It’s Time for Italians to Break Out the Shoe Polish

This has been an Italian day here at Gates of Vienna, thanks to our new Italian translator Elle Bowlly, who deserves the gratitude of our readers for making these excellent videos accessible to the English-speaking world.

This one features an intervention in the Italian Chamber of Deputies by the late Gianluca Buonanno, a politician for the Lega Nord. Mr. Buonanno urges ordinary Italians to apply blackface so that they can claim some of the generous benefits normally available only to African immigrants.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Thank you Minister… once again you showed yourself to be precise in your answers,
00:06   even if you were obviously given those by some other officer.
00:10   Anyway, I’ll go back to what I was saying earlier…
00:15   Do you think that this country, namely Italy,
00:20   needs to give away all this money to those who claim to be political refugees,
00:24   without thinking about its own citizens?
00:27   I’m not speaking only on behalf of gravely disabled people, but also
00:34   for young people who don’t even have money for a sandwich,
00:37   for elders who have a minimum pension that may not even reach €400 a month…
00:41   whilst we’re able to give board, lodging and daily pocket money
00:44   to political refugees for at least ten months.
00:48   Well then, I’m saying to all Italians: Let’s all do this!
00:51   Go to the Carabinieri stations, to the prefectures
00:54   and declare yourselves political refugees,
00:57   so that they’ll give you board, lodging and pocket money!
01:01   Who are the ones ruling here: ourselves or others?
01:04   Do we always have to be playing goody two-shoes no matter what?
01:07   Is it because the President of the Chamber or some other minister says:
01:10   “All of you, come to our country! We’re loaded with money and we’ll give you lots, too.”
01:14   Well then, Minister…I think that perhaps in this country,
01:19   your skin needs to be a little darker in order to receive anything at all.
01:24   I say let’s all be darker. Let’s all put make-up on and make ourselves a little blacker…
01:29   Then we’ll go around with black make-up on saying:
01:32   We, too, want the help you give to migrants.
01:35   We, too, want the help you give to those who come in at the last minute
01:40   and who maybe get the pensions that Italians don’t get.
01:43   Because we have people in Italy who get pensions without ever having worked one minute.
01:47   Does this seem normal to you, Minister?
01:50   I think not! I think that Italians, besides declaring themselves political refugees,
01:55   —Please wrap up, Mr. Buonanno. —They should also make themselves darker
01:59   and go around saying: I, too, am in need!
02:02   Let’s see if the Italian State will be as good to Italians as it is to foreigners.
02:07   Because this is racism in reverse!
02:10   Stop it with the do-goodism, let’s be realistic —Thank you.
02:13   And let’s give to our own who are in need, first! —Thank you.

2 thoughts on “It’s Time for Italians to Break Out the Shoe Polish

  1. Gian Luca Buonanno has been an excellent mayor of Borgosesia, and has been MP in Rome and Brussels. He fought as a lion against the ongoing invasion of his country by african migrants and against the islamisation of Europe.
    I met him the last time in Bologna on the 8th of November, 2015, at the end of a protest rally against the Italian government, organised by Lega Nord.
    With his istrionic acts he was an attention getter, in order to expose several times the betrayal of Italy ‘s Leftist government towards its own citizens.
    We miss him so much.

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