She Was Asking For It, Part Two

More on the Fittja gang-rape case, also from Fria Tider and translated by FouseSquawk:

All charged in Fittja rape case freed

December 19, 2017

[Photo caption: In this stairwell the rape allegedly happened]

Soderholm’s criminal court today announced a judgment of release (i.e. dropping charges) for all five immigrant men who were charged with gross rape and abetting a gross rape in Fittja in the summer of 2016. The court did not find the woman’s account fully believable in spite of the fact that injuries were found and that sperm from many men were found on her clothing.

It was in August 2016 that a 30-year-old woman at the Fittja center in Botkyrka commune accompanied a group of men to another public place. There she was later attacked by a larger group of men and exposed to “very serious sexual violence”, as police earlier expressed it on their webpage.

“It concerns a terrible rape that led to a very terrible torture-like trauma for my client. This is one of the most terrible rape cases that I have encountered in my 26 years of work,” said the woman’s counsel, the attorney Elisabeth Massi Fritz, in an email to the newspaper Metro in September.

But now the men who were charged have been freed, all of whom are immigrants and come from Iraq and Somalia.

In its judgment, the court directed criticism at the investigation upon which the prosecution was based.

“All parties have agreed that the investigation had its shortcomings. During the hearing it became apparent that the reasoning the prosecution is based upon falters,” says Chief Judge Erica Hemtke.

“The evidence presented by the prosecutor at the main hearing simply is not enough for anyone to be convicted. The information provided by the plaintiff does not coincide with it, and her information is not supported by other evidence,” says Erica Hemtke.

“Overall, the court judges the credibility and reliability of the information which she has given during the court proceedings,” writes the court.

At the same time, the judgment states:

“It is established that after the incident, the woman had injuries in the form of skin discolorations and skin scrapes, the origin and cause of which cannot be established. Sperm from several men were found on her clothing. She told police whom she met with soon after the incident as well as the doctor who treated her at the Soder hospital that she had been gang-raped and that she was in pain. She also showed signs of being in pain.

“It is established that there had been oral sex between three men and the woman. However, the parties had different accounts about whether there were also other sexual acts between the men and the woman, also whether all this happened during one and the same course of events in the stairwell,” as the prosecutor states.

Since the men have now been freed, there are no judgments for them to pay damages,” the court clarifies.

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  1. It astounds me that white women are still in Europe. No man, no court, no politician, no military group, no government paid yahoo-has any intention of protecting any white woman. They simply exist for the enjoyment (rape) of Moslem Men. Then they can be denounced as whores and excoriated for grins by every news outlet in any part of Europe. White women-please! If you do not want to come to the United States, fine. Go to Hungary, Poland, or any Moslem Resistant country. Or emigrate to Aruba, Panama, or somewhere in South America that is fairly stable. But get the out of that hell hole called the European Union!!

    • Look at the votes by gender in Swedish elections. It is the women who are keeping the idiots in power.

      • Yes, I also have a hard time feeling sorry for Europeans generally, all European countries have populist parties but they only receive minor support from the public. At this point I just say, well, they have made their own beds.

        • It would be nice if you refrained from saying “all European countries” when you only have “Western Europe” in mind.

        • We don’t have any more power in America than average citizens in Europe. We’re simply fortunate – extremely fortunate – that things are set up differently here with our written Constitution. But that, too, is being eroded by judicial activism. Which is why Trump has been unable to stop immigration from terrorist countries.

    • I’m telling You this a [slimy] hole; what th[ese] traitorous politicians did to this beautiful Christian continent.

    • Terrible. The answer to all that really is only one: 9mm, without compromise, without judgement. Literally beat them to submission, or they will do it to you.

  2. Isn’t it time to stop all this White knighting for the European women? They support the demographic developments, and they hang around the exotic bad boys, who they invited on other peoples tax money. So when they cat around alone with a group of these alluring bad boys, we are to believe that did not get what they bargained for?

    The [traditional conservatives] keep defending the reason for the downfall of their Dream Society. Sad, really.

    • If you think this is only going to affect women, you have a big surprise in store. When they are done with the females, they execute the males. This is not some childish game. We indigenous peoples must stand together or perish. Divided, we will be conquered.

      • Actually, men who convert to Islam in a timely fashion will be spared.

        I think many MGTOWs will choose this option. In their bitterness over the behavior of women, they will gain the satisfaction of seeing females enslaved. Plus each will be able to own four women of his own, whom he may chastise if they get uppity. This may be regarded as a positive outcome by some men.

        • My opinion, for which I have no evidence, is that Muslim men don’t enjoy their four wives in the fashion we imagine.

          The women they marry are passive blimps, uneducated, unable to express a thought, forbidden to interact with any male or non-Muslim woman on their shopping forays to buy food for their brood. It’s hard to imagine any sexual excitement there. More than likely, the four wives are part of the general subjugation of every human drive in a Muslim to advance Islam.

          The excitement in Islam comes from exerting power, from melting in furry at infidels, and from a fervid imagining of the delights of the wine and virgins in the afterlife. I think the present life for Muslims, other than advancing and fighting for Islam, is quite drab and boring.

          • Yes, I think you’re probably right. But the motivation for a convert might be different. Especially if he he’s an MGTOW who’s been badly treated by women. He’ll be able to enjoy his harem and dominate it, thereby exacting revenge on the whole female sex for what it did to him.

  3. Chilling! As a European woman I am scared this will spread all across Europe and the whole of the West slowly but surely America could become the last man standing.

    This is Sharia, Islamisation, plain and simple and implemented by Europeans! Never in their history has Islam taken over so easily, met with such little resistance. The West has gone insane…or plain evil…God help us…we might emigrate when we can.

      • No, not feminized. Read the EU Constitution; the legalese is even denser than the legislation for ObamaCare, so you’ll never get through it. Once you drill down past the thick ground of verbiage, you’ll see the draconian punishments for doing anything outside of an extremely limited range. Europe = socialist governments. They provide jobs, pensions, healthcare, etc. Anyone breaking the social contract loses everything, often including housing. Imagine how long any family members could afford to stand behind a law-breaker, thus losing their benefits in return.

        Tommy Robinson can explain it to you – he lost everything, including bank accounts, his car, business, and computer(s). His mother and father were harassed also. And they further manipulated him by threatening to bring his wife to court if he refused to show up. He had already sacrificed a great deal to keep her face out of the news…so they had him.

        Please read up on conditions in Europe. It’s not like America. And when it’s our turn, those men who are prepared to lose everything (e.g., the Bundys) will take their turn first.

        • As Kris Kristofferson put it, “Freedom’s just another word for ‘nothing left to lose,’.”

  4. If you want to immigrate to the USA better do it while Trump is still in office. Once a dem gets in, any sore of white immigration will be barred.

  5. In truth, the perpetrators of the rapes could not be convicted by Western standards.

    I presume since the woman was at the center, she too was a refugee. The people they bring in just can’t function in an advanced, non-tribal society. They have no concept of laws, justice, or even truth as we know it. So, the stories of the victim changes, as does the alibis and excuses of the aggressors. Everything is a shifting sands of truth, and prosecutors are unable to put together a coherent case as Westerners would know one.

    The root cause, of course, is bringing in people supremely unsuited for Western culture or laws, and then applying due process and procedural guarantees to them. Either the process of law or normal concepts of security have got to go. In there own countries, any aggression against a woman protected by her clans would result in 1) immediate torture and death by her relatives; 2) a fine being imposed on the relations of the aggressors, followed by punishment and possible death by their own clans for the transgression of having cost them money.

    If the political leaders want to do away with a constitutional government and individual guarantees of justice, bringing in all the African and Muslim immigrants is exactly the way to do it.

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