“We Want Everyone to See What Was Done to Our Daughter”

The following report by Egri Nök was published last night at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

“We want everyone to see what was done to our daughter”

by Egri Nök

Germany — Vivien, 24, was stabbed down and critically wounded by a 17-year-old Syrian refugee last Saturday, when she and her boyfriend were shopping for groceries in the small German town of Burgwedel (see the report Bloody Weekend — Knife Attacks All Over Germany). She had to undergo emergency surgery and remained in critical condition.

The prosecution has opened an investigation against the boy for battery. His family, who came to Germany as refugees in 2013, issued a statement that they are sorry about the incident, however, “they want it investigated how it might have come to him stabbing out.”

Vivien’s parents approached the newspaper Bild Zeitung. An original translation:

Vivien (24) was stabbed down and critically injured by a 17-year-old Syrian refugee when she was shopping.

The Parents of Knife-Victim Vivien (24) Reproach:

“Everyone should see what was done to our daughter”

The 24-year-old woke up from her coma — this is what her lawyer and her boyfriend have to say.

by Mirko Voltmer
March 29, 2018

Hannover — Sensors watch over her somatic functions, tubes sustain Vivien K. (24). The young woman is in intensive care — she was the victim of a knife-stabber after an argument in the supermarket.

“We want nothing more than for our daughter to get well again. But we also want everyone to see what happened to her,” say Vivien’s parents.

The doctors had to remove her spleen, and part of her pancreas. Her ribs are broken. Four days after the knife attack, on Wednesday, she woke from the artificial coma.

Flashback: On Saturday, she and her boyfriend Domenic K. (25) were shopping a supermarket in Burgwedel (Lower Saxony), and happened upon two cousins (13, 14), who were allegedly wrestling. Vivien, who is a shop assistant, asked the two to stop it.

Outside, the couple met the two again, with a brother (17). He stabbed Vivien into the belly with a jackknife. Domenic: “I thank God that Vivien is still alive. The doctors said two centimeters made the difference between life and death.”

The alleged perpetrator is in custody and has remained silent. He came to Germany as a Syrian refugee in 2013. He is charged with dangerous battery.

[Photo caption (not shown): The suspect (17) on the way to the committing magistrate]

According to a relative, Domenic pulled one of the children by the ear before the attack.

The victim’s attorney Björn Nordmann: “In my preliminary assessment of the issue, it is an attempted murder. The alleged perpetrator approved of my client’s possible death when he brutally stabbed her.”

A spokesman for the public prosecutor: “Our investigations are just beginning; we still have to interview witnesses. It is possible that we will then assess the issue differently.”

18 thoughts on ““We Want Everyone to See What Was Done to Our Daughter”

  1. No one wants to be uncaring, but before these parents point fingers and lay blame by letting the world see what happened to their daughter, certain facts should be made known. Of course there are levels of blame, with the first going to the Muslim who stabbed this woman. But lets continue down the line. How did he get to Germany, by whose permission, and with the help of who (we’re looking at you NGOs, including the German version of Catholic Charities). And so forth. [All this backtracking will of course lead back to Mohammad, but he’s beyond legal process.]

    And shouldn’t we know the candidates and parties these parents voted for? Did they have some indirect complicity, by voting Merkel, her parties, or for other parties in her coalition.

    Quick test to see if you’re nuts. You walk into a flooded room with the faucet on full blast. What is your first move, clean up the water or turn off the faucet?

    Europe still hasn’t make the right move?

    • If someone sets free a clan of hyenas to roam the streets and as a result people are attacked, who’s to blame? Hyenas or those that set them free?

  2. My view, reinstate capital punishment and execute a few of these animals. If it doesn’t stop the rest, at least those executed won’t be doing it again and won’t be costing taxpayers money keeping them in jail.

    • My view is execute some of the enablers,so everyone can see what happens to the traitors.

      • That is a slippery slope. I agree our politicians and certain segments of society have encouraged this flood, but ultimately, if you stab, you are responsible.

        • Are you saying the politicians cannot be held responsible? Cannot be blamed? Oh yeah, the community too.

  3. You can see what’s coming; an excuse to exonerate the migrant and blame the German couple for provocation.

  4. Go to Vlad Tepes blog, look at the photo of the perp. Does he look 17 to you? Not to me. He may be 17, but I doubt it. He wears that grown in face of a man in his mid to late 20s.

  5. yet Merkel was angry a week ago when the governer of Munich said Islam is not compatible with German community values … I met German natives came as tourists here on the red sea city of Hurghada and they were defending muslims more than a fervent muslim would do, I said aha yea now I know why what’s happening in Germany is happening, the counsellor is not he only one to blame

    • Very interesting observation. In my experience, it is often people who know least about Islam, who defend it the most.
      By the way, cheers Egypt, thanks for giving us in Germany Hamed Abdel Samad 🙂

  6. “Whether ten thousand Russian females fall down from exhaustion while digging an anti-tank ditch interests me only in so far as the anti-tank ditch for Germany is finished.”
    (Heinrich Himmler)

    Substitute “Muslim” for “Russian” and I think you’ll get the measure of what Germans themselves are thinking.

    • More like the Polish nuns in the film The Innocents (based on true story) who were raped by the soviets, many impregnated, then were caught in a web between a society that cared little for solo mothers and the communist authorities who cared little for Catholics.

  7. and more than that, the event happened ironically in the suburb of Hannover where ex- president Wulf resides, the one who said : Islam is a part of Germany.Ordered and delivered.

  8. Where are those nice Liberals who two years ago carried banners saying “They are not dangerous, they are in danger” in support of the migrant “children” flooding Europe?

    They won’t show their faces now that the nasty side of these kids emerges.

  9. Corporal punishment is illegal in the EU right? So we’re to believe that a 20 something man, a product of this upbringing, grabbed not only a child but a sacrosanct foreign child, by the ear?
    I doubt a hand was laid on them and the 17 year old should be tried for attempted murder regardless.

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