12 thoughts on “Welcome to Modern Multicultural Melbourne!

  1. Great decorating, so easily done, makes some points, ridiculing, mocking.
    The bollards by the establishment meaning they are saving us,,, yeah right,,, from diversity !

    I admire how some can come up with such simple ideas.
    If a page can be made so that these succint points, can be widely transmitted, for others to think on, and if they wish can also kindly decorate.

    I agree with Salome, as just how can the establishment deny those points, as it is recognizing a “new” (for many of us a known) danger, and decorating is a ‘humanizing’ aspect. 🙂

    “Victory by terror”
    “safe zone?”
    “Truck Detour”
    “One tonne vs 10 tonne”

    I am sure others can bring up many and better points.
    Koranic and Hadith quotes and aspects would be good.
    Health Safety regulations, Driving Laws etc..

  2. I think this is a photoshopped image… I saw a video where a guy imagined the artworks that could be applied to the Diversity Bollards…

  3. As the Muslim mayor of London states “We must get used to Islamic terror as the norm”.

  4. Our ‘baby doc’ so-called prime minister told us in his ‘holiday message’ that ‘diversity is our strength’. For New Year’s message it was something about making our diversity our strength’ Methinks the lad is confused just a little?!!

    • Here’s a good link for you, John Reinders:


      The problem is not the Andrews government, and nor is it Sudanese thugs. The problem is multiculturalism. Melbourne is simply multiculturalism taken to its natural endgame. It is a state which possesses no Australian identity that anyone from 50 years ago would ever recognise. Melbourne is a city that has been Balkanised, split along tribal factions that are reflected in its suburbs. The unfortunate whites who are now being forced to sell up and move from their homes are simply those that found themselves on the wrong side of the demarcation line. Such boundaries were drawn up by bureaucrats a decade ago when someone had the bright idea to import Sudanese “refugees” in serious numbers. They had to put them somewhere, after all. The lesson for white Australians is that if you begin to see a surge of Africans or women in burkas at your local shopping center than it’s time to sell up and get out.

      Notice how I did not describe the unfortunate whites as “white Australians”. But I may as well have done so, for that is what is now needed to be able to identify different tribal groups in a continent that has ceased to be a nation…

      No wonder Oz is sending the mentally ill migrants here.

      • As if we need anymore morons!! My guess it will all work itself out soon enough, one way or another. If notice else, it does make for good theatre!!

    • This was in Sheikyermami’s posts today, snipped from the Daily Telegraph:

      “What are we doing here?” one of Melbourne’s vibrant multicultural youths snaps in response to Herald Sunreporter Aaron Langmaid’s polite question. “We’re f—ing your grandmother, that’s what we are doing.”

      This lad is a member of Melbourne’s colourful Nubian community, currently delighting the western suburbs with their exotic diversity antics:

      The group was an ominous presence, leering, yelling, leaning on fences, throwing rocks, spouting obscenities.

      It’s so sad to see the mess made by the followers of multicult. It’s a death cult. Elections should be interesting.

        • Tell me Dymphna, how are you and The Baron making out in the unbelievably cold miserable weather. At least it’s not a hurricane or two, but I sure am getting a little tired of the cold. On the upside, there always is one you know, most of these wannabes are afraid of the white cold snow and weather and so don’t do much damage here in Ontario. All the best to both of you in this year of our Lord, 2018. Stay warm.

          • What we struggle with in extreme cold is how to keep the air moist enough not to cause sinus problems. When it’s this cold I do wish it would snow, however. We have had dry conditions for a long time.

            Otherwise, ’tis the bleak midwinter.

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