Christmas Market in Bonn Evacuated

The following report by Egri Nök was just published at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Breaking: Germany — Bonn Christmas Market Evacuated

An original translation from Bonner General-Anzeiger:

Suspicious Item

Christmas Market Bonn Evacuated

BONN. The Bonn Christmas Market was evacuated Friday night. According to information that General-Anzeiger has obtained, a suspicious package was found. Police ordered explosives experts and a unit for analysis of chemical substances.

By Alf Kaufmann and Axel Vogel
December 23, 2017

Police evacuated the Christmas Market Bonn Friday evening 10PM. According to police, a suspicious item was noticed in front of the main postal office on the Münsterplatz Square. Additionally, witnesses described a person in front of the post office who deposited suspicious packages in a mailbox. According to GA information, the packages might be a major drug find. Accordingly, substances were found in about one dozen containers. The Analytical Task Force (ATF) from Cologne was called during the night. A unit which specializes in chemical analysis, usually to recognize and combat biological, chemical or radioactive threats.

Police and firefighters were on-site with a large deployment. Visitors were requested to leave the Christmas Market. Police explosives experts arrived around 11PM. A robot searched the parcels for explosive materials. A so-called “special setup entity” is ongoing. These are setups when situations are complex and a large number of officers will be needed for an extended period of time.

More coverage to follow.

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  1. One is obliged to wonder what it will take until indigenous Europeans are sufficiently fed up with having every last one of their traditional celebrations turned into opportunities for endless slaughter.

    It causes sane minds to wonder what might happen if native Europeans decided that all Islamic holidays were similar occasions to inflict similar harm upon Muslims.

    Reciprocity’s a cast-iron birch. Innit?

    • That’s a great image. Are those Jersey barriers painted in order to make them look “festive”?

      I wish our comments section would show images the way Discus does.

    • I wish your question could be painted on the real Allahu-Ak-barriers in situ. But the authorities would paint over your query quickly before anyone could see it.

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