Good Friday 2018

This is from 1950. A cultural artifact, for sure:

This hymn may be the first crossover to the mainstream from a long tradition of black Christian music. Is it the best or most authentic version? Lord, no; it’s white bread all the way through. However, as history, it’s worth a listen especially when you get to the end when Mr Waring uncomfortably shills for his sponsor.

On Good Friday 2018, Palestinians are storming the borders of Israel. As it happens, there is a confluence here: Passover begins at sundown, Christians observe Good Friday, and PoorPalis go on a rampage. Hmmm…maybe they didn’t want to be left out so they performed the ritual they know best.

7 thoughts on “Good Friday 2018

  1. The synagogue of satan is to be condemned, as did Jesus. But everyone who believes in the return of Jesus, our saviour, is to be acclaimed and applauded.

  2. Sheep are sacrificed on Passover, so of course there is the ram page, that is written in the sheep’s blood. We had a wonderful Good Friday (it’s supposed to be Thursday) service with communion. The Holy Spirit was present in a very special way to remind us that better days are coming when we will be with the Lord in fact, instead of being with Him in faith as we wait for His return for us.
    You do need to catch, and even publish, Trump’s Good Friday proclamation. It was played before the communion service. Trump preached the Gospel (abbreviated version but still the Gospel) to the whole world. I believe I read in the Bible something about the Gospel being preached to the whole world and then the end will come. Trump’s proclamation did preach the Gospel to the whole world. Yikes!!
    PS, add to that the Pope saying that Hell does not exist. When he tried to back out of what he had said the roof of Saint Paul’s basilica began to fall down onto the believers in t he pews below. Talk about the roof caving in upon iniquity! See the following link.

  3. Good Friday -march 30- at sun down, started the Jewish Passover. As when Jesus was put on the cross, Passover and Shabat were coincident.
    Palis attacked at a major Jewish Holiday. In 73, Egypt attacked at Yom Kippur. They are just the same.

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