A Burning Desire to Get Rid of Migrants in Italy

This video from 2015 shows a vigorous protest by ordinary Italians against the benefits and perks given to immigrants. In their anger, the protesters gather together and burn some of the provisions intended for the migrants.

Many thanks to Elle Bowlly for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   This building behind me is being used to house 110 migrants.
00:05   Go away!
00:08   Yesterday, rebelling residents entered the building.
00:11   removing some of the items that were inside.
00:15   Some were even set on fire.
00:18   Fanpage.it is here to understand what motivated this protest.
00:21   You’re f***ing annoying! (chants: F*** off!)
00:24   Take his camera. —Don’t take pics of me, ok? I don’t give a f***!
00:34   Out with these s***s! Make them go back to their own homes!
00:40   Let them go to South Africa, Madagascar, Algeria,
00:45   or Morocco… what has Italy got to do with it?
00:48   Italians are sleeping on the street! You s***s!
00:51   We really have to get to the point of
00:54   blocking streets, digging holes, doing something… anything!
00:57   [Chants: Move away! Clear out!]
01:04   [Mayor:] This is the decree we made today ordering the evacuation of flats.
01:07   The decree states that no one may enter anymore.
01:10   If the opposite should happen, the citizens
01:13   have my phone number. I’ll stand by them to make sure this doesn’t take place.
01:17   The residents’ protest [Sign: To Prefect Marrosu: take them into your own house!]
01:20   was joined by a political protest.
01:23   Tonight, many Northern League reps showed up. Some others were from Forza Nuova.
01:27   You dissociated yourself from us. —We are of Forza Nuova.
01:33   I dissociated myself from those acts right there. —It wasn’t us who did that!
01:36   I didn’t dissociate myself from you guys.
01:40   You did say it! [unintelligible]
01:46   Yesterday evening, when the provisions for the migrants came,
01:51   we took everything out: furniture, paper, TVs, decoders, etc…
01:59   and the furious citizens thought it was a good idea to make a campfire using TVs and decoders.
02:03   Here we can see the remains. They burned everything.
02:06   Those who live here see it as abuse of power
02:09   that migrants stay in their same blocks for free while they have loans to pay off.
02:14   Have you seen the migrants looking out the windows?
02:17   Yes, I do see them. —Have you seen their faces?
02:21   What is there to see!? —Did they scare you?
02:24   Not at all! I fear nothing at all!
02:29   I just know that they can’t stay in Italy ‘cause there’s no work here!
02:32   Here in Veneto they’re more sensitive to the situation
02:35   in comparison with other parts of Italy.
02:38   Mayor, return in attack mode! Come on!
02:44   Go away, you s***s! Out, out out!
02:49   [Sign: Which part of NO do you not understand?]
02:52   They’re riding on the fear of “the black man”/refugee.
02:56   When you add an economic crisis to that,
03:02   in a place that is not used to living in financial hardships,
03:05   it’s easy to understand why tensions arise.
03:10   [Unintelligible shouting] Shame on you!
03:13   She’s the Democratic Party’s rep!
03:16   Go home! Shame on you!
03:20   You s***! Get lost!
03:25   You’re even making money off of this, you s***!
03:30   Go and divide the booty with the cooperatives, you s***!
03:35   I came over to try to understand if something could be done,
03:38   not for political gains, I’m not interested in that.
03:41   It’s a social issue that needs to be resolved.
03:44   I guess we’re not prepared for these types of situations,
03:47   and this is clearly just the beginning.
03:50   I’m sorry about this, ’cause it’s a serious issue.
03:54   Which car is it, this one? —This one.
03:57   I’m sorry I caused you problems, it wasn’t my intention.
04:00   Have a good night.

2 thoughts on “A Burning Desire to Get Rid of Migrants in Italy

  1. Whoa, Daddy! Give away your country to absolute foreigners who hate, rob and kill you. Not a good idea.

  2. The Italien lady admits, “I guess we’re not prepared for these types of situations!” It would be funny, if it weren’t so sad. The video is 2 or more years old, what has happened since in this location? What’s the scoop, did these angry Italiens only protest there once or did they keep on doing it? Did any migrants feel hurt enough to take a train elsewhere , some where where the natives might be friendlier to them, like Germany or Switzerland.?

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