Liberté, Égalité, Criminalité

Here’s another discussion from French TV about the culture-enriching revolving-door criminal mujahid who stabbed two women to death in Marseille last weekend, as he relates to the larger problem of immigrant crime in France.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Isn’t it surprising, the fact that a man, who is described
00:04   as homeless, as someone who was visibly
00:08   totally marginal, could present seven identities, and then
00:12   change identity, just like that, or is it finally not that difficult, Thibault de Montbrial?
00:16   There you’re putting your finger on a problem that goes beyond the question
00:20   of the Islamist terrorist, but which rejoins it anyway: since the end of
00:24   2014, since the first attacks, 100% of the attacks that were
00:28   perpetrated in France, were perpetrated by people with a migration background. Therefore
00:32   you have people who have a migration background — many are little thugs —
00:36   and, once you scratch the surface in the investigation, a question regularly comes up
00:40   concerning their remaining on national territory AFTER their first sentencing under the common law.
00:44   So, there’s a moment when it will become necessary, perhaps during the investigation of
00:48   this case, or, perhaps… perhaps we’ll have to wait a little while; but it will be necessary
00:52   all the same, to ask ourselves the question concerning the link between immigration
00:56   and some of the criminality, and concerning the penal response which is brought
01:00   to bear on this law-breaking, which should still allow that people who are dangerous
01:04   to the French population, and who commit criminal acts against the country
01:08   that took them in, be deported from our country, so
01:12   they won’t be in that situation again.

14 thoughts on “Liberté, Égalité, Criminalité

  1. He acts as if the reaction to the problem of invader criminality is inadequate response by the authorities rather than the response by law enforcement being exactly what the elites wish on those whom they rule.

    If the political will was there, and more importantly the will of those who fund campaigns from behind the scenes, this would be decisively dealt with. The weight of the law enforcement and the state could come down on these petty thugs like a ton of bricks so fast they wouldn’t know what had just hit them, but the fact it does not proves that the lawlessness and chaos by the invaders is exactly what the authorities want.

    • OR:

      That they consider it an acceptable level of collateral damage in order to accomplish their globalist aims.

      • Yes, Occam’s Razor.

        However, one cannot discount the venality and depth of contempt that the average elite has for those whom he considers to be beneath him. As long as the violence and cultural enrichment doesn’t put the rule of the elites at risk, it is most likely viewed by them as a bonus.

        • This is an important point to remember.

          The idea the West no longer has rigid social classes is one of the biggest lies going.

  2. They have to be expelled, that’s right, but where are the frontiers of France? They are to be expelled to where?
    If there is no frontiers they cannot be expelled, that’s is nonsense, they will come back as illegals.
    It’s like to pour water in a bucket with a hole in it; it will never been full.

    • Just classify anyone without identification documents as Afghani or Somali and dump them in either country. Either they choose to go willingly, or if they go underground and have to be recaptured then they are castrated as a preventative measure against further aggression/defiance before being deported.

      All that is needed is the will to decisively deal with the problem and it can be solved overnight.

      • Amazing “solutions” which few people would ever follow. Afghanistan and/or Somalia would never allow the dumping of people into their country. They would retaliate, and fast. Who will be in charge of the transportation you suggest??

        Castrating people? Really? Where is the rule of law in this; what politicians are you going to have pass a law for castration? Or do you envision a war of all against all?

        Every time I see a sentence that begins with “All that is needed…” I know the commenter hasn’t thought through his “solution” – which in this case, sounds like a Final one.

        • It is true that a lot of ugly solutions to the current problem are being kicked around.

          It is also true that if we continue on the present course the West is finished via simple demographics.

        • Definitely a war of all against all.

          What do you think will be the end of all of this madness? That people will somehow come to their senses and close the borders; deport the enemies they have brought into their countries including the second and third generation ones who have legitimate citizenship but are a dangerous fifth column? That is just as unrealistic and unlikely to happen as castrating would-be rapists and dumping them into the worst islamic paradises.

          I have thought long and hard about how this will all end, and it can only end in one of two ways; either we surrender, and they conquer us, or we resist and fight back and defeat them. And since those in power are not on our side and the power of the state remains in enemy hands, any resistance will quickly turn into an all against all kind of nasty civil war.

          Your website does a valuable service to collect the suppressed news and sound the alarm to wake those with ears willing to hear it. But I believe, sadly, that the final solution to the problem will only be settled by blood; rivers of it before the futures of the Western and islamic worlds are decided.

  3. When you treat groups in certain ways [e.g. whites have privileges that others don’t], as with identity politics, you have to characterize large numbers of people as having traits and features that are different from other groups. This is a tautology for racism. It is the same thing. Identity politics=racism.

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