She Was Asking For It!

The following article is about a protest in Stockholm against the freeing of five suspects due to lack of evidence. The men had been accused of gang-raping a woman in Fittja, a suburb of Stockholm. The women who came out to protest the judicial decision were heckled by a crowd of culture-enrichers.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation from Fria Tider:

Go home and cry: Here men heckle women’s protest against rape

20 December 2017

When a group of women gathered together in Fittja to demonstrate against the controversial court-ordered release of rape suspects, a group of men appeared.

“Go home and cry! The woman was a junkie,” they shouted, among other things.

The woman had stated that she was raped in very brutal ways by up to 20 men in a stairwell in Fittja, a suburb of Stockholm.

But the five immigrants who were being prosecuted for involvement in the rape were freed on Wednesday by the Soderholm court for lack of evidence.

The court directed hard criticism at the investigation conducted by police in the case.

The court’s decision to release the suspects has led to protests, and on Tuesday evening the women gathered in Fittja to demonstrate.

A video of the event that has been widely spread on Facebook shows how a group of men show up and begin to heckle the demonstrators.

“Were you there when it happened? I was there,” shouted one of them.

“Go home and cry. There is nothing for you but to go home and cry,” said another.

When the demonstrators answered that they were there to support the woman (victim), one of the hecklers responded, “The woman was a junkie.”

8 thoughts on “She Was Asking For It!

  1. Don’t they have rape test kits in Sweden? DNA evidence? Don’t they know how to interrogate suspects separately and play them against each other to get at the truth? Do they WANT to get at the truth?

  2. “But the five immigrants who were being prosecuted for involvement in the rape were freed on Wednesday by the Soderholm court for lack of evidence.”

    Obviously she couldn’t produce four male witnesses to the rape as required by the Swedish Sharia Court. Case dismissed! I wonder if the victim will now be charged with adultery?

    • I doubt it’s any different to the fatuous cultural relativism in the UK, that leftists take to the depths of depravity.
      They have reportedly been outside court lending their moral support to convicted child rapists, just in case any Brits had the sheer temerity to protest against the epidemic of racist Muslim-male rape-gangs.
      Whether there were shouts of “alluh akbar” from the court gallery, like another rape-gang trial, and whether antifas joined in, isn’t said.
      Antifas have also reportedly been seen marching with ‘youths’ in some of the areas affected, chanting “these are our streets”.

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