British Expat: “Bulgaria is Probably One of the Safest Countries in the World”

The following video from Bulgarian TV shows an interview with an English couple who have resettled in Bulgaria. Tanya T, who translated the video for subtitling, includes this introduction:

This British couple who moved to Bulgaria are definitely not the only ones — there are many Germans as well as Brits leaving their home countries and coming here. This couple was chosen just because they look a bit funny, but they are a part of a bigger phenomenon.

These people have moved to a region of the country that Bulgarians are leaving because of the high Roma criminality, yet they say they feel much safer there than in the UK. They themselves have been robbed, but say they don’t divide people, and get along with everybody regardless of their ethnicity.

Unfortunately, I don’t how long Bulgarians will enjoy greater safety than Western Europeans — the Vice President of the ruling party recently announced the state was going to fight “negative attitudes” against certain foreigners by importing well-educated specialists among them to work in Bulgaria (i.e. they need workers, and the plan is to brainwash us Western-style, so that they can do whatever they want). But we are going to resist, like other Eastern Europeans.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

20:50   And now, are you happy here, in Bulgaria?
20:53   It’s perfect. I was very disappointed with Great Britain, with the way it treated its own citizens.
21:01   They were looking after the immigrants coming to the island better than their own people.
21:07   I got disappointed and I didn’t like the way things were going. That’s why I left.
21:15   We lost control over our own country.
21:18   Certain things were happening and I decided that I wanted a new start.
21:21   A new life. New experiences. New adventures.
21:25   Based on what I feel and what I’ve read in the media,
21:29   at the moment Bulgaria is probably one of the safest countries in the world.
21:33   If you compare it to the UK? —It’s much better.
21:37   Just because of the migrants? —Yes. This is one of the main reasons we left the UK.
21:42   We both come from the country. For example, when we would go to the city on a Saturday,
21:48   we would have to listen carefully to hear English speech.
21:54   Yes, when you are walking on the streets you hear so many different accents…
21:57   Right now in England, probably just 30% of the population speaks English [as a first language]
22:03   We went to London about 2.5 years ago to watch “Romeo and Juliet” by Shakespeare,
22:08   and an entire 45 minutes had passed since we had set foot in London
22:12   until we heard somebody speak English.
22:15   By the way, you won’t hear anybody speaking English
22:18   in this village either, you should be aware of that…
22:22   You are probably disappointed with the immigration policy because of the many terrorist attacks…
22:28   Perhaps that’s also why you left… Don’t get me started on my politics…
22:35   It’s very sad, what happened… We are very angry.
22:38   We feel as if there’s nothing we can do because we are here…
22:42   One of the terrorists who got arrested had actually lived in our home town…
22:45   We are sad and a bit worried about our children who have to live with those terrorists…
22:53   In my opinion the world has gone mad during the last ten years.
22:59   The government and the politicians are too politically correct,
23:02   and many of the politicians, presidents and ministers
23:06   are only worried about their ratings and popularity.
23:10   They are constantly monitoring their words.
23:15   I think England needs a strong leader, and we haven’t got him…
23:20   England needs someone like Trump to get us out of this terrorist regime.
23:28   What do you think about Brexit?
23:32   I think that Brexit was a great idea. I really wanted the UK to have control over its own policy,
23:40   Over its own borders, to govern with its own laws and its own state.
23:45   I think we have control of these things now.
23:50   Now we can cope with the Muslim problem. We couldn’t do that before.
23:55   There was a man… I don’t know if people have heard of the case here… We used to call him Dr. Hook.
24:00   You remember he had a funny hand… The Foreign Secretary
24:04   at that time kept trying to deport him for six years,
24:08   but because of the EU — Brussels said we couldn’t deport him and he had to remain in England.
24:14   We were required to keep a terrorist in the UK for six years —
24:20   we had to feed him and support him, while he was
24:24   organizing terrorist attacks throughout the entire UK.
24:27   We had to pay for him, for his wife, for his children, for his car and house,
24:33   and when he was in prison we also had to pay for his stay there,
24:37   while he was ordering terrorist attacks,
24:40   and we couldn’t get rid of him just because the EU said he had to stay with us,
24:46   because he “had human rights”.
24:49   And basically, this radical behavior made me leave my own country.
24:54   That was one of the key reasons why I left England —
25:00   I had gotten tired of their views and abuses.
25:04   And the British police would protect them before us.
25:10   In other words, you escaped the UK and came here, to be happy with your wife,
25:14   and your breasts.
25:18   Her breasts, not your breasts. —Our breasts, yes.
25:24   I wish you a pleasant stay here. They say about Bulgarians that we are very hospitable people.
25:32   We do know you know how to have fun. You really know how to party.

38 thoughts on “British Expat: “Bulgaria is Probably One of the Safest Countries in the World”

  1. I’ll just point out that Bulgaria has a high percentage Muslim population (close to 10%), **BUT** a completely different history… and different results.

    Interesting, I would say.

    It’s becoming fairly clear that this time around, Eastern Europe is where freedom will survive, unlike the last time.

    Austria seems to be leaning East.

    Many native Europeans generally will probably personally move East, like this couple. A “sortation” may happen.

    I can tell you all this. Look at Quebec City, and you’ll find evidence of a large English-speaking population less than 50 years ago. There are virtually none left now. It’s incredible how fast it can happen, even without any violence (hence my using Quebec City as an example).

  2. Highly recommend Sofia, Bulgaria. Interesting city with friendly people, good food, and good wine. English is pretty widely spoken and used in signage, so you will be able to get around. I found basic Bulgarian pretty easy, and was even able to pick up a bit of their alphabet.

    Very easy to get from the airport to downtown, just exit the airport terminal and turn left to get to the Metro station.

    Nothing like a shopska salad before a slow roasted pork shoulder that melts in your mouth!

    The Orthodox Easter ceremony at Alexander Nevski is beautiful and a national event that is televised yearly. Highly recommended.

    Lots of old, interesting Soviet-era buildings to explore. If you must shop, the Vitosha district is quite posh. The exchange rates are currently terrific for Westerners.

    Would love to go back to go skiing at Vitosha or Bansko.

    Recommend staying out of Quebec due to eye-watering taxes that wipe out any exchange rate benefits you might enjoy. Skiing experience is better in Vermont and New Hampshire.

  3. I live in bulgaria, since 2003, it’s improved a lot.

    Sofia is not best place, but has improved a lot.

    Depends on your taste, I’m on Black Sea coast Kavarna, lovely town close to Romania, and close also to Varna.

    I think also Bulgarian mountains are great.

    Bulgaria still very cheap, you can live on 2.5 euros per day (5levs)
    Rock bottom, if you have no rent to pay.

    Bulgaria is very safe, most gypsies and conmen left for west Europe.

    Muslims you don’t notice them much, but they are concentrated in certain towns, Turkish muslims, they are scum!

    Muslims in bg keep low profile, because they are not wanted, hated. Which is good.

    Bg has big 400 years ottoman history with islamic butchers, the battle of Kalachakra took place close to Kavarna, off the costa in 19th century, Russian forces defeated Turkish savages, there’s lot memorials around the area.

    The west has become the east! The east is the new west!

    I advise you to fight or flee to east.

    Western europe has been sold down river by political traitors for islamic oil money.

    • “sold down river by political traitors”.

      Yes, we must never forget who the real traitors are.

      I have always made the safe assumption that the agencies of the state very closely monitor sites such as these and vet all contributors.

      The “deep state” will have no doubt at the fury building up in the populace.

      They’ll reflexively use oppressive machinery to contain it of course even though it will ultimately fail but they can do nowt else.

      Oh well.

  4. I can’t help but think the British wife received unwelcomed catcalls and negative attention if she walked around semi-exposed in similar blouses whilst living in the UK. It may take another decade or two for the great white flight to Eastern Europe.

    Here in California, there is no room at the inn for homeless and low income, no income people. Those who make under $100K yearly salaries are living in their automobiles and RVs in places like San Jose, San Diego, San Francisco, LA, etc.

    However, NGOs and religious organizations keep bringing in third world migrants who receive priority in section 8, low-income housing. The United States is still kowtowing to UN-dictated migrant quotas. Sanctuary states like California are happy to take them all in the name of social justice & open borders.

    • I too found the lady’s top a bit tiny for her ridiculous….assets…

      As the comedian Dave Chappelle once joked, “…you may not be a prostitute, but you are most certainly wearing a prostitute’s uniform!”

      • As any woman whose mammary glands are that enlarged can tell you, this woman is *suffering*. I had a good friend who finally had breast reduction surgery done, after years of backaches, and she was thrilled to be, finally, WNL – “within normal limits”.

        Breasts of such freakish size can increase the risk for breast cancer.

        • I hope they are into farming. I think they will be welcome there because most eastern Europeans value emigrants who brought huge tracts of land with them.

      • They’d oddly normal in every other way. Seems like they’d be nice neighbours. I guess they’re into mammaries, is all.

  5. Wow! Britain lost a national treasure when they left. You were saying something about Bulgaria….

  6. Baron, that video answered a question I’ve wondered for 12 years now. Perhaps when I’m a hundred I shall know if I am dead . Now I know how that fated deer felt, the one right there in the headlight, staring, captivated.

    I’ll go back and see if I can read and listen, as looks like an article of relative sanity, except…..

  7. It’s interesting to observe, that some countries, like Bulgaria, can handle 10% Moslems much easier that most Western nations do. The same is true for Russia, Israel, India and China. Unfortunately, even these countries face Islam-based terror attacks from time to time. However, the authorities in the countries mentioned above make sure that the perpetrators cannot get away with it, and they do not fail to protect their own citizens. They still prioritize their own citizen’s safety over so-called ‘universal human rights’ (an often mis-used concept in the face of terrorist), and they do not despise the majority cultures of their own peoples.

    One other factor, of course, is the fact that most Moslems in South-Eastern Europe, Russia, Israel, India and China are not immigrants, but either historical minorities or the descendents of communities that once converted for safety reasons. Examples of the latter are Bosnian Muslims, Pomaks in Bulgaria and Albanians, who converted in the (sometimes vain) hope to avoid being persecuted for religious reasons by the harsh Ottoman rulers.
    Therefore, through centuries of mutual co-existence and interaction, and sometimes common ethnic roots (the latter only in India and the Balkan region), the cultural gap is not as big as it is in the West, which is facing masses of invaders from even the world’s most backward places like Somalia and Afghanistan, and these invaders are definitely much more fanatic, a tendency which even gets triggered more as a result of migration, combined with corrupted Saudi and Soros sponsoring.

    In addition, the gap is also smaller, as the majority populations of countries like Russia and Bulgaria tend to be more conservative then the ultra-liberal West, especially Western-Europe.

    However, the striking distinction between the West and the saner societies mentioned above is rooted in the extreme ‘political correctness’ of our governments and elite, which is systematically lying to us, keeping us stiffled in our criticism, persecuting us for telling the truth, and which brought in these unwanted Moslem minorities in the first place. It is there, with our own corrupt left-winged elites, where the biggest problem lies. It’s urgent for all of us to make a sufficient change in that area, before it will be too late. Maybe Russian, Israel and the countries of Eastern-Europe can show the way to the Wets how to do this.

    • I couldn’t agree more.

      In fact, I think that leftist SJW type and the like are still a much bigger threat to the West than Islamists are, because without the SJWs, the Islamists wouldn’t be around for very long…

      The SJW social control / brainwashing phenomena in the West is actually similar to the problems of Islamist societies, I’d say.

      I guess I sound like a cultural relativist, now, thinking that we should examine our own flaws first 🙂 :-). But they obviously don’t mean it this way :-).

      • Your observations there remind me of the difference between the Hui Muslims in China, and the Uyghurs.

        The Hui are Han Chinese (what we perceive as “the” Chinese culture), who converted at some point, because they live where the Silk road starts.
        You can safely walk their towns day and night as a woman, they are polite and civil (or rude and loud – in China it really lies in the eye of the beholder 😉 ), just normal Chinese. If they must insist on demonstrating that they are Hui – primarily for tourists – then the girls will drape some lace, decorated with sparkle and twinkling butterflies, on their hair – very Chinese. Nothing sinister or burka-esque about it.

        Problems and terrorism come from the Uyghurs. Different ethnicity. They hate China, they are allied with the Turks and Erdogan, and they try to influence on the Hui.

        • But most of those Orientals, regardless of their religions, tend to be extremely money orientated. That means one can be at their mercy if one has to depend on them for any financial help or has no money to give them or if they sense that you are in financial difficulty.
          Even the Thai Chinese can be quite nasty and rude.

        • Chinese people are well behaved the world over. They make their own little enclaves. They do not breed out of control or blow things up. They are 10 times better than any muslims. Left wing do not like them as they are intelligent and money orientated. Also family orientated.

          • This is gilding the lily a bit, DM. The Chinese have had some of the worst gangs in California. However, they seem to confine their depredations to internecine warfare, generally ignoring us ’round eyes’.

            Chinese corruption is probably worse than Russian corruption. Or maybe not. Neither polity has ever had a robust justice system, a true rule of law, or secure personal property rights.

            As for “free” speech, that ain’t never gonna happen.

            I agree re intelligence, money, and family loyalty. That’s a primitive calculus, though.

    • “One other factor is the fact that most Moslems in South-Eastern Europe, are either historical minorities or the descendents of communities that once converted for safety reasons.”

      Exactly. They converted because of persecution and the unbearable taxes that were imposed on them to make them convert (and I’m talking about people starving, not about having less money).
      They have preserved much of their original culture, and some groups even still celebrate Christian holidays as well.

      • Those who called themselves present day Bosnian Muslims are extremely divisive and certainly not European in way or form. They should be considered as invaders just as Turkish Muslims were mostly still predominantly Asiatic and overwhelmingly Islamic.

    • Islam is like cancer – a rapidly multiplying condition which eventually consumes the whole body’s energy.

      Political correctness is like the AIDS virus. A condition which prevents the body’s immune system from properly functioning.

      Cancers which are countered by a fully functioning immune system are mostly defeated. In fact, I’ve heard it said that an average person gets 20 cancers a day…

      Someone with AIDS on the other hand, has next to no chance of defeating the cancer. Hence will eventually succumb to it. In fact, AIDS patients often succumb to cancers which are otherwise very rare…

      The “10%+ Muslim” countries you mentioned above may have some cancer, but they have very little PC and can hence defend themselves… btw, the latter is a trait shared with the Eastern European countries defending themselves against the “refugee quota” demands from Brussels.

      The few % Muslim Western countries on the other hand are largely defenceless against the threat facing them, and largely blind to it, like a patient with HIV slowly developing into something more…

      • That has to be the best analogy I have seen regarding the spread of islam in the West. Simple enough that it could be explained to the average low-information voter.

      • It is indeed like a malignant tumors. First it spread to the political system, then economically to only favor their Islamic group which eventually lead to further breakdown of our free western societies. They need to be expelled or removed to stop them spreading their Islamic poison to the next generation of western societies.

        • Just one “but” … the “chemotherapy” which we need to get rid of the cancer can itself be a painful treatment, which can also endanger the life of the patient… hence we need skilled surgeons to apply it!

  8. I was in Bulgaria 20 years ago when it was still in transition from Communism and not yet in the EU. Street crime was common and the police were incredibly corrupt.

    • The Communist regime, bad as it was, had maintained order, and when we managed to take it down the country fell into a state of chaos , lawlessness and economic crisis of which criminals took advantage for years. It’s like visiting a country during times of war.

  9. “In my opinion the world has gone mad during the last ten years.”

    Surely does seem that considerable segments of the world’s population have become detached from the witness of history and reality. Don’t know what the doctor recommends.

  10. The remark about only 30% of people in England having English as a first language sounds odd. BEM (black and ethnic minority) people officially constititute around 10% of the UK population, and even if this is a bit out-of-date, they’re hardly 70%, and many are non-Muslims (and even some Muslims) who fit in well.

    • Yes, it does. It could be a combination of exageration and mistranslation – he is talking about London in the next line.

      • I think he’s talking about London, and about immigrants in general : “As at 2011 London contains by far the lowest percentage of English and other White British people of all the UK regions, where they make up less than half of the population in 24 of the 32 boroughs, including Newham (16.7%), Brent (18.0%), Ealing (30.4%), Harrow (30.9%), Tower Hamlets (31.2%), Westminster (35.2%) and Hackney (36.2%). ”

    • If Russians would not have been such criminals and despots the Bulgarian people would have chosen differently
      My country was under Russians and I know them well
      My people suffered like all the people that where in Eastern Europe
      Generations of dead and persecuted
      The Russian hands will be bloody for centuries to come
      All of us hate you

      • Hatred is unproductive. Do you personally try? Or does the voice of blood scream in your veins?
        Russia, too, suffered sufficiently from the conquerors, especially from the West. In the Balkan wars, the British were behind the Turks. Even in the newest Russian history, the West supported the Muslims of the Caucasus in the Chechen wars. And then these “dear” brothers Tsaranaev blew up bombs in Boston.

      • Excuse me, but what caused such a stormy emotion? My statement that the Bulgarians are not worth the spilled Russian blood for their liberation from the Ottoman yoke?
        I suggest you look at the reality around you better. Judging by this post, many are ready to surrender and flee. There is such a joke about Europeans in the Second World War:

        – I participated in the resistance to the fascists!
        – And how did you resist?
        – When the Germans came to our bar, we did not get up.

  11. Islam is the BORG. “You will be assimilated; Resistance is futile”. We, in America, have been given a short break in the progression of islam into our country, by the election of Trump, but it will not last. The people who vote for a living have not yet surpassed the number of people who work for a living in America. Europe is lost because those who vote for a living outnumber those who work for a living. Too many “residents” are voting, and they are in charge of the outcome of all elections – not to mention the “fix” from the vote counters. This couple moving to Eastern Europe from Western Europe to avoid the BORG – islam, will accomplish nothing. The BORG – islam will some day be voting for their death in whatever new country they move to, and they will still pay the price. It is a shame that I have to use a movie/tv series to make a point but maybe one person in 10,000 today understands the words to describe EXACTLY what is happening today, which we were warned against by our ancestors. WE WERE WARNED, and yet we go quietly into that night. (except those of us who are here)

    • True. In my own country of origin Finland, there was this economist interviewed on a national radio broadcast in 2013 who told why the country can’t be fixed through democratic process anymore.
      It’s simply because there are more voters living on government handouts than voters who work. And that was already true five years ago in Finland. That kind of population will always vote for more big government, more handouts, more “free” benefits and against a working man and tax payer. This is a condition that leads to this kind of ridiculous situations like what Finland is going currently through. They claim to be in a phase of great economic growth, yet the national debt rises like a damn rocket. Maybe they suppose they can pay that back at a recession then.
      I notice similar symptoms in many EU countries.
      If one is a skilled professional, one should really aim to work in a nation that respects and rewards honest work.

  12. When I read about the amount of time it took him to hear an English accent I thought of my first job. Then I think of back in the 70s or 80s when there was the push to make English the official language of the United States. People said it wasn’t necessary. Then I think of of what they are trying to do to Trump. Then I think of Ted Kennedy. Then I feel contemptuous disgust at what believe is decades of manipulative deceipt. If you will accept that people in government at the very least went along with using fabricated evidence to set Trump up then you should question the lack of ethics in arguments made in any past policy.

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