5 thoughts on “Peter Hitchens in Wonderful Copenhagen

  1. I also see the first World War as the end of Christian Europe. It was the moment of forsaking the christian brotherhood for national pride. Funny how priests on both sides would not hesitate to pray for success against those other Christians – Schizofrenia (i.e. “the split soul” – in its finest. It then continued by the second war, in which more Christians died than anyone else – especially the Protestants and the Orthodox… So Europe literraly got rid of its finest men in those two wars, and the subsequent turn from puritan Christianity to universal hedonism is just a statistical result of the demographic changes.

  2. This presentation makes me think of the basics of Public Speaking 101 and reminds me of Pres. Trump reading from a teleprompter. Mr. Hitchens stands in front of the audience while holding a stapled-together speech in his hands. Couldn’t his hosts have at least provided a lectern on which to rest and hide his manuscript? On the other hand, the speech itself is well written and well spoken, and he makes eye contact with his listeners.

  3. In summary the borders have been opened in order to keep salaries down. Who benefits? The rich and the poor get bent over. Always been the same folks.

    As for the speech, not bad, but I’m afraid he’s not a patch on his brother ‘Hitch.’

  4. A powerful and eloquent speech. Thanks very much for making this available.

    Theodore Dalrymple’s essays on England’s underclass flesh out Hitchens’ observations, with the inevitable conclusion: 1. Water down and democratize education. 2. Reap the “benefit” of an uneducated/undereducated work force. 3. Import workers to replace the incapable indigenous population.

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