Mujahideen Allied With Turkey Fight Kurds in Syria Using NATO-Supplied Weapons

The following report from Germany discusses the Salafist groups in Syria that fight alongside the Turkish army against the Kurds. They use weapons supplied to “our staunch NATO ally” Turkey, some of which may have come from Germany.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript (timing based on the original longer program):

06:50   But there’s also another risk, since Turkey isn’t fighting against the Kurds alone:
06:55   In our pictures you can see next to and among regular Turkish soldiers
06:58   men with red headbands. The insignia on their uniforms says:
07:06   Free Syrian Army, FSA. This sounds like militants of the democratic resistance.
07:11   Who is really behind it?
07:16   Thomas Schmiedinger of Vienna University, who is considered an expert on North Syria, was there
07:21   several times. We are able to skype-interview him from the Middle East. His assessment of the
07:25   Turkish offensive is clear: “Here there’s a NATO army, which is also equipped
07:31   with German weapons, fighting together with Islamist and jihadist
07:36   militias — those are former FSA fighters,
07:41   but also jihadists like Ahrar al-Sham, and even former
07:46   Islamic State fighters — against the Kurds in this region. “Jihadists on the side of
07:51   Turkey? Ahrar al-Sham on the side of a NATO partner?
07:56   A group which was classified by the general federal prosecutor
07:59   in Germany as a terrorist organization?
08:02   The [German] opposition is talking about an epiphany in the federal government.
08:07   The federal government has a totally irresponsible policy on arms exportation, because
08:12   they continue to deliver defense merchandise to their NATO partner Turkey,
08:17   knowing full well that Turkey has been directly supplying the murderous Islamist jihad groups
08:21   with weapons for years and training them in Turkey as flights
08:25   [unintelligible] are also provided in the invasion area,
08:28   and one cannot exclude the possibility that those murderous jihadist
08:33   Islamist gangs are using German weapons in their jihad.

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  1. « Однимъ словомъ, не было звѣрства, не было преступленія, не было злодѣйства, котораго курды не позволили бы себѣ по отношению к христианским подданным султана »
    Восточная война и Брюссельская конференция 1874-1878 гг.
    “In short, there was no atrocity, there was no crime, there was no villainy, which the Kurds would not allow themselves in relation to the Christian subjects of the Sultan”

    The Eastern War and the Brussels Conference of 1874-1878.
    We have a wish: gobble each other.

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