Tommy Robinson’s Testicular Fortitude

From Sheik Yer’mami in Australia comes this piece:

It originated at Breitbart London:

Rebel Media correspondent and former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson was forced to take his family’s defence into his own hands this week following a litany of threats against his children, wife, and mother.

Robinson, 35, was subjected to streams of abuse, harassment, and violent threats after a court was reportedly misled into believing he exchanged direct Twitter messages with Finsbury Park mosque terrorist Darren Osborne. Britain’s media then spread the fake news story with no regard for Robinson or his family’s safety.

Following multiple threats in messages and in video, Robinson reported the matters to the police, who insisted they had officers working on the case. But the Rebel Media correspondent soon found out that Britain’s police were scarcely interested in the matter.

18 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson’s Testicular Fortitude

  1. It’s quite clear that the UK gov’t is a believer in Stalin’s “Get rid of the person, get rid of the problem.” concept.

    They’re not going to do an extra-judicial killing directly. But they’ll quite easily “let one happen ‘unintentionally'”. It’s pretty clear to me that they want him dead. This is only one of MANY incidents that makes it clear.

  2. Tommy is still one of the most effective communicators of the counter jihad message.

    That was a brilliant piece of television that would show up many a professional reporter.

  3. The utterly useless, corrupt, deceitful, cowardly British police. They play games with people’s lives while on their knees before Islam. Britain has become a repulsive […] country.

    • I’m British (I prefer English) and I agree, Britain has become repulsive. It is a “[sump]” that gets worse by the day.

      The state has stolen public space and utilised it for the furtherance of its own agenda and as a consequence the Britishness of that public space has been compromised – hence the increasing repulsiveness of Britain.

        • It is sad that a welfare state that is supposedly for the benefit of disadvantaged whites indigenous inhabitants are being exploited by mostly nonwhites, eg, Islamics, Africans, Asians, who came mostly from resource rich nonwhite countries who incidentally already received so much aid from the West.

  4. I wonder how long it will be until the English people view their police force with enough hatred to view them as criminals, like the criminals they protect.

    • I can speculate that, once Britain’s democratic decision to leave the EU has been sabotaged, and our police are tasked with enforcing the laws imposed upon us, without representation, by a foreign power, their illegitimised authority will become increasingly feared and hated as they morph politically into a body more like the Nazi’s Geheime Staatspolizei.

      This is probably the inevitable consequence of the appalling Constitutional crisis which is now upon us, as our government capitulates to the totalitarian arrogance of Brussels, and its most influential – and German – leader. I think that the police of such a vassal state would urgently need beefing up, to protect their Quisling masters. It would certainly not help ‘community relations’ – I can see even respectable middle class folk being viciously beaten-up by armoured thugs in the State’s employ, as they peacefully attempt to demonstrate, in their increasingly ghettoized native British enclaves, against the wholesale, ruthless abrogation of the rule of law expressly in order to impose foreign domination, and protect alien ways at the expense of our own.

      Yes ‘Bookstopper’ I too wonder how long before we British find our passive-aggressive enemies in high places are beginning to employ brutish ‘Peacekeepers’ to do their dirty work for them, and all popular respect for the law and its officers evaporates in an explosion of instinctive revulsion at the betrayal of everything decent this once-free country ever stood for.

      Of course, perhaps it is the case that we have become so degraded as a people that we will do nothing at all but mutely collaborate with the final dissolution of Britain?

      Tragically, those best placed to grasp the dire situation, that confronts us, have chosen neither to respect our democracy, nor defend our country. Whatever the outcome of such a mad and misguided course of action, all of us in Britain will surely live to regret it.

      So, No: I don’t suppose our police will seem very ‘wonderful’ before too long.

  5. Rebel Media is infuriating. It’s as though if you are in the UK, they cannot accept your money. I will send a small check by snail mail, but does anyone know how to give to TR online from the USA?


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