Not President of Africa — Just President of the Finnish Republic!

Laura Huhtasaari is the Finns Party’s candidate in the upcoming presidential election. The Finns oppose mass immigration, Islamization, and political correctness in general. In the following video Ms. Huhtasaari does a brief on-the-street interview about some of the absurdities of Modern Multicultural Finland.

Many thanks to KGS for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:00   That was a good speech, patriotic. Powerful.
0:03   Thank you. —Laura Huhtasaari, greetings. —Hi!
0:07   How is it going today? —Well thank you, very well.
0:10   There’s a patriotic group here, and they’re also happy that
0:15   there’s one presidential candidate who’s running for president of the
0:18   Finnish Republic. Not president of Africa,
0:21   nor president of the EU, Just president of the Finnish republic.
0:25   —Exactly that. You spoke briefly about a peculiar incident,
0:30   in which something happened with a cell phone.
0:35   Could you comment on this briefly? —Sure. What I read about it in the Ilta-Sanomat yesterday —
0:40   There was a situation in which
0:43   a Finnish man was defending his wife,
0:46   when an asylum seeker approached her,
0:50   and he heard: “I just would have wanted to knock the cell phone
0:55   from her hand.” In other words, touching the woman
0:58   and knocking down her cell phone. And generally, when a cell phone is
1:02   knocked from a hand it will be broken. So the husband was defending his wife,
1:07   the woman, with a safety spray.
1:10   He was then brought up on charges — it read… charges.
1:15   Okay, this is present day-Finland… This is shocking, really shocking.
1:18   A medal! I would have thought that this kind of man would be given a medal,
1:24   and he would be supported for protecting the integrity of a woman.
1:27   This has got to change once and for all. —That’s right. Can I get a high five for that?

9 thoughts on “Not President of Africa — Just President of the Finnish Republic!

  1. I hope this brave woman wins the election, it has been stated that many Finns are fed up with these ‘cultural misfits’ , who insult the host nation , refuse to assimilate,get jobs or education,live on the dole forever and participate in violent crime at record numbers.

    • I wouldn’t get my hopes up too much. After all, the two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity. And at the present rates of reproduction Africans will be even more common than hydrogen…

      • We’ve used up too much of the helium! Drat!

        Again, the Finnish spoken language is rather captivating. Curious to see the H&M store in the background.

    • I’m sorry to say it, but it’s certain that the incumbent will win again. Niinisto IIRC. Polls give him around 70 per cent of the vote.

      The second candidate is a greenie, Haavisto. He would garner 14 per cent.

      There’s about 5 other candidates, among them Madam Huhtasaari. And those five are good for about 10 per cent, which means that her score will be in the single digits.

      • Perhaps… But it is worth celebrating the appearance of this young woman. The fightback is on – take courage from it.

  2. Kiitos, hyvva ilta :()

    Finland was my home for 10 years, I used to love that place, Helsinki,
    It was like a dream place, in 1988 I arrived.

    In approx 1992 it collapsed! Just after the USSR collapsed, Finnish unemployment rocketed to 29%, and overnight 5000 Somali bogus refugees arrived in Finland via Russia, smugglers.

    From 1993 Finland became a very very different place, it was a very hostile place for all foreigners.
    At the same time feminism and leftists became very fashionable.

    And the homosexual scene in Helsinki started sprouting, queer club and bars started appearing, homosexual saunas appeared in Helsinki, and it got more violent.

    I pray Laura will be elected, but Finnish democracy and voting is also manipulated the same way as in Germany, by brainwashing, propaganda etc. The oligarchy has developed a proven formula to rig voting, control peoples’ minds.

    In Finland there are toilet rag newspapers like the Helsinki Sanomat, Iltalehti, and yle stasi style propaganda radio and tv, spewing out political correctness and upholding the Marxist narrative.

    Finland is very violent country, and interestingly, Finland has one of the highest amounts of private gun ownership in Europe.

    They are going to need them.

  3. Wish this lady well. Consider her obvious dynamism and passion for
    Her own country and people and then compare that with the miserable, weak
    Ineffectual countenances of mutti Merkel ( a living ventriloquist dummy)
    And Theresa May ( the vicar’s daughter who thinks running through a
    Wheat field as a girl was naughty and daring )

    Was there just a glimmer of the old Viking spirit ignited in the men she
    Spoke to?

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