Gianluca Buonanno: “The EU is making demented choices against Russia”

In the following video, the late Gianluca Buonanno, a politician for the Lega Nord, takes a contrary position in the European Parliament on the EU’s anti-Russian policies.

Many thanks to Elle Bowlly for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Thank you Mr. President
00:03   I’m in favor of Russia and against sanctions on Russia and Putin.
00:08   I previously asked about the Malaysian airplane…
00:12   Because first, they said a Russian missile was involved.
00:16   Now they’re saying it may be Ukrainian bullets…
00:19   I believe the EU is making demented choices against Russia,
00:23   and the ones to suffer for it are going to be hundreds of millions of Europeans.
00:27   All this only because you have to defend the USA from Russian interests.
00:31   I think we need to collaborate with Russia instead.
00:34   Europe is spineless against illegal aliens and Islamists, and can’t cope with them…
00:41   Are we now able to stand against Russia all of a sudden!?
00:47   It’s a shameful thing! We don’t have Eurosceptics and Europeanists here,
00:52   we just have Eurofags who don’t serve the interests of the peoples of Europe,
00:56   nor those of people who have businesses and economies working with Russia!
01:02   Many Italian entrepreneurs are suffering because of your demented choices!
01:07   And with this t-shirt I want to say that I’m pro-Russia!
01:10   And that if a part of Ukrainians vote to join Russia in a referendum,
01:13   they’re fully allowed to do so!
01:16   Because peoples are sovereign and governments (in this case) ARE NOT!
01:21   Thank you!

6 thoughts on “Gianluca Buonanno: “The EU is making demented choices against Russia”

  1. “Ukrainian bullets”

    Ok, also Kosovars bombarded the their own bakery and with a miracle all the friendly media outlets were there. And we all know who Clinton, Amanpour and other who was blamed.

    Blame Saddam for everything…. but go to Iraq in the false name of democracy and freedom and offer the whole of Iraq to Iran on a silver tray and do not blame yourself.

    Give the green light to Turkey to massacre or bury alive 18 000 Greek civilians and don not blame “Turkey is our ally and one of the first participant in founding UN”

    The world is as crooked as in the days of Noah.

  2. It has now “progressed” to a game of musical chairs. Where will you and or yours be when the music stops? Does everyone have a costume ready to try to pass as friend and not foe? If only for a few seconds it could save your lifestyle extinction – or even longer. What do you symbolize to the terrified duct taped up masses of homeless peasants and landed in Muslim community centres all everywhere? Who would have
    thought San Diego? London? Etc.

  3. Putin is the war criminal, state criminal and mafia criminal, the whole package.

    his activity ranges from Polonium poisoning in London, through illegal occupation of Ukrainian Crimea, then to downing MH-17, Donbass proxy war, the open alliance with Iran and Hezbollah in Syria, Assad’s sarin attacks ibid, and proliferation of nuclear weapons and ICBMs to North Korea.

    maybe not everyone knew this.

      • well “lamenting western decadence” is clownery, aimed for external consumption only.

        there is rabid anti-Western, anti-American hysteria in Russian-language MSM.

        as well as the incessant attempts by Putin to influence, co-opt and bribe every radical, illiberal, marginal group and movement in the West.
        Stalinist, real Nazis, separatists, useful idiot pacifists, nihilist populists, – all spectrum.
        as well as fecal “realpolitik” figures, like Schroeder and Berlusconi.

        dis-united, disarmed, confused, immoral, corrupt, depleted of resources, invaded and bleeding Europe – facing the integral, nuclear-armed, cruel and decisive, neo-feudal imperial Russian monster.
        you got the idea.

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