Another Day, Another Rape in the Shisha Bar

The following report by Egri Nök was published earlier at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Munich: 19-Year-old Raped In Shisha Bar

by Egri Nök

An original translation from the Munich daily newspaper t.z.:

Early Thursday morning

19-year-old raped in Shisha bar

December 22, 2017

Munich — In the early hours of Thursday morning, a 19-year-old met an Iraqi (22) in front of a Shisha Bar in Leonrodstraße. Subsequently they went together to a basement room of that bar. There the man became forward, so that the young woman went back to the bar.

Later, when there were no other guests remaining in the bar, the man wanted to go into the basement with her again. She refused. Upon which the suspect violently dragged her downstairs and raped her in the basement room of the bar, despite her massive resistance.

When he finally let go of her, she fled to a neighboring bar where her girlfriend was.

Suspect in Detention

Police discovered the Iraqi on the premises and made a preliminary arrest. He was taken into custody and will appear before the committing magistrate.

17 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Rape in the Shisha Bar

    • A totally unwarranted claim on your part, Yogi, and rather mean-spirited. Too trusting perhaps naive, but she’s 19. It is never easy to judge people. Moreover, there is something to be said for what I take to be her approach of trying to make judgements about people on an individual, not a collective basis.

      It is perhaps understandable, what with the “hate-speech” bans in Germany, that this young woman is naive about the danger her country and herself face.

    • She wasn’t dating him Sir. Please re-read. She just encountered him. She was probably brainwashed at a young age to self-hate and virtue signal.

  1. Although not excusing the violent rape and while absolutely acknowledging that everyone has the right to say no or change their mind, this girl was asking for trouble. She was either mudsharking or virtue-signalling by seeking out and consorting with muslim Arab rough-trade. What did she seriously think he was going to do in the cellar? Show her his stamp collection? I shall reserve my sympathies for the many truly innocent victims of cultural enrichment.

    • Yes, totally agree there was chronic naivety on show here, but certainly the Germans have been brainwashed into self-hatred and virtue signalling from a young age, in modern times. That has to be taken into account. Lord knows that at 19, I wasn’t exactly worldly wise.

      • I totally agree, and would further add the suppression of crime reporting and statistics for incidents involving “New Germans”, to the extent that youngsters are often unaware of the enhanced risks they may be taking.

  2. I just hope that no one shows up and attempts to deny that the victims had the agency to place themselves in these dangerous circumstances.

    • The feminists and their liberal male enablers may try it, though they will likely be conflicted between sympathy for the victim and excusing the savagery of their muslim pet.

  3. Perhaps we should lay the blame firmly at the door of the German authorities; not only for admitting these primitives in the first place, but also for brainwashing their youth into believing that they should be ‘welcomed’ and ‘integrated’ as they are really only cuddly bunnies who have been ‘traumatized’ by their adverse experiences and through discrimination by evil white people.

  4. If only she had been wearing one of those do-not-rape-me wristbands, she would have been fine.

      • The scenario would appear, much the same in Germany and indeed the UK.
        Widespread suppression of data, and no journalist dare describe the common denominator, between the brutal gang rapes and epidemic of rapes in Sweden, the rape&forced-prostitution gangs in the UK, mass organized sexual assaults and an epidemic of violent rapes in Germany and elsewhere in Europe.

        One of the German ‘solutions’ is perhaps superficially more pragmatic than ‘anti-rape bands’ in Sweden but in the end, just as pathetic and apparently an admission German police are losing control of the streets.
        “…..the Federal Criminal Police Office (Bundeskriminalamt, BKA) has offered advice to German women on how they can protect themselves from rapists: “Wear tennis shoes instead of high heels so that you can run away.”

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