. These European countries ought to post signs at their borders. Something along the lines of: Warning! If you enter this country, you just might be offended by something or someone within our borders. So, if you are easily offended, please return to your point of origin. Otherwise, something more severe than being offended might happen to you!

    • The German was bad — fractured grammar. Ava Lon, Egri, and I discussed it. I did my best to create bad English to give the flavor of the original, while still allowing the meaning to come through.

      It’s difficult to preserve grammatical errors when translating from one language to another.

  3. I think a lot of the rationale is made up for the western media, just to see how far they can go. If they attacked a girl with a family in tribal-based Islamic countries, they would not be under the illusion that they would see another sunset.

    The problem is, the determination of the invaders to ignore the law of their host land is corroborated by the host itself: the invaders interpret the different enforcement standards as validation of their own customs. Instead of a death by beating, they get lodging in a comfortable prison with lots of other Muslim males. Not much of a disincentive for Muslim Middle Easterners.

  4. I demand an immediate full knife ban and to be on the safe side, a fork and spoon ban too. Oh and I want more migrants, especially Muslim ones, because this is the only way to have a vibrantly tolerant, democratically colorful society, where the cis-gendered white patriarchy has no power…

  5. It is quickly moving towards patriots taking these issues into their own hands. The police and security are hamstrung. So the people must step into the breach.
    Soon the war will be declared inadvertantly. Watch news reports of the death of immigrants and gang connections being blamed.
    That will signal the reversal and the beginning of the clearances.

  6. Hmm, I’d suppose that Mutti Merkel expects these invaders to learn restraint and to refrain from committing acts like this, eventually.

    • Yes; a top German judge on the news just called for the Germans’ patience: it would take a few decades.

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